TDDavis' Li'l Projects thread - Dragon Action Cam 3 test footage In Pool - 8/9/2020



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    @spydurhank ; Thanks.  It's nowhere near your level of texturing but I have learned a bit in that area doing the cottage lesson I mentioned.  Nodes aren't nearly as incomprehensible to me anymore :) just mildly so...

  • @tddavis Thank you. :)

    Took me a few days as well to get over the Blender Nodes hurdle, but they are very powerfully complicated, that is why HFP layers is my jam. :)

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    Saw a tutorial by Tony Cee in another thread created by @AlDinelt about 2001 style effects and thought I'd step outside my usual box and give it a go.  It's not the most of the mostest, but it was a fun little exercise.

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    Terry, I'm guessing you tried Tony Cee's slit scan setup rather that Jay's fractal and quad warp setup? 

    Looks really trippy.

  • @Triem23 ; Yes, it was the tutorial from Tony Cee.  I realized my wording was less than clear so I edited it to make it more apparent.  I am thinking of trying Jay's method this weekend. :)

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    @tddavis Nice job. I like it!

  • @Stargazer54 ; Thanks, much appreciated.  It needs a few tweaks for sure and a better image to generate the "particles".  My drawing skills are as weak as my tracking and particle systems.  If Tony hadn't made it such an easy recipe to follow, I'd still be scratching my head. :)

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    My 2nd attempt at using Blender to put a sand texture on a free Black Panther model then importing into HItfilm and re allocating those textures there with some BKG effects for fun.


    Okay, I made an easy split screen transition for another user in another thread and tested out it's paste ability using several recent Hitfilm playing around creations.

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    AA VFX is a great Hitfilm Pro tutorial resource for particles.  I am still afraid of them, but not in the gut clenching way I used to be :)  Here is his playlist of tutorials if anyone is interested:


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    Another tutorial follow along result from AA VFX this time with Atomic Particles.  These are fun little things!

  • Fun stuff there!  

  • @jsbarrett. Thank you, sir.   The more of them I follow along with and play with settings, the more I wonder why.I was so intimidated  by the particle sim. :)

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    Terry, the particle sim US indimidating. It's easy Hitfilm's most complex and versatile tool and it's got an insane amount of controls to adjust. :D. It intimidates the hell out of me sometimes, and I use it a lot! 

  • Happy Father's Day to all whom it applies.  I spent to day playing with Blender and some Ink Drop tutorials which I then compiled in Hitfilm with an apropos piece of music from Eric Matyas.

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    Some of those look truly excellent and realistic, some look obviously like simulated objects yet still  really cool. Lots of fun there! I keep balking at Blender but seeing things like this make me want to knuckle down and learn it!

  • @Triem23 ; Thanks.  Yeah, I don't know what went wrong with the green one other than I lit the wrong side but something sure did.  I must have tweaked the wrong thing.  It took me a while to get into Blender because of the interface (It's kind of like driving in the UK :) )  But now it's seems the most natural.  I find myself trying to right click to select everywhere!

  • @tddavis you can change the way the mouse buttons work if you want. :)

  • :) @Palcono ; I tried it and found that it actually felt wrong when I did.  It was like when I went to Scotland and London in 1989.  I drove the whole time over there and never once tried to turn into the wrong lane but as soon as I got off the plane coming home; pulling out of the airport I turned UK style!  It's strange how easy it was to adapt to left hand driving and how wrong US driving felt after a short time.  Blender is the same for; at first it was different then it seemed normal and everyone else seemed wrong.

  • Well, that's because in the US you are driving on the wrong side.  How are you supposed to defend yourself against someone with your sword in your dominant hand (most people being right-handed) against someone with their sword in their dominant hand coming in the opposite direction when you pass on the road?  :)

    Blender only feels wrong to make it right when you've been using it wrong long enough that you've adapted. What happened the very first time you used it? Not a lot, because it went against every other convention that existed at the time and you couldn't do anything with it. It was just wrong for the sake of being wrong and it was a way of standing out at the time.  The way that works best is the way I don't have to think about because I've already learned it once. Neither of my two fingers is "better" at selecting an option than the other is with the mouse. Blender just steals time from everyone for no good reason. You even have to waste time finding out how to swap the buttons over. It probably didn't go far enough though; it should have made people use the mouse with their left hand too. :D

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    @Palacono ;

    "that's because in the US you are driving on the wrong side....."

    1. We were already in the gunpowder era when the country was founded so sword usage was declining.
    2. After the revolution we were anxious to cast off anything British. 
    3. Teamsters transporting the goods fueling fledgling capitalism preferred driving on the right. Drivers sat on the left rear horse leaving their right hand free to lash the team. Being on the left side, they wanted everybody to pass on the left so they stayed to the right. This new method also made it easier to keep clear of the wheels of oncoming wagons and to briefly stop and exchange messages and orders with other drivers without having to dismount. 
    4. Romans didn't build our first roads so we had no reason to maintain legacy support for outdated methods.
  • Yeah I been using blender for long enough now that I keep wanting to right click in Hitfilm and the worst is when I keep hitting "S" to scale and I keep mashing the "S" key expecting something to happen but it never does that and hitting "x" to delete And middle mouse button to rotate view. Yeah if I had started blender and changed it to left click then I probably wouldn't have such an issue switching between softwares but all in all once I am in Hitfilm for a few the Blender UI starts to fade and I get back into the standard ;)

  • @FlyingBanana78 ; I feel your pain!  :)  That sums it up quite well; it's like you're living my life and I don't wish that on anyone! 

    @Palacono @Aladdin4d ; I used to have this crazy thought that right-hand driving was a contributing factor to the frequency of tornado activity in the US.  You know, big trucks meeting and start the air spinning in a counter-clockwise rotation, but then I got older and knew better. :)


    Playing around with another Blender tutorial and revamp of my logo reveal just for fun.  I don't know why some users find the sound editing in Hitfilm lacking.  I had no problem compositing, but, admittedly, it is only a few seconds long clip :)  A shout out to @EricMatyas for once again having something on his SoundImage site that fit my mood.

  • @tddavis Love the fluid sims! :D

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    @jsbarrett.  Thanks.   That green one though...oops!  Must revisit that one to see what I did wrong. :)

    @spydurhank ; Thank you as well.  Glad your paste situation worked itself out.

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    That's fun! 

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    Okay, been on a bit of a tear lately knocking out tutorials for Blender and using Hitfilm to composite (aside from the great particle sim tutorials of AAVFX, that is) and here is the latest from Tutor4U.  I really like his delivery of information.  Thought I'd spice it up a bit with the trusty Jupiter II while I was at it. :)


    I recently did a very cool morphing shapes one but it was all Blender done so I didn't post it...Well, I did compile the PNG sequence in Hitfilm but didn't feel that counts enough. 

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