TDDavis' Li'l Projects thread - Dragon Action Cam 3 test footage In Pool - 8/9/2020



  • @FlyingBanana78  Thanks so much.  I will give these a whirl on my plane and see what difference it might make.  I'll let you know my results.

  • @tddavis Not a problem hope it helps. 

  • Tip :If you use googledrive for images then is a great way to share a secure link to those images without the need to setup your googledrive with permissions.

  • @Andy001z  I once saw something about using that and saved it, or thought I did, but I have never got around to looking into it.  Thanks for reminding me of it.

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    This is a Gishwhes scavenger Mini Hunt my daughter shot with friends on the last day for entry and sent to me to edit down.  The deadline was too close for me to do anything really complex like mask out the arm and the barn since she didn't use a tripod and even though I had shoot a clean plate for me I didn't have the time to track it and such (I tried...)  There were 5 items and a bonus to do in 3 days and she managed to get them all to me, edited and posted.  This one got retweeted today by Misha Collin's charity Gishwhes So she is happy. Hope you find it funny even though there's no VFX in it.


    Commissioned this in 3DS Max from Brian Westin in Australia (I believe) and I converted to Blender Cycles with an awesome program called MaxtoBlender and with a tutorial and help from Blind Illusionist on an Interactive Ocean in Blender.

    There are still a few tweaks to make especially to figure out why the sparkles on the Seaview model?? But it's getting there...  Learning a lot of Blender in these Udemy courses I am working through; Rigid Body physics and even the dreaded Materials and Textures!!!

    Rendered out as PNG sequence and assembled in Hitfilm Pro 2017 but alas no fancy VFX...for now. (Blind Illusionist tutorial) (for MaxtoBlender)

  • Here's my latest project for Triem23's Space Contest (It was for S & G fun) I think it's the first VFX contest I have ever submitted really.

    I'm not that happy with it, but I spent the better part of a week on the wormhole and sun tutorials in Blender so I thought I'd post it.

  • I really like the tunnel and how you have it reflecting off the Jupiter. Good work bud!

  • @GrayMotion  All praise must go to the tutorial maker on creating the wormhole.  As for the reflection it was a sheer accident.  I was tweaking the materials trying to make it more realistic and stumbled on to that and I liked the look as well.  I have been taking some classes through Udemy on Blender materials and Rigid Body sims and they have really helped me along.  Parsecs to go, though.

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    WIP.  I have been tinkering with getting the Ocean sim in Blender to make a sand dune sea for a while now, and I finally figured it out...I think.  I still have to learn particles to add dust and such.  I tried using some stock VFX layered in Hitfilm but it's not what I am looking for.  I was just so excited that I got the groove to form I had to post this stage.

    Edit:  I did a little masking and blending on the background so I would like it better.  It doesn't change much, but...

  • @tddavis Oh snap dude! Yes! That is gonna come out pretty awesome my man! :)

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    @spydurhank Thanks.  I should have plenty of couch time in a couple weeks to work on Blender particles, but this week I have  a Dave the Minion cake to make for the 4 yo grandson while I'm still ambulatory. 

  • @tddavis Looking like awesomeness is being born dude! I myself am going to tackle a sandstorm in Blender in the next few weeks as well but sure are anticipating your progress to. Keep up the awesomeness!!

  • @Graymotion  I tried to follow a sandstorm displacement tutorial but I just never could get it look as awesome as the original did.  I still have it on the back burner though.  In my mind, it would be two shots before this one.  I have a close pass of the mountain in the background that would be between them.  I wanted the sandstorm to sort of "cause" the crash.  You, I have no doubt, will master it easily, and hopefully impart some wisdom from it on me. 

  • @tddavis ;  Impressive! You figured out how to do the trench! 

    Yeah, once you get some particles and dust going you'll have a pretty convincing shot.  Great work!

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    What Stargazer said. :) 

  • @Stargazer54 @Triem23  Thanks to both of you.  Stargazer, stopping the motion of the waves was easy, but I hunted all over that tutorial download project until I found the right setting that stopped the trench from filling back in. Once I found that, I was able to import my Jupiter into that Ocean tutorial but it wouldn't interact so I brought in a torus just to see...and lo and behold it did interact.  I went back to my desert sim and created an invisible egg around the Jupiter and made that a brush and it worked.  I think if I animate the properties of the invisibility and translucency of the egg I could make it look like shields but dust first. And on an unrelated note, whilst poking around I figured out what I did to make the sand texture have that pebbly look that I liked but couldn't replicate.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nice! It's always good when you re-figure-out a cool technique that fell out of one's right ear. 

  • @Triem23  I wish.  Unfortunately, as with a lot of my fumblings, it happened by accident and couldn't figure it out how I made it.

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    Yeah, definitely keep in mind when doing particle collisions it works better to have an invisible "low poly" proxy object to push the particles rather than the actual complex hero object.  

    This keeps the computation for the collisions simpler, too.

    Something for the HF wish list is to be able to use actual low poly versions of 3D objects.  As it is now in 2017 Pro, you only have the option of using a cubiod or planes for collision objects.


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    This is another take on the crash while adding in the dust which is inconsistent at best.  Also, I have to figure out how to keep it out of the Jupiter 2 at the very end  but I have to leave it alone for a bit and get ready for this hip replacement.  I'll use my time on the couch away from my Hitfilm computer to use the laptop and finish a couple of the Blender courses I am in the middle of taking and keep up with the Forum, of course.  I hope by the middle of August I'll be up and about the house enough to sit at the desk again.

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    Getting better and better!  Keep in mind you can put an emitter (or two) just in front of the ship parented to the motion of the ship.  Put your collision planes just behind the emitter and parented the same way.

    The trick is to have the particles spawn in place without (or little emission velocity).  Once they appear,  the plane comes along and pushes them aside.

    BTW, good luck with the hip job!


  •  Sure wish there were like/love/awesome buttons on the forums. You're knocking outta the park with these. Keep it up bud. I'll be begging you to share your knowledge with us once you are happy with the finished product.

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    @Stargazer54 I'd settle for Spherical deflectors and forces. 

    Tddavis that's really gonna look nice when done. Hope the hip replacement goes smoothly. 

  • Thanks all for the nice comments.


    @Stargazer54  That's my next big plan to add particles in Hitfilm, like you did to build up a little debris in the trench.  I've got to learn Hitfilm particles at some point...  Getting my feet wet with Blender may help me to understand it quicker, I hope.

  • New hip installed.  Still alive.  On phone so can't post any projects from hospital room sadly.  So far not much pain surprisingly, but they haven't got me up to walk yet either. ;)  I hope to be home and near my computer tomorrow.


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    Smooth recovery, Terry. 

  • You've got this. :)

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    Okay, so I spent far too long trying to get this done before Hallowe'en...It's just a schlocky little thing to push my abilities (and boy did it!)  Hope you find it watchable though.  I'm doing my best Jabba the Druid impersonation in it.


    “Into Battle” ”Dark Texture SC-1” “Night Terror SC-1” by Eric Matyas

    SFX "Blizzard Wind" & "Wispy Wind 2" by Eric Matyas

    InkDrop footage Courtesy Free HD Stock-Footage and Motion Graphics by CyberWebFX

    Whooshs & other Sound effects Courtesy of SoundCrate

    Wizard Smoke Effects Courtesy of FootageCrate HP Death Eater pack

    Freezing Ice Pattern purchased at

    Cracking Ice Sound purchased at

    Evil Laugh Male 9-Himan-1598312646 [

    Invaluable help from Triem23 (Mike Miller) and a straight up lift of InScapeDigital's (Javert Valbarr) project file for WhiteWalker eyes and many other tutorials on Hitfilm, but any poor quality is solely my input and lack of ability.



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