TDDavis' Li'l Projects thread - Dragon Action Cam 3 test footage In Pool - 8/9/2020



  • @DafterThings ; Yeah, it is jerky.  I thought about trying to track the head and apply it to the helmet rotation but the first attempt wasn't successful so I flew by the seat of my pants manually (an not well, I might add)

    @GrayMotion Yes, the suit and and the video face were a Blender sequence in PNG.  I've never done any work with EXR so I definitely will look into that.  Thanks.

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    @Triem23 ; I saw from your posts about your family emergency.  I wanted to let you know my thoughts are with you as you deal with everything you have going on.

    Added:  I didn't want to give the appearance of hijacking someone else's thread, so posted here.  I miss being able to send a direct message...

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    @GrayMotion ; I downloaded your zip (Thanks again for doing that.) and I saw what you meant about the door.   Decided to cut it out completely and make a new one that is animate ready and redid the textures in Blender.  Now, I have to export it back into Hitfilm and pray that I have done everything correctly that it textures properly there.  I also had a play with changing the material on the walls to make it green screen color and used HItfilm to comp the Milky Way outside.  There is something weird with the diamond plate texture up along the ceiling though still work out, but those doors will slide open when I want now :)

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    @tddavis ; Looks awesome, can't wait to see that in a scene. That reminds me that I need to revisit the one I was working on a year ago. Was planning on taking it over into hitfilm once I was done with it and see how it held up. Too many stagnate projects collecting dust on my hard drives.

  • Yep. That look much better. I like the windows into space. Awesome touch! I noticed that the original blend was an Eevee setup using the new Metal Colors and Metal PBR nodes. The metal colors are Titanium and Iron . In my example I used all the maps you linked to as materials but in the Eevee setup only the roughness map was being used. All other materials were internal to Blender. I have since went back and removed all materials except the normals and used Hitfilm Fresnel option for metal base's and just set the diffuse color to 180 180 180. Also added 12 spot lights for the lights. That's intense!

    The textures along the ceiling...I used diamond plate...but it's not the right texture for the UV map. Should have just used Metal_11 normal.

    Anyways...I'll show you what I came up with the meantime keep up the awesome work sir!

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     @GrayMotion ; I'm still trying to wrap my head around Eevee and how to use it or even tell which I'm using :)  I ended up using all the textures connected to a principled node and for the lights just a diffuse with an emission mix.  I used that metal_11 on my new door.

    @FlyingBanana78 ; I recall seeing that project before.  I have exactly the same problem with projects.  I tend to be project butterfly :)

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    I relinked the original textures in the Eevee project. You see the  original setup there was  all titanium , no textures just the rgh and normal maps, with 40 lights (kind of a light aqua). The Hitfilm render had a diffuse color of 180 180 180 and I bumped the plates to 210 210 210  with the Fresnel of Titanium, just the normal maps with 16 spot lights ( too dark of aqua). 

    Yourself and @FlyingBanana78 's corridors are making me want to make myself a corridor!

    - sry for dumping "trash" on your thread :-)

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    @GrayMotion ; Hardly trash...great learning material, and easier for me to find than spread over multiple threads.  Perfect place for it.

    In Eevee, is that the original door?  The fbx in Hitfilm has the same weirdness I saw after you mentioned it and I zoomed in must be the textures.

    But this isn't my corridor; it's a free model download.  Heck, even the one I started modeling and made a walk through of in another thread was a tutorial follow along. 

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    This is a test of a sandstorm project I started some time ago with a great tutorial on displacment on a cylinder by Zeke Faust that has since disappeared from Youtube for some reason but I had the base done just couldn't get the materials like I envisioned. Along came CGGeek with this tornado tutorial that got me going again
    But I still was having trouble with smoke until I saw Olav3d's tutorial on dense smoke and his perfect node setup
    I still need to tweak the setting to get exactly what I want but this is a first test modeled in Blender 2.8 and rendered to PNG sequence then composited in Hitfilm Pro 1

    Edit: I feel it's a little soft and blurry on the render out of Blender but can't tumble across the reason in the export settings.  I tried OpenEXR but it was just a blackish blob min the images??

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Looks pretty damn good to me!

  • @Triem23 ; Thanks.  Appreciate you taking a look see.

  • Very nice. :)

  • @spydurhank ; Same to you as well, Frank.

  • Markom3D left a comment on my post for Olav3D about the first go and he was so right. When I checked the sim from a different angle I saw that I had the rotatiion backwards and the smoke didn't fall from the top but actually went up and over to the back. Had another go at the sandstorm this time removing the displacement mesh tutorial from the equation and going with only the smoke simulation material from Olav3d's tutorial on dense smoke and his perfect node setup:
    and using heavily the twister tutorial from CGGeek with this tornado tutorial that got me going again. After all,  what is a sandstorm but a horizontal twister
    Thought it would be a lighter render but the times increased by trimming it down. My poor old computer...:)

  •  @tddavis Looking pretty good!   But I like the way Test 1 starts out a little better.  And really like the way your second test develops at the midway point.   Maybe combine both techniques?   Maybe render out two separate streams and mix them?

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    @Stargazer54 ; Funny you say that... that was my intent when I setup the 2nd one but then I thought it looked good on its own.  I'll go ahead and give the blend at go after all.  Thanks.

  • I have a Mars colony sand stormscene I've been trying to work up for a couple of years now. I will be revisiting that now that I too have become more familiar with Blender. Looking pretty darn good Terry!

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    @GrayMotion ; The 2nd attempt is super easy to pull off.  It's a plane and a vortex at the side that sort of moves toward camera then a bit of wind force angled down positioned just above the plane.  I really think the major secret is the smoke settings from Olav3D's spiraling smoke tutorial.

    Edit 2:  Oh, baking and rendering were very time intensive; more so on the 2nd one for some weird reason.

    Here is a combined render of the 2 test overlaid:

    I used the Test 1 clip as the back layer and test 2 in the for ground and composited them in Hitfilm adjusting Opacity, Color and Scales (I did move the camera back a tad in Blender on the 2nd)  This comes a lot closer to what I originally (several years ago) envisioned. :)

    Edit: Oh, and thanks for watching.

  • Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!

    Dude... @tddavis , that is awesome man! Seriously awesome! :)

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    @spydurhank ; Thank you and for checking it out.  Now I have to try and put it to use in the scene I started on it for a while back...:) 

    Edit: Just went back through this thread and found I've been wanting to get this since October 2016!  Wow, I'm a slow learner...

  • That is very incredible, much praise @tddavis . :)

  • Nice!

  • I'd leave a complimentary comment, but I'm busy running for my life. Wow! 

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    A new variation on the sandstorm project.  My poor computer is smoking a bit from the intensive workout this past week. It did NOT like running 2 different smoke sims together in one Domain, but I think it interacted better.  I thought the 6 hour bake was killer until it took almost 3 days to render 250 frames!   The little transport is courtesy Markom3D here:

  • Terry...? Why is that ship not facing the other way running for its life? 

    Nice shot! 

  • @Triem23 @spydurhank ; Thank you both.  Triem23, I think the controls are fritzed and it's stuck on course :)

  • Been kind of quiet on the forums lately (kind of quiet for me anyway :) )because I have been modeling a massive Blender file (at 500 MB... so far) to revisit the first animation I ever did way back in 2004 with a borrowed copy of 3DS Max 8.  Mostly it's a project to see if I have progressed at all in modelling and animation skills and, since I didn't include this particular piece back then) to test my memory.  I have been worried lately that it is failing so I thought modelling something after seeing it for about 18 years on an almost daily basis but not since 2007 would be a good test.  This is still WIP to be finished, but I hope to have the camera push in and through the side of the cell to show the electrolysis inside.  The particles are set up but not baked yet.  I realize it won't mean much to anyone here but thought I'd share as explanation for not posting much lately:!AsoyBtMWsTrhga5eSuWfiQE-lMOX8g?e=I24JtH

  • That is very complex, like. :)

  • @Triem23 ; As the Hitfilm Camera Guru, I thought you might find this a bit interesting.

    Didn't want to start a thread for just this so I thought I'd drop it here in my little thread.

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