TDDavis' Li'l Projects thread - Dragon Action Cam 3 test footage In Pool - 8/9/2020



  • Dropping this for you bud. Around 50 8k textures and a few free models to boot. Awesome sauce..

  • @GrayMotion ;  Great find!  One can never have enough textures.  I must add these to my archive.

  • Damn, I was just about to jump on those textures but I looked first and they're all 8bit jpegs. Freaking shame unless you were texturing a 3D game model. :(

  • Aw!  I guess I should do more than look at the thumbnails, but how did you see that info anyway?  I went back and tried to call up something and all I could see was they were jpegs and some exrs  I couldn't even figure out whwere the download button was. :)

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    I registered on the site to download one. Right click on the image that you download and go to "Details" you'll see the bit depth there. It was 24bits I think. 24/3 = 8.

    I was exited too but then I saw that they are jpegs. It sucks because they scale very badly on top of all the jpeg artifacts. Worst format to sell/give for 3D textures. I don't know why anyone does that and why people fall for it and then wonder why their 3D object textures never come out looking good. :(

  • Ah now @spydurhank.....seems they look ok to me......but then I must be blind

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    Nothing wrong with those at that camera distance, closer... can you get closer? 


    @GrayMotion One thing I won't ever do, is criticize folks art on any forum. We all have too many different perspectives for that nonsense. I have my eyes and you have yours and not one is better than the other so I offer no judgements concerning someone's final render output because that persons final output is the world, supposedly according to that persons eyes and to me our perspective of the world is what we use to create our art. So if I see a good render, I tell that person that it is a good render. If I don't see a good render, I just don't comment on it because our perspectives are just way too different and what makes my perspective of the world better than yours anyway? Not a single thing. :)

    Tools really don't matter because you can create art with anything and you should be able to create art with anything, but using 8bit jpegs is like using a colored marker to paint on a canvas when you could easily use a fine brush like 16bit exr. You have a wider pallet with exr.   

    And you do have good eyes dude, I see it in all of your renders and that clip above is pretty damned good by the way. :) Have you tried grading those textures? How far can you manipulate the texture colors before they clip?     

  • @GrayMotion ; Ha, ha  that was one that I was trying to find the download button on... Didn't realize you had to sign up, d'oh... Did you do that today?  I'd still be trying to figure out the water:)

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    @tddavis - Yea...I toyed with a bit last night and rendered it out this a.m.

    Water is easy..use the ocean modifier on a plane and animate the Time.

    Here are my steps..
    Ocean Modifier-->
    Set Geometry: Repeat X = 3 Repeat Y = 2
    I animated 250 frames starting at Time 0 on frame zero to Time 10:00 at frame 250. 
    Resolution =28 (final render---lower for working)
    Depth = 1m (since I'm close to shore)

    And you do have good eyes dude, I see it in all of your renders and that clip above is pretty damned good by the way. :) Have you tried grading those textures? How far can you manipulate the texture colors before they clip?

    @spydurhank    - Dude. You are my hero. What you say I have more talent in one little pinky then I do in my entire body! You ARE the man in my book.....and what you say above is garble gook to me at the moment..grading textures, clipping dude. That's why I question my eyes....after all I'am almost as old as dirt...not yet BUT getting by all means my man...weigh in...if it looks like crap I wanna might mean I need to check my prescription :-)

    You rock!

    Terry - sorry for clogging up your page with useless garbley gook :-)

  • @GrayMotion ; No problem from me.  I loved that cliff since I forgot to mention it.  Is that a stretched cub or just a plane like the water? Or is a 3D model from that site?

  • @GrayMotion I think we're pretty close, I'm 46 and your eyes are just fine. :)

    I was really just commenting on the jpegs as they really look okay-ish from a far distance and no grading or color correction is applied. Nothing wrong with using them at all... ahem... for previz... and... cough... stuff like that. :)     

  • I cheated and used the Huge Icelandic Lava Cliff from the site.  I'm going to make my own though to to add to my assets but I thought the free model was worth exploring...was easy enough to texture as there are several maps. I think there is 6-7 obj's , normal maps and one .exr displacement map that come with the linked file as well. I used LOD0 obj and matching normal map.

  •  When I'm in a pinch I use this site, it has the option of PNG or jpeg. They vary though in the bit quality. And if I'm correct, Spydurhank sans the clipping kind of like a hdri vs just a plain ole 360 environment map. If you start adjusting the contrast/color of it you will start to see blotches or some sections will wash out and just plain dissappear.   But this is the link to the site I use for quick textures for free.

  • If you can find 16bit pngs, you can convert those to 16bit exr and the file size should be way smaller. 

  • @FlyingBanana Yeah, I get a lot from them and from Textures Com.  I always mean to look at Eric Matyas's page of textures when I'm doing something and end up forgetting about.  :(  I never realized there was more than resolution to the quality...

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    So my daughter re-recorded the lyrics to go with Eric Matyas' music and I blended the two takes together, and after posting my last video I got some very brilliant comments both here and on Youtube that just made total sense and I am kicking myself for missing them to begin with, especially the water thing.

    The autistic grandson I made it for is one of those obsessed with water and has to be watched like hawk around it.

    So thanks to Andy001z and DafterThings for the save, and thanks to InScapeDigital's Hitfilm Preset Marketplace for the Ocean background...I only tweaked it a little.



  • @FilmSensei ; Jay, used your preset project to make this:

    Blatant Rip-Off

    But no matter what I did, I couldn't get the Productions to dissolve to dust?  I thought maybe it would only do 1 element per image so I duplicated it and mask each area separately but still no joy.  I love how your preset automatically picks up the color for the particles though.  Genius.  Any clues how I am messing up your work?

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    Ok, I found several absolutely gorgeous Blender-ready models by accident by a fellow named Chris Kuhn and was lead to his Facebook page where he some free download in his photo section.  Sadly, the link to a Discovery that is simply stunning and a couple of others was through WeTransfer and they have expired :( but I snagged all I could including a fantastic Millennium Falcon!!!)  This is a quickie little Blender render composited in Hitfilm just to showcase the model from different angles.  I plan to add some distortion under the ship ala that alien ship landing tutorial Hitfilm did several versions ago that really stuck in my brain, and probably come up with a better environment. Panther Ship.mp4?dl=0

    I found some of his work converted by someone else at BlendSwap then I was led to Vanishing Point  and finally here:

  • Yea...Kuhn Industries is where I got my ISS model and Soyuz Orbiter. Great modeler!

  • He's over here too with a bunch of free stuff.

  •  @tddavis Sorry! I didn't see your tag. Actually,my name is mis-tagged there, and so I wasn't notified. I will take a closer look to see what the deal is with your dissolve project there. It should have no problem dissolving it without any issue, so I am not exactly sure why is isn't!

  • @FilmSensei ; Oh, no worries.  I went back and looked at the tag; I don't know where that errant semicolon came from...?? :)

  • @tddavis Don't ask me, but it happened again on your most recent post! Lol! Maybe FXHome is conspiring to make sure that I don't get any notifications! :)

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    I get that same semi-colon on some usernames...
    @FilmSensei ;
    @FilmSensei ;



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    @DafterThings ; So weird.   I made sure the second time I did FilmSensei not yo put and it did anyway and I see it did for you too but not mine.  I guess the forum recognizes he is levels above me! :)

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    Okay, used that armor I bought to check it out for @HeySiri and handheld a camera to record my head to try and blend them together.  Stabilized the head footage with Hitfilm and rendered as PNG seq and brought it into Blender and placed in the helmet then brought that render into Hitfilm and added the other features. 

    Then I noticed the light source on the suit is on the wrong side from the video, so it's re rendering test Composite Shot.mp4?dl=0

    Edit:  Updated the video after moving the SUN in the Blender file so the video light source and model light source are on the same side   Also, played with the setting to get the Hitfilm light to react properly on the 3D mountain there in the bkg.


  • @spydurhank ; It's not really, but thank you tons for being so kind.

  •  It's getting there though. Maybe an interior light and get the head move to match better?

  •  the suit a png sequence render from Blender? Maybe export as an exr full alpha and bump the lighting up more than you want in Blender and then color correct with curves and the like (like light wrap)  in Hitfilm to better match all the surroundings that you may incorporate. Just a thought. I like what you are doing though and look forward to the final. 

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