TDDavis' Li'l Projects thread - Jupiter 2 chased - Dodging 'roids - 6/19/2020



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    Actually I did snag that blood vessel model you turned me on to. Thank you. I just rendered a 4K image for a test project I thought? (then dropped) about.

    I wanted to use E3D's particle replicator do do something similar with a single blood cell like yours but the covid  model is in pieces. I did do a test run with Hitfilm's particle sim ... but I dropped it...but easy enough to make it "whole" and do something similar in E3D to your animation but at the camera instead of away. 👍

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    @tddavis Very nice, Terry!  They look pretty cool rounding that corner.

  • @GrayMotion that looks great; so much better than mine.  Yours is so sharp.  What was the 4K render times like?

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    Yes Terry..I forgot to say..very nice! 4K render frame ... I think 16minutes? (without the blood cell sim). Ridiculous. Thats why I went the Hitfilm route 👍

    btw- sharp looks terrible to me..I was working depth of field  but just too laggy a workflow with all the model instance inside the particle sim. I also wanted to use Trapcodes fluid sim for a "stream"..but alas cant render fluids with Hitfilm's render engine yet  :-(

  • @Stargazer54 Thanks.  I like that part too.  I saw it with Blade Runner city cars flying willy-nilly and thought about this model with the bend in it and it clicked to combine them. I wasn't really certain the rotation I put on groups of corpuscles in the Collection would transfer into the particle generator but luckily it did to give a little tumble.

  • @GrayMotion Yeah, that's about what I was going to get before I cut the quality down to 250 but then I turned on denoising to compensate. As it is, the whole 250 frames was going to be about 25 hours of bogging my computer down rendering so I went short on it. :)

  • Ooh, I am in love!  I just today discovered the Blender Denoising node using an AI and it is da BOMB!!!!  I just redid the above render and went 90 frames in only 90 minutes instead of 45 in 4.5 hours by turning down the samples from 250 (my lowered rate from the models 500) turning off the Cycles denosier.  I even added motion blur, a hypodermic needle and a low-poly Proteus being injected.  Went from 6 minutes per frame to just under a minute per.  Got so stoked by the huuuge reduction in time I'm doing a reverse angle now

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    Redid my previous Blood stream in a lot less time :) :) :)


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     @FilmSensei Moved over here to not infringe on another's thread. 

    Don't decide to submit an entry based on whether you can win or not.

    Oh, that has never been my criteria for entry.  From my above little clips, I think it's a foregone conclusion on that score.  My worry is not winning but being embarrassed by my lack. Another, and probably the biggest decision, is do I have an idea that is even worthy.  Back when I was trying to write (and younger "sigh") it seemed ideas came and went so easily; now, I struggle with them...kind of like the process of getting up out of chair 🤣

  • @tddavis In martial arts, I have always found that competition can be very powerfully motivating to a person. As far as coming up with ideas, I like to start writing out on a piece of paper the  most ridiculous ideas, letting them flow until I hit on something that might be good. Then I explore from there. What are your best ways to brainstorm?

  • @FIlmSensei Most of my story ideas were born from a random visual that popped into my head of the ending for some odd reason.  The rest was trying to back the story up to a beginning point.  Weird, I know. And that may be the biggest reason I have trouble coming up with something based on a word or theme which kind of implies a beginning.  I think I have something niggling around in my head for this but it's not fully formed yet, but it might prove too ambitious as well. We'll see this weekend when I can do some filming. 🤔

  • @tddavis Don't worry about embarrassing yourself... no one pays that close attention anyway! 🤣🤣🤣

    Just have fun and learn while you're at it!

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    Not having a good batting average sucks!  I tried to get something together for the In The Box contest and dropped it because of a qualification issue thinking I'd come back and finish it after the contest...haven't yet :) Then I worked on a little something something for the 3D Challenge and the fluid sim was not cooperating at all. So that went bye bye too. But, I noticed that my Youtube reached 10K total views (this includes personal , family vids that are unlisted) so I wanted to mark it somehow.  I've been following this Epic Space Battles series by CBaileyFilm and after 2 parts I made this little POC (Proof of Concept) It also fulfills a project that  I had help from @Triem23 a way long time ago on the forum here. So I get there...sometimes...even if it takes years! :)

    Oh, forgot mention, this was rendered out in Blender 2.,82A as a PNG sequence then collated in Hitfilm Pro 14.3 and tweaked the time there.

  • LIKE!!! :)

  • @spydurhank @FlyingBanana78 @GrayMotion @TomCowles I stumbled on this add-on for Blender today and could not resist getting it.  Thought you Blender heads might want to take a look.  It lets you easily take an HDRI and model some of the ground object and apply just that part of the HDRI to them (like for instance in the video he takes some rocks in a stream bed and builds a model of them from the image  for interaction with and reflection on other models.)  It's a HUGE!!! download because of the library of HDRI that come with the add-on but not mas much as FLIP Fluids was.

  •  @tddavis that is pretty slick there. Until I went to the website I thought it just was intended for just lighting one specific object with a particular HDRI (which I thought why not use the light path option to do so) but boy is it a lot more than just that. I really like the 1 click fog option along with interactive ground with the HDRI. I might have to check into it some more. Thanks for the share!


  • Just in time (as usual). Am needing a good asteroid scene in my new project. Always inspirational!

  • @WedgeOz If you Blender or Filmer check out parts 1 and 2 of this series by CBaileyFilms:

    I do not do it justice to say the least.

  • Thanks heaps for that. I'm on it!!

  • @Triem23 Have you seen this Youtube Channel?  Here he discusses who he would recast in a reboot of B5:

  • Been taking a Youtube series from CBaileyFilms on Epic Space Battles (my asteroid dodging video is the first 2 parts of it,) then on Patreon he has some modeling ships tuts and this is the result of the first 4 parts.  It took me Forever to work out the constraints on the arms because I want to take it farther than he shows for some ungodly reason even I don't know, but I have know learned a tiny bit of scripted expressions in Blender and I think I am hooked! Here's a quick turntable presentation if you want to see it: Bot turntable comp.mp4?dl=0

  • Cool. :) 

  • Thanks, Frank.


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    Looking good! 😁

  • Thank you, too, Mike.

  • Been working on @AlDinelt 's Jupiter 2 model trying out a new texture that I got from KextNext's Missile tutorial.  MileS to go but couldn't resist running a render in the newest Filmer from @Spydurhank using his sky thingy (I checked and that IS the technical term :) )


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    Hey Terry,

    Try animating the Jupiter 2 model from ground level or the grid floor, and straight up as if it was taking off into outer space. Keep the horizon within camera view. You should see the atmosphere behave as if you were really going into outer space. You can try it at low samples because the New Sky model texture only needs as low as 2 or 3 samples to render clean.

    I'm gonna do one myself in a little bit. :) 


    Oh and your model is awesome. :)


    You can animate the "Altitude" slider for the Sky model node from 0 at ground level to something like 60000 at outer space. I just quickly tried it in the viewport... it's awesome!!! :)

    I'ma render something real quick like. :) 

  • @spydurhank Thanks, but I want to give credit where it's due.  Not my model.  I'm just playing with it in Blender.  Al Dinelt did the really hard stuff of modeling. :) I'll check on that.  

  • @spydurhank Very cool!  Got to try it.

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