Window is too big for my screen


When I start Hitfilm4Express the I just can see like the half of the window because it's too large. I cant even reach the three buttons in the right upper corner. What can I do to solve this. 


Wenn ich Hitfilm4Express starte, kann ich nur ca. die Hälfte des Fensters sehen, weil es viel zu groß ist. Ich komm nicht mal, an die drei Knöpfe oben rechts, und kann daher das Bild nicht verkleinern oder Ähnliches. Wie löse ich dieses Problem?


  • lol i have the same issue, how do you fix this?

  • In HitFilm 4, the only way to make the window smaller is by reducing your scaling factor to 125%. This is not ideal but is a workaround that works and makes HitFilm usable on the screen. In HitFilm Pro 2017 we've added an option on Windows to disable HighDPI scaling, which will get ported to HitFilm Express 2017 when it comes out.

  • So, I can't remember if the windows thing popped up or not, but even if it did or not the screen it really small and i cant reach the 3 things at the top either.  Do you know of a way I can sort this out?

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