Export Error 33

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If I select in setting for the project Audio 24000 Hz

It stops with

!"Could not initialize the AAC encoder (Error 33).

!"Process finished unexpectedly"

If I select 32000 or higher there is no issue.


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    AAC sample rates and bit rates have to be within a 6:1 or lower ratio. Put another way the maximum bit rate allowed is 6 times the sample rate.

    6 x 24,000 = 144 kbps so you have to set the bit rate to 144 kbps or lower before any AAC encoder will work. HitFilm doesn't have 144 kbps as an option so you'll have to go with 128 kbps.

    Extra info:

    6 x 32,000  = 192 kbps which just happens to be the HitFilm default so that's why 32,000 worked for you and 24,000 didn't

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Do you mean the sample rate of the audio that is contained in the video edit or just that HF doesn't support exporting below 32k?

  • Ummm neither one?

    The sample rate and bit rate are intertwined. A lower sample rate lowers the the maximum bit rate allowed. HitFilm can export to AAC audio with a sample rate below 32,000 but you have to manually lower the bit rate in the export panel to something at or below the maximum dictated by the sample rate. 

    HitFilm defaults to 192 Kbps. This bit rate is too high for your project's 24,000 sample rate so you need to manually lower it. The maximum bit rate allowed for your sample rate is 144 Kbps. HitFilm doesn't have that as an option so you have to choose something lower like 128 Kbps. Now your project will export at the 24,000 sample rate.

    The alternative is to set your project sample rate higher. HitFilm will then resample any audio with a lower sample rate to the higher rate meaning if your project sample rate is 48,000 and you import something @ 24,000 it will get resampled to 48,000.



  • Doha, my bad.

    Couldn't see anywhere where to change that on 2017 hence my previous post but now you reminded me what it was like in Pro 4 I found the answer.

    I need to edit or create a pre-set and select that before I click the export icon.


    Still a good post on the original error to put something in the documentation or error search on forum.

    Thanks again for your help and time.

  • @Datus My bad too I just assumed you were using Express. Sorry about that

  • Dropping this here for future reference. 

    Sample Rate in Hz Common Uses and notes. Maximum Frequency in Hz Maximum AAC Bit Rate in Kbps
    8000 Telephone. Adequate for human speech  4000 48
    11025 One quarter the sample rate of audio CD 5513 66
    16000 Heavily used for VoIP  8000 96
    22050 One half the sample rate of audio CD. 11025 132
    24000 Default for many Android devices 12000 144
    32000 Used in some SD camcorders especially with multi-channel audio. DAT LP mode, broadcast TV in some countries and FM radio recording. 16000 192
    37800 CD-XA audio 18900 227
    44056 Digital audio locked to broadcast NTSC color video. 22028 264
    44100 Audio CD standard and still extremely common. Originally chosen because it could be recorded with existing PAL or NTSC (monochrome) video equipment with a simple adapter. 22050 264
    48000 A newer standard sampling rate than Audio CD. Chosen for the greater frequency response and the ability to work with multiple video standards and frame rates including 24 fps, PAL 25 fps, NTSC 29.97 fps and 30 fps. 24000 288
    88200 Used by some professional recording equipment when the destination format is Audio CD. 44100 529
    96000 Twice the 48 kHz standard and used in the DVD Audio standard, audio tracks in DVD Video, Blu-ray audio tracks and surround sound formats. 48000 576
    192000 Four times the 48 kHz standard and used in the DVD Audio standard, audio tracks in DVD Video, Blu-ray audio tracks and surround sound formats. 96000 1152
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    Hitfilm can render 44.1 to 384Kbps. Vegas will let you render 32Khz up to 384Kbps. Vegas does clamp the max AAC bitrate based on the output sample rate.

    I believe the max bitrate being reported is per channel. So stereo is twice the reported value.

  • In your showing of changing kbps, how do you actually access that menu to change the kbps? I am new to using Hit-film, and I can't find any videos on how to do it. If you could help me that would be much appreciated. I am using Hitfilm 4 Express.

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    @Manic005 this video contains absolutely everything one could ever need to know about Import and Export from Hitfilm's 4 and 2017.


    Btw, Hitfilm 2017 is out and free if you want to upgrade. 

    This video discusses how to optimize your footage before import into Hitfilm. 



  • @Triem23 Thank you so much!

  • I am using hitfil express 2017 .. I am exporting my composite shot in dv- pal option ..it is perfect in pc to see .... But iam unable to see in my mobile phone (android)


  • Please help ... I am getting heak ake during exporting my video..... Say how export video into mobile supported format

  • @anandavinnyharris use an export template for YouTube instead. Android phones don't read "DVD" files. 

  • If someone could assist me, I would be very grateful. I encountered a problem where when I try exporting my video, it says "(AAC) The audio bitrate is higher than the maximum (96kbps) for this sample rate."

    Anyone have any idea on how to fix this?

  • Either increase the audio sample rate for the export, or decrease the audio bitrate for the export.

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