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So basically after watching the trailer for a game called Mountain it struck me as just a little pretentious. I got the idea to do a review of the game in the style of NPR to match a somewhat pretentious aesthetic.

I felt quite good about the idea going into it, but have a little bit of cold feet now that I've actually made something, and could use some feedback on what to change if anything. At the moment I'm thinking about swapping the music I made in game with more classical music for comedic effect.

Anyway, let me know what you think!


EDIT: Part two!



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    @8ALTON8 My God this was the best. Your voice is on POINT for this kind of pretentious spoofing. "I'm Pretency BloomFluff" had me snorting with laughter immediately and it gets better and better. 

    I also loved everything around the mountain getting covered in rubbish.  The only tiny bit of humor that didn't ring true for me was the 'horses' bit because I was enjoying the floatiness of your video so much that I think a sudden low quality jpeg of a horse is just a little bit jarring. Personally I'd stick with the music you've got, as it's great. 

    I'll be hearing the phrase 'Mountain' in my head for days, I think. PLEASE don't get cold feet - this was excellent! I'm so glad I watched it and look forward to seeing what you make next :)

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    @Lupusbalo Thank you!


    @KirstieT Thank you so much for saying so! I actually have most of the script written for a Grow Home NPRR Review. :)

    So the horse thing didn't work for you? Dang, I was going for stark contrasts between the style of the content being humorous. The jpeg was a little bit of placeholder since I didn't have any footage of the horse in game.

  • Like it, sounds a totally great game to waste my life with. The ending was kind of dark, that almost looked like the colours of the Hitfilm logo floating in space, is there some deep message there.... who cares it was fun.

  • @8ALTON8 Yeah, the horse thing didn't work for me, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should take it out if you were looking for a contrast. 

    I was clearly just enjoying the calming music too much :) I'd be interested to see if that's the opinion of other people?

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    @8ALTON8 personally, I liked the horses

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    Because I love irony, the music playing during the episode (aside from the obvious stuff at the beginning and end) is music I actually made in game. So the "Here's a bit of music I made" joke is especially funny to me as the actual music I made was in the video the whole time. It's like joke within a joke that nobody would get if they didn't produce the video. XD

    The script for the second episode has been finalized and recorded, so now I just need to record the footage and slap it together. There will be goofs.

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    So instead of the next NPRR review I finished up a project I have been working on for weeks. A tutorial of sorts.

    I'm debating whether or not to change the name of this thread to encompass more of my videos besides NPRR although I do have plans to do more of those because they're just plain fun to make.

    Honestly this took so much effort that I'm taking a little break from anything edit heavy for now. I might do more tutorials in the future but I definitely learned a ton of things on how to smooth out production for future videos. The less editing you have to do the better basically. Anyway, let me know what you think as I always seek to improve.

  • Very entertaining! 

    Obviously, you've created a huge void of "Now that I have all this stuff, how do I use it?"  Hope you get some rest . . . . you're gonna need it!

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    I think that this is about the dumbest thing I've made yet.

    EDIT: This is not a serious video by the way, it's basically a parody of the hundreds of video of people trying to get successful from other people's desires to become successful. An infinite snake that eats its own tail.


    Join me in the mouth of madness, will you?


    Also: this is probably the best thumbnail work I've done yet.


  • lol - I dig it! Also, I never saw your first (mountain video) before....that was awesome! And personally, I did really like the horse pic!

  • @new3dmus Thanks! I have the script recorded for another NPRR review, I just need to stop being lazy and get the footage for it.


    For the subs video: One thing I'd like to note is that all the effects (aside from the OBS tunnel, which is really just it recording itself) were all done in Hitfilm. The Audio, the visuals, the thumbnail, etc. So I'd say overall I'm quite pleased with the program so far. I even got the starter pack so I'm going to see what kind of mischief I can do with the added effects.


  • @8ALTON8 Love the subs video! I liked your tutorial of sorts too but I have couple of comments. When you get around to talking about HitFilm 4 Express you mention it's only available for a Win 64 bit OS but there is a Mac OS X version. Around @1:11 you say "toaster for a graphics card" and I'm sure you don't know this but the Toaster was a landmark card for making video back in the day.

  • @Aladdin4d ; Pulling no punches there!   The Toaster from the early 90's looks trivial today, but was indeed groundbreaking and blew the doors off Ampex and Sony.  At the time, you got the sense that NewTek was the Pirate Radio of the day.

    I see that same streak in FXHome.  "Screw those guys!  We can do this ourselves. And it will be better than your run of the mill network dribble."  Of course, today's dribble is online and on thousands of "channels".

    But as we've seen, content is king.  Tools for the masses is a great thing, but you still have to have a story . . . . oops.  ...  I see the hook offstage . . . . time to get off the soapbox.

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    @Aladdin4d I've heard of Video Toaster before, albeit I was definitely not making a reference to it. That was a little before my time, lol. I did actually catch the OS error in post but didn't feel like re-recording it so I just put the official requirements on screen.


    "Of course, today's dribble is online and on thousands of "channels"."

    I know this isn't directed at me, but I feel like this is kindof an elitist statement. I make youtube videos as a hobby and anything I do is usually a labor of love. I think many other channels are the same, with varying degrees of expertise. So I take issue with broadly painting youtube as "dribble". Unless they actually make a living doing it they don't actually have an obligation to entertain you, just like you're not obligated to watch their content.

    Sorry if I got a little steamed from that. For some reason I took it a bit personally, which I realize is ridiculous. XD I think I just felt the need to defend something that I love a lot. Youtube isn't just someplace I put my silly ideas, but has also become my primary form of non-gaming entertainment.

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    @8ALTON8 I think you misunderstood @Stargazer54 and I'm certain he didn't mean to offend anybody. Dribble is content produced by faceless others because they think it's what people want to see and did well in front of some focus group. It's not content produced by somebody who has a passion for it and are doing it because it's what they want .

  • @Aladdin4d I had the sneaking suspicion I was getting upset over a faulty understanding, but by that point I had already been so incensed by the idea of that understanding that I had to get it off my chest. XD

    Appologies to  @Stargazer54 , I have poor impulse control.

  • No worries.  Follow your passion.  

    Sorry, if I sounded "elitist".  And I was by no means calling your work dribble.    I was merely (albeit clumsily) attempting to compare the days of the Toaster when NewTek was saying you now have to tools in your hands to trump the network,s with their millions of dollars worth of equipment and be able to create for yourself without the shackles of expensive gear that had kept most creative people out of the business.

    FXHome has essentially done the same thing with HitFilm.  Go forth.  Create.  Be great!

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    Brand New Channel Trailer in an attempt to lure in unsuspecting viewers with the choicest of goofs:


    Any feedback for this one is particularly appreciated as channel trailers are kinda important for attracting new viewers.

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    Eyes swapped with mouth Practice:

    (Content may be disturbing for some viewers)

    A whole bunch of point tracking and stabilization. It could probably be improved quite a bit with better keyframing of the masked layer but the result is still relatively good. It gave me the heeby jeebies the first time I saw it and I made it! Anyone know the Corinthian?

  • Yep. That's pretty creepy.

    Good job with the track!

  • Like the track looks solid enough, maybe film your mouth a 2nd and 3rd time to use on the eyes for totally freaky look.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Track is fine. Masks need a few keyframes, since there are a couple of points where lower lip or tongue starts to hit the feather.

    Analysis required to not go "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhgggggghhhh! C'thulhu fthagn! Fnord! Brexit! Trump!" 

    (how's that for gibbering insanity?) 

  • @Stargazer54 Thanks!

    @Andy001z Perhaps. I kinda like it being synced up to the main mouth, but perhaps for a creepy effect the mouths could actually all being saying different things, or even talking to eachother. Or the eyes could even transition from normal to mouth just to be extra freaky. At the moment it's really a solution in search of a problem, or rather an effect in search of a project.

    @Triem23 Yeah, honestly the mask was pretty lazy. It's just a rectangular mask with the roundness and feathering turned up and pathing keyed. If I wanted to do a proper mask I'd have to make it a custom shape but that is a lot more fidgety. 



  • Ha! I just watched your mountain vid. Absolutely!

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    FINALLY. Brand spanking new NPRR Review, with an all new host:


    Also: I'm out of ideas for this series... I can probably think of a few more but if you have any suggestions for games to cover in this style (EG: pretentious waffling about the metaphysical) let me know!

  • Well the Queen song made me stick it out ;) but you made an otherwise boring looking game sound fun. GO nprr.

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    Andy001z Danke! The idea for this one was a bait and switch where it get's overly morbid and then suddenly Queen music. Honestly I really liked the game, it's fun searching for all the hidden energy crystals.

    On a more serious note, I'm kindof having trouble growing my channel. I'm going to attempt to do the recommended things like linking my social media accounts to it and doing some more advertising that way, but I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing.

    I would love to make more NPRR videos but TBH there isn't much response to them compared to the amount of work that goes into making them, that can be a little discouraging. (Plus I'm a little out of ideas XD) 

    I mean you guys are film makers right, how do you actually get people to watch your movies?

  • " do you actually get people to watch your movies?"

    I usually require a rope, duck tape and a 44 magnum.

    It takes time if all you can do is post over the internet. My vids don't have a lot of hits. I used to have one that hit 85,000 but I took it down after it became outdated to the times. It was political. But you can always try a wide range of tags from your screen name to the video title to Hitfilm to NPRR. National Public Radio Radio. LOL 

    Good job on the vid!

    Pobody's Nerfect is nice and creepy. Reminds me of the poster for One Missed Call only your eye mouths move.

    In a music album of mine I made the whole album sound like a radio station with commercials, an interview show that played featured originals and the station break was fun to make. "50 thousand watts of power, coursing through the American countryside. You're listening to WUUU. That's W, triple U."

  • StormyKnight LOL! That's about my experience too XD

    Lately I've started becoming active on social media sites dedicated to new/small youtubers. That's actually been helping a lot and it's pretty fun to help out there as well with all I've learned about editing and production from here. Thanks you guys!

    I'm starting to take the self promotion thing more seriously and I'm looking for ways to get my videos out there without causing unwanted spam where it isn't wanted, Reddit has been a fantastic resource for me as it usually brings in at least 200 views for a good video. 

    I would really like to make more NPRR videos but the inspiration for it is very specific. The ones for mountain and grow home came more or less naturally, so any further reviews I do will likely require a lot more thought. Hmmm, though I can think of at least one more game I could cover.

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