Wizard Problems - A new comedic short from MadMasker Studios

Hey all!

I Just wanted to post a link to the short film I just completed using HitFilm Pro 4.

I love this software! and am thrilled with how much freedom I have had in creating whatever I can imagine with the rich palette of tools it offers!

and without further ado, here is "Wizard Problems"



  • Very funny!

    I shall have to share this with the other IT wizards in the castle.

  • thanks! and with as many times i have contacted hit film tech support only to find out i forgot to update my drivers, I definitley owe the IT wizards a couple giggles.

  • From the first ten seconds with the whale in the sky, I knew I would love this, no matter what it was. 
    The color of the wizard could have done with just a touch more grading to bring it in line with the environment, but the humor was on point! :)

  • @madmasker great little short that makes good use of Hitfilm effects. Have to agree with @KirstieT on the grading, also wonder if you could not get a bit of light cast on the actor from the pool glow to really sell the shot. Did make me titter, user agreement, oh those pesky things.

  • I totally love it..

  • Very nice & funny stuff. Well done !

  • How did I miss this when you first posted?

    Hah-HAHA! Hee hee. 

    Good script and performance. I agree with Kirstie T on grading and it looks like a couple of tracking points  wandered, but that's nitpicking. I really like the roiling smoky particle system around the communication orb, and the wild lightning snapping into the pentagram was a clever use of that filter. Nice job! 

  •  @kirstiet mod me so I can nuke this spam.

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