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My name's Bartek and I'm from Poland. I'm using Hitfilm since version 2, but my "movie career" starts much earlier. Making movies is one of my hobbies. I'm creating  short VFX movies and sometimes a little bit longer stories. So here's my latest and best work so far ;)

Short story about a fly insect in the office room. Shots, VFX, sound FX and music made by me.


The fly was added to each scene. In most cases it is animated insect image. In other, I've build special softbox-like box with white paper sheets inside and a hole for camera lens to record fly while walking on surfaces :). Here is a VFX breakdown video for that movie.




  • Nicely done!  I keep forgetting about using white as a background for pulling the matte.  It has every color in it!


  • Fly has some green parts, but it is mostly black. So using white color as a background is good enough. On the other hand, I haven't got a green or blue paper sheets ;). One disadventage of using white is that there could be some reflections which will be keyed out when keying out lighter is used.

  • Really liked that, and the VFX breakdown was as well done as the original video. I'm sure that was almost as much work :)


  • Fun little short, and great work on the effects!

  • Thanks. VFX breakdown took about 8 houres. It could take 30% less time, if video transitions in HF could be copied and pasted on each frame preview ;).

    The video itself took much more time. The worst part was tracking attempt of camera flying behind the fly. Simply, it was untrackable using HF and Mocha, so I had to do many manual work there :).

  • Yes, Video Transitions in the Editor are weird.

    You can Cut them, Copy them, but not Paste them. Just tried, can't do it. :(

  • Hi everyone. Just want to show You my latest very short, one shot based movie ;) with GTA 5 Wasted effect. Dust effect created with particle emmiter with two different emmiters. Wasted/dead effect recreated from scratch using hitfilm effects. Recorded with phone camera. Dialogue is in Polish language, but You can turn on English subtitles.


  • And here we have new HitFilm 2017 PRO production. Same room, same actors, wall renovation soon, so we decide to put some graffiti on the wall... in HitFilm of course. #trolling_work_colleague.

    Technical info: I've put some blue tape markers on the wall to help Mocha tracking. In first scene markers are removed from wall by Clone stamp. Then solve camera movement. In places where tracking accuracy was  poor I've did some camera blurs, as the phone camera sometimes do that. Then put 3D plane with spray titles made in Affinity Photo. The wet paint stains made with mobile particle emitter. Final scene left guy tracked by Mocha to mask the wall. Sounds made with FL Studio 12. Total time spent on editing: about 14 hours. HF crashes count: 24 ;) (HF team, please work on stability :) ).

    English subtitles available in YouTube.


  • Looks good. Very realistic! 

  • Thanks. Many of my work colleagues have been kidding today :).

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    Hello everyone. The movie I want to share with You today was a real challenge for HitFilm software, my computer ;), and also for me. It was entirely created in HitFilm 4 pro - if we talk about video of course :). In one scene there are over 10 thousands 3D model particles and this 5 second scene was rendered in about 24 hours. Total rendering time of all scenes with 3d models is over 60 hours. The whole 3D setup took over 50 hours.  That was a "one big, ugly... particle simulator" ;). Whole production including other VFX, grading, music creation, sound designing took about 170 hours, which is approximately 30 days of work in my free time. 

    So here it is. "Koszmar" means "The nightmare" in english and is similar to "Corpo..ration" word.


    Music was composed by me and is available here: https://soundcloud.com/bartosz-r-935981455


  • Wow!  All your work really shows through.  Great job with instancing the 3D models on your particles and getting them to bounce!

  • Yes, just...wow!

  • @Onixarts  Very cool!  The silverware tsunami was incredible!!!  Until the very last second I was trying to decide if the shadow people on the walls were physically painted there as a decorating choice of the location offices or not, but when that one moved I knew then.  

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I've had larger setups of 3D models as particles (I had one shot that ran close to 100k particles--50k+ as 3D models), but nothing as elaborate as the silverware tsunami (great term, @tddavis) is terms of physics and interactions with real-world surfaces. Fantastic!

  • That was fun, watching that.

  • Thank You guys :).
    @tddavis the shadow people are physically  painted on the walls :). The last shadow guy is animated in Hitfilm by using some masks :).

    Silverware tsunami was made by adding few forces and deflectors to particle simulator. It was very time consuming to make all the spoons going exactly where I want them to go :), You know, moving all these emitters, deflectors and force boxes and other 3D positions and vectors in 3D space are quite hard when You have to wait 10 seconds to see the change results ;). I think some shaded 3D arrows would be helpful to manipulate these objects in 3D space, because sometimes is so hard to interpret position and size of wireframe box.

    @Triem23 interaction with environment and masking was another hard task :). It is always as good as camera tracking quality and I always forget about that while recording - so later in post solving the camera in Mocha sometimes is real challenge :). Three tips for good solving: good scene lighting, markers on perpendicular surfaces and no blurs. I always forgot of one of these, what causing tracking a real pain :).

    I've also did a full physical simulation in Blender earlier (using collisions and proper light bounce in spoons) with precise reconstructed 3D (invisible) environment but render time and editing difficulties cause I decided to animate whole 3D in HitFilm. There are also no need to reflect each spoon on other spoons and make collisions between particle spoons because nobody will see that in final result ;).



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Remember with the particle sim there's the "preview" option which replaces particle textures with a simple dot. When working with large systems I'll start with textures (especially for 3D models) to get scale correct, but stay in preview mode with a lower particle count to tweak physics--turning the count up and turning textures back on once the basic movements look good. 

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    @Onixarts - I salute you, sir. It's all fantastic stuff! I especially loved the spark and fly falling from the light. LOLOL And the spoons (along with what others have noted) peeking around the corner.   !!!!!! Great way to end it.

    Hope to see more! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • @Triem23 I know there is a preview option and I'm using it when I can :). The problem is that it is only a dot and You don't see particle rotation or weird collisions close to camera then :). Reducing particles count is also a good solution, unless particle per second is keyframed - which I've used in this project.

    @StormyKnight I like the spark too, so I've decided to add it in "after scenes" :).

  • Amazing work.

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    The real question is- is that a real fly or a high tech robot fly? It doesn't have 'normal' insect vision. Did the Russians build it or U.S. black ops?  ;^)

  • @StormyKnight well, I'll build it myself :D

  • @Onixarts others have said it already, but I'll say it again... your work is really, really good

  • Thank You @JMcAllister.

    Below is one made two years ago. Not as spectacular as silverware tsunami ;) but made with different technique.

    Brief: Sniezka is the mountain peak in Poland, where is located meteorogical observatory. In our local newspapers shows up news that says this observatory will be closed soon. The buildings are very similar to three UFO's. Following this idea I've made "the movie".


    The different technique that I mention before is making whole movie with just three still images. Desk and two mountain images. Only people running away are recorded (me) few times on green screen, then animated in HitFilm. Newspaper created in HitFilm also, with some layers stack one on top of the other. UFO's created by masking and animating original image. Finally the fake DSLR camera with zoom lens movement, zooming and defocus to bring some life to the image :).

  • Well done!

  • Hello. Here I go again :). A little bit late because of some technical problems ;), but here it is. Santa Claus meets software developers in their office.



    Special effects made with Hitfilm 2017. 3D models created with Blender 3D, animated in HF. 3D camera solve made with Mocha and with Blender in last shot. Dust and dirt generated with particle emitter and using stock footage.

    Color grading in Davinci Resolve. Music composed specially for this movie in FL Studio 12. Sound effect also created in FLS.

    There's also a little bonus at the end (after the credits) :).

  •  Hello there. Just three more short movies created by HF Pro some time ago.

    Enjoy :).






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