Magix video Pro 8 support

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Hi ! 

I've just bought the new Magix Video Pro X8 software because (not only) it's OpenFX compatible. But it seems it's not recognized by Ignite. Is there a way to manually install the Ignite plugins into this NLE ? In Video Pro,  I tried to point Ignite's folder as a location for additional effects but nothing is found there (even in the subfolders)...

Maybe I'll have to wait for an update on one side or the other to have the great FXHome plugins working in my favorite NLE...


  • Magix isn't currently among the list of supported hosts for Ignite, sorry. Perhaps in the future, as we are interested in increasing the number of host programs that are suported. You can view all of the currently supported host programs on the Ignite product page:

  • I hope so, since Video Pro is a powerful yet simple software , and inexpensive. A great companion for Hitfilm :)

  • I am just starting & want the very basic program to purchase & was wondering if you can help me I have the free version  Express could you recommend what the next version is & how much  it is?  Thanks for your time.


    Brian Becker 

  • Just to remember: Magix Pro X8 is sold at the Moment with "Hitfilm Cinemy Style Pack" - I of course thought, that Ignite will work with X8 too... but we still have to wait, I guess? :-(

  • last year videodeluxe premium was offer  "hitfilm cinema style" as plugin too.


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