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Hello folks,
I'd like to share a small personal project I've been working on which you might enjoy - Movie Analyser. Given a list of films, the site can tell you what you like, who your favourite actors and directors actually are, when most of your films were released, and a whole load more, in the form of a pretty infographic.
If like me, you are a fairly obsessive list-maker, you can just copy and paste in your list of films. If not.. well, give it a try with a dozen or so films anyway.
Here's what my DVD collection produced.
For those of a more technical mindset, the code is all open source.


  • That's a really nifty idea, Daniel! To the point of being brilliant. I'll run my movies when I get a list together which won't be easy 'cause I like and collect too too much.
    Do I detect a James Bond fan in the house?
  • Thanks!
    :P indeed you do, it  has skewed my collection somewhat.
  • That's really fun! :)
    It didn't recognize when I put the year behind the title i.e. shutter (2004) or crash (2004). It said "you must enter the title or something. :(
  • There are some peculiarities with the TMDB API (that's where I'm getting the data), that I haven't quite worked out. If you search for "Crash", you get "Crash (2004)" as the first result. However if you search for "Crash (2004)" you get no results.
    I'm looking into it :)
  • @Daniel I see that your worst movie is Starship Troopers 2... Clearly you haven't seen Starship Troopers 3.  That makes Starship troopers 2 look way better.
  • Haha, well the ratings are actually set by TMDB users... that said though, I preferred Starship Troopers 3 (which I also own). In some ways it's reminiscent of the first film, though rather than lampooning fascism, the third film does a very good job of mocking religion. The second film meanwhile is more of a lazy sci-fi horror that pretends to share the politics of the first, without ever doing much.
  • I was fine with the 2nd one... it was more intimate and made use of a small budget.  The 3rd one had 4 minutes of Casper even though hes on the cover and it was just bad.  Im fine with mocking religion but it was just... man bad
  • edited August 2013
    Looking very dapper, Dan. But brother, you're never fully dressed without a smile!
    When you go to the pub and someone asks your name do you say, "Wood. Daniel Wood."? I would.
  • Daniel Wood would.
  • Why thank-ye sir, that was indeed the look I was going for :)
  • For anyone interested, a write-up on the technical side of this project:
  • Finally got most of my movies entered in and analyzed. I should have known not to try to do this by memory. I'll have to try again when I get all the older movies entered but some of the names were eluding me. Can't believe I forgot to put in Pink Panther movies w/Peter Sellers and The Party w/Sellers as well. Darn it. I have a bunch of Hitchcock stuff I couldn't think of off the cuff but now I can think of them. :(( Stupid me!

    This result is a little skewed but mostly accurate. I'm going to have to do this again with a complete list of my movies.
    This is a fun tool, Daniel!
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