Title Cards with flares



  • The front, back, side and bevel can each have a different texture. A texture can be as previously described a static image file or the source the layer the BCC text is applied to.

    BCC replaces the contents of the layer/clip it is applied to. If you are not going to use the source layer as a texture for the text, then it does not matter what you apply the text to. Just reuse a plane for each instance. The only time you would use the source layer as a texture is for a dynamically created "texture" like a video, gradient, fractal, fire or whatever.

  • Yeah I wasn't planning on making a bunch of planes just one for text.  I was only planning on additional ones for flares, lights, and other generated stuff.

    I do have a question about the use of cameras with the BCC plugins.  I'm planning on having more than one camera like in the Toby Games logo tutorial.  Will the BCC plugins allow me to use the multiple camera layers that I will have set up?  2 cameras for viewing a singer letter, and then 1 to view the text as a whole after it finishes coming together like in the tutorial.

  • BCC itself has only one camera. Just keyframe the camera to a new positions. BCC itself has three lights.

    BCC can use the Hitfilm camera and light system. It is a check option. BCC only seems to use three lights from Hitfilm. I am not sure how the three lights are chosen. It does not seem to be top down layer order. @AxelWilkinson might know or can find out.

  • Can I accomplish what is in the intro of this video using BCC 3D objects?  The intro lasts about 13-14 seconds.


  • Yup. 

  • What would I have to do?

  • @SolidSnake2003 Watch through a bunch of YouTube vids that will get you started, checkout the hitfilm channel and others, when you have some more specific questions then the community can help. It's a bit of a broad brush to say how all the above is done.

  • Is it possible for someone to show me in picture format what the word:

    SOLIDSNAKELEGACY looks like in the Type On Effect using the Oswald Bold font?

  • I have the TV Damage pack, and Lighting Pack 1, are these packs enough to recreate the title cards look?

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