I Ruined the Intro: Feel Free to Download and Play With

So the regulars know I've been working on updating the intro for quite a while now.

I was working off of the original (completed) TFF -Films Intro which was made of composite shots.

I went to "save as" and titled the new one TFF - Vlog Intro.

I went through the process of changing the colors to match the themes and change the titles... it was lovely.

Then I received MANY crashes in a row. How odd...

I stopped messing with the "Vlog" file and opened the "Films" to see if I'd receive continuous crash reports. To my surprise all of the composite shots were changed to the Vlog ones. Annoyed, since now I have two Vlog files and feeling as though I had just wasted 5 hours of editing, figured I should take it to the forums... Turns out the Vlog only crashes when I hit a certain frame in the timeline.

The Export error for the Vlog reads, "Failed to export frame 123. Curve piece length has not been cached."

Update: When I went though the TL and deleted the composite of the "top dot" that slides around the text, I no longer receive the crashes, so simple fix. Copy mask from Films dot and paste to Vlogs, micro/fine adjust as needed.

Still need to fix the Films file though (the composite link and what not) and learn the "proper" way to copy composites without hindering prior files that used a variant of it.

Films before Compositing Issue:


Films after Compositing Issue:


I left my computer in sleep mode incase the Films composites can be recovered. Thanks in advance! @Triem23 @KevinTheFilmmaker @NormanPCN @KirstieT @StormyKnight


  • That's awesome, can you please do a tutorial how you did that?

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    @Yeremyah I would love to as soon as I get it working again :) hahaha

    Tag someone if you think they may know how to repair the file. However, its 1:15am and I have to be up for work at 6:30... need sleep. Good night friend.

  • EmmaEmma Staff
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    Hi @TriFlixFilms, I'm sorry to hear you've been having a problem with HitFilm. There's nothing worse then staying up later than you know you should trying to find a fix!

    Do you still have a copy of the project that crashes/won't export frame 123 which you are able to attach for us to have a look at? Although I'm glad to hear you were able to work around this, we'd like to look into the cause of the problem.

    About your 'Films' composite shots turning into 'Vlog' ones. Is it possible that the file you saved using 'Save As' contains your original 'Films' comps? If you continued to work in the original, saving as you went, it sounds like that is now your 'Vlog' file, and the backup you took at the beginning is your 'Films' file. I'm not sure I'm completely following your workflow though, so any extra information you can give would be helpful.

  • @TriFlixFilms could you upload your project somewhere so that we could have a look here? You can send it to me in PM or in support if you don't want to make it public.

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    @Emma @CedricBonnier I can upload both files (Vlog and Films) later after work, you probably won't see it till Monday though :)

  • @TriFlixFilms - Ouch! I've done the same thing. I just scratched it and started it over while it was still fresh in my memory. Ironically, the second version came out better. Now weren't you just talking about how you were managing your time to allow sleep? Where did your mother and I go wrong?  ;^)

  • @StormyKnight "Now weren't you just talking about how you were managing your time to allow sleep?" HAHAHAHA

    I've accepted my fate, I am noturnal. My best work and my worst mistakes are made between 11pm and 3am. That's why I've started recording vlogs, it the only thing that keeps me awake while I drive now. Can't wait to fix these intros and start editing them :) In the mean time, power naps FTW.

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    @Emma @CedricBonnier Here's the project files. I plan  on making a tutorial on them later so might as well share with the world. Basically I need to find a way to break the dynamic link on the composite shots that are shared between the two files. I myself have no idea what the proper way is to duplicate a composite shot so this may be part the reason haha.

    Link to Films (Orange): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ndtbfkhcjtfsvw8/Orange - TriFlix Films.hfp?dl=0

    Link to Vlog (Purple): https://www.dropbox.com/s/co159dvk70e9xap/Purple - TriFlix Vlogs.hfp?dl=0

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    Issue Resolved Thanks to @Aladdin4d apparently I save as the file and started making changes in stead of making a new file and saving the comps with different names and importing them.

    Typed on phone, sorry if punctuation us bad haha. Love you guys, thanks for saving the day.

  • And in case you're wondering what @Yerymahs's cryptic post was about: You've apparently created the project in Hitfilm Pro and so it can't be loaded into Express, as some elements are larger than 1920x1080, which is Express's size limit. Mostly. :)

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    This is going to sound really stupid but I fixed the crash issue. @Emma @CedricBonnier

    I opened up the "Films" file and went to the composites and toggled the 'eye' (visibility) of all of the contents. When I reactivated the visibility the text and colors change from purple/white text that said "VLOGS" to orange/white text that said "FILMS." Odd, right?

    When I opened up the Vlogs file I no longer received crashes at frame 123. So ALL of 'vlogs' is purple and all of 'films' is orange again... YAY!

    Please change the issue to solved... while I'm not sure while this occurred, I'm glad I found that glitch to fix it :)

    Toggle visibility to correct dynamic linking (refresh the content)

  • Thank you @Palacono

    That explains why I couldn't load it :P

  • @Yeremyah I will try to make that tutorial and have it out by next weekend now that I've fixed everything :)

  • You are awesome @TriFlixFilms


  • EmmaEmma Staff

    Thanks for uploading your project files @TriFlixFilms, it's much appreciated. I can see that they've been saved in HitFilm 4 Pro Update 4. Update 5 is now available in which we fixed a bug with keyframes that would cause the 'Curve piece length has not been cached' error message you report. So although you've fixed the bug by modifying the project file, I would really recommend installing the update so you don't run into it again.

    Just to let anyone who downloads the project files know, we're investigating a crash we've found playing back the editor timeline of the projects when the audio media files are offline.

  • @Yeremyah You're Awesome!

    @Emma Thanks for you help, greatly appreciated. Noramlly I recieve a prompt when I open HitFilm if an update is available, I guess I never got a prompt... will download asap :)

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