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Hey there, I've just got a quick question about sound effects. I'd really like to start using them in my videos for comedic effect but I have now idea where to get them. Mostly I'd like to use sound effects that are extremely well known and commonly used (Ex:the Wilhelm scream, Howie scream) because I feel that having commonly recognizable sounds add to the perceived professionalism of a piece. It's basically paying tribute to all of the films/videos that influenced you. (In my case, comedy stuff like Red letter media)

I've seen a bunch of packs online but would really rather not download something from a site I know nothing about, so I'd like to get some input on a good place where I can get a SFX pack with a lot of common stock sound effects.


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    As for the Wilhelm Scream and stuff.... Well not sure where to get that. A lot of people re use it even though they don't own it, but doesn't seem to have any consequences. 

    Sharing that type of stuff on forums is not allowed I think, but maybe we can have staff tell us if that's true or not.

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    YouTube Audio Library

    Don't know if it's all still available but Sonniss gave away over 30GB of free sounds in this thread:

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    Sorry for being late to the discussion. I use a lot of sound effects in my videos. Simply find the sound effect on YouTube (there are plenty of sound effect channels) then head cover to clip and download it as a mp3. 

    Then, put it as your audio 2 in the video. Hope I helped

  • You can get the Wilhelm scream directly from Wikipedia's page on it (click on the "More" icon in the audio player and then click on the downward-facing arrow).  As for comedic stock effects, there's a great library available on iTunes for $9.99 that has a lot of them.  It's simply called "300 Sound Effects" and has a red cover with white lettering.

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    You could also try looking around to see if any Creative Commons licensed sound effects are available.

  • Hi, I know a bit late to the party but you can get over 14,500 free sound effect and download them instantly here at - all 100% free and legal to use.

  • The best place to download FREE sound effects and music loops:

  • Productioncrate is where I get mine from now, theres a lot for free, but for a small fee you can go "pro" and get all.... check it out,

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    FreeSound is another great resource that I use frequently. Just make sure you check the usage/licensing details of whatever you use.

  •  If you just convert it from a Youtube video, you're only going to get the audio quality that the original poster used to encode his video... which is usually not the best on average...  I thought I'd leave this link which may help people browsing this page...  A friend's website that just launched aims to provide very high-quality original sounds (24-bit 48 kHz wav files...) made from scratch by an expert sound designer.  The site has a bunch of free downloadable sound effects and ambient loops as well as paid premium sound effect collections.  He's got a 50% discount code going on right now to celebrate the launch of the new site, it's at the top of the front page :-) - keep making beautiful videos with beautiful effects, people! 

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