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  • @Triem23 Now that you've said that, I keep seeing a thing in my head where smaller ships are eaten up by larger ships.

    Buck Rogers gets eaten up by a flying Saucer - that gets eaten up by a Saturn V and it spawns the Lunar Module - that gets eaten up by the Pan Am Orion III -that gets eaten by the Eagle - that gets eaten by Zefram Cocrane's Phoenix - that gets eaten by a D7 - that gets eaten by a Fed. Constitution Class - that gets eaten by 1701A - that gets eaten by a Star Cruiser - that gets eaten by the Dreadnought - that gets eaten by Enterprise D - that gets eaten by a Borg cube . . .

    So little time . . . so many ideas.


  • @Triem23 ; Oh, man.  That puts me to shame...of course all you guys do...on modeling and compositing.    I only ever got to watch that show on a grainy UHF antenna rig and it was great.  I was so disappointed when it got cancelled.

  • T23- Are you modeling an Eagle? Man, I used to watch Space 1999 every chance I got when I was a kid. Don't know if I'd still like it today but it was fun back then.

  • @StormyKnight I downloaded the model from Foundation 3D years ago. Just finally getting around to using it. 

  • @Triem23  -  Cool! Can't wait to see it in action!

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    Y-Wing Crash Test in Hitfilm Pro 13, tracked with Foundry Camera Tracker

    VFX Breakdown:

    Aaaand, I hadn't put anything in this thread in a year and a half. What the hell happened to my life?

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    @Triem23 ; That looks very professional!  The models really sit in the live action stock footage extremely well.  Loved the breakdown too; very enlightening.  Good work, sir. Also, made me realize there's an area I have never touched on in my studies: deflector planes!

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     @tddavis and deflectors are powerful!

    I'm very happy with the composite on this test. It's the best lighting and materials I've ever dialed in. Usually I'd say @NxVisualStudio or @GrayMotion get the best material settings, but this test might actually exceed their usual incredible work.

  • Your materials are pretty good but your shadows are way better. :)

  • I have to say that normally I enjoy watching an actual finished shot more than a BTS on it, but in this case, I enjoyed watching the BTS even more than the original shot. Great job!

  • Thanks for the "step-by-step".  Very informative.

    And really nice end result.



  • The thread lives!!

    I gotta say Mike....awesome! You got the materials dialed in like the slider on an illegal cable tv box. Perfect.... and to boot the breakdown shows the use of all the tools to make it come to life. Hats off to you sir!

    Now...I guess I better get to work with my Foundry tracking skills as I'm way behind the curve.

  • Really nice, Mike!

  • That explosion when the Y-wing hits the cliff looks superb

  • @Triem23 '' but this test might actually exceed their usual incredible work.'' You Sir have declared WAR punishable by maximum obliteration.

    That said you did a nice overall test on the tracker and dialed in some sweet environmental on the textures, lighting and shadows, just one nit pick though, the glows and colors are a tad to strong, other than that you kicked ass on this one, but I'm still coming for you! 

    Love you   

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @NxVisualStudio Bring it, make it hurt. ;) Love you too. 

  • @Triem23 @NXVisualStudio ; Ooh, a Render War!  Love it.  The winners will be the users soaking up all the neat tricks you toss out there.

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    @tddavis I ain't ashamed to admit @NxVisualStudio is better than I am. He's got a wider skill set, a brilliant eye, and he's really mastered his tools. I'm damn good but Tony really pulls off amazing stuff.

    But I'll do my best. ;) Tempted to say Daleks at ten paces... 

  • I think I just walked into an old west saloon? Phew, phew. :)

    You guys are truly up in your own artistic league and well deserve it. :)

    I'm with @tddavis on this and would love to see both of your techniques since you guys are actually in the vfx industry and I'm like super duper into watching breakdown videos, like for real. I really love, just simply love watching breakdown videos. Really I'm just looking for someone out there that can do what I do or does something similar to what I do. :)


  • @spydurhank ; My favorite part of DVD & Blu Ray movie releases are the BTS footages that show how shots were filmed and the VFX work involved.  I'm with you.

  • @tddavis , Yup, when dvds first came out, I was all about the special features and vfx explainer videos. I'm seriously mesmerized by breakdown videos. Love those things.

  • @tddavis @spydurhank We had a good old geek out with a Klingon face off haha

    Mike nailed it hands down! but I'd like to explain briefly how a shot really went wrong in one of my previous videos; 

    Back then we didn't have Linear color support, this is one in my opinion that makes the biggest difference all round, the shots in this video where produced in 'float' so I had to desperately try compensating  for the light fall off with extra lighting 'not the best description' but if this was in Linear color the detail and fall off would have been preserved, better control over shadows/highlights, should this have been in Linear it would have been very easy to get an environment match with a simple 3 point light setup and additional material influences as Mike shows in his breakdown.

    Now you have Linear, always use it for matching 3D with Log and then color correct/grade in float it makes a world of a difference.

    I also love breakdowns! Have you guys had a chance to play with TyFlow or Pheonix? these both support cross Alembic so most of what you produce will work out of the box in HitFilm, in fact I've been keeping an eye on spydurhank's progress with curtain things on Alembic performance, I can't say too much as it's discussed elsewhere if you get my drift, but the improvements have allowed me to create extra destruction elements to the HF City pack with much improved performance. 

  • * Following this thread with great interest        ^^^^

  • @NXVisualStudios ; Just added TyFlow and Phoenix to my research list; I had never heard of either, but I had seen at least part of your excellent Tardis dematerialization before but I'm certain there are parts that I had not.  I own one of your Tardii models (the one without the opening doors) but I never managed to make it look like you do. :)

  • @NXVisualStudio , Thanks very much for the interest, stay tuned for some cool stuff very soon. :) 

    I wondered what ever happened to your Hf city pack, I hadn't heard any news about it in years. Glad that it still lives.

    Alembic is a touchy mother for sure. It is so easy and simple to do the most amazing things yet, also very easy and simple to muck it up but as of today... I've got that covered. :)

    Since I learned to code stuff for myself 7 months ago, I haven't had time to keep up with industry standard software very much but those programs you mentioned look very cool. 

    @GrayMotion , For you dude... for you... Took me two days to do it but my OBJ FBX and Alembic exporters are back and work alongside the built in Blender exporters... for you dude... for you. Thank you man. :) 

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    In this time of need, who can provide relief? The Rebels of ROLL ONE: a Coronavirus story.

  • Awesome!! :)

  • @Triem23 God, I wish I could do stuff that good and as fast as you! I'll spend a month just getting my hairy monster video done.

  • Love it! :)

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