Triem 23's "Hey, I'm Working on THIS!" page (Update: Another 1963 TARDIS Beauty Pass, June 17, 2020)



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    Bah-ha-ha!  Brilliant!

  • May the bog roll be with you always!!!

  • sent this to my kids. :-)

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    Working on building a digital double. Starting with the head. Geometry is looking good. Need to fix the textures. Looks like me, so, yay. Modelling/Texturing in @spydurhank's FILMER, using Keentools Face Builder plug-in. Rendered in Hitfilm Pro
  • Oh snap, oh snap, oh snap!!! Awesome!!! That's your face right? Whoa dude! Looks so good. :)

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    @spydurhank. Yup, 'tis I!

    Honestly, Keentools Facebuilder makes it pretty easy. It gives a base mesh, then you load in picture textures, flip between the texture pics and stick pins in the mesh to pull them into position. I'll probably try a second attempt with a different set of photos. Laura did a good job on snapping the pics (I had very little effort lining everything up so everything matched up correctly), but both the front photos she took were a little off-center, and that's caused a few issues here and there.

    Figure I can use Makehuman to get something about correct for my body, chop the Makehuman head off, slap mine on and see how that works. Worse comes to worse I have to use the kitbash as a reference to re-topo?

    If that happens Ill probably try retopoflow. You've seen, once, long ago, one of my Blender Sculpts of a ships, but, the retopo phase is always so tedious!.

    Then again, I'm the type of guy who does better with books than video tutorials, and Blender 2.8 has now been out long enough for some books to be out. The interface changed enough where my pre-Blender 2.8 books now hinder.

  • @Triem23 I look forward to your Mixamo Samba Dance! 

  •  Looking good, does the head have a full mesh that you can animate? I assume you can then bring it to life.

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    @Andy001z yeah, FaceBuilder starts with a "generic" head mesh. Then you load in photo reference - Front and side, minimum, though I'm also using 3/4 views. In the Face Builder add on you call up each view then place pins in the mesh to adjust based on the images. It's a bit like using a 3D puppet tool to adjust the mesh.

    I assume eventually I'll be able to rig the head for expressions? 

  • Mike said... "I assume eventually I'll be able to rig the head for expressions?"

    Why did I see that as saying, "I assume eventually I'll be able to rig the head for explosions?"


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    @FilmSensei you wouldn't be wrong!

  • You should be alright for retopology, the human body, by itself with no wrinkly cloths, is pretty easy to retopo because it's just a bunch of cylinders, till you get to the human head and face.  

    Filmer has an automatic quad re-mesher, I've tried it on a few triangle based human heads and Suzanne the monkey. It worked pretty good. :)

  • @Triem23 That's looking amazing! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses :)

  • @Triem23 You've found the Fountain of Youth.  CG makes everyone look younger!  Good job there.

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    @tddavis 2k texture.... I made some mistakes. There will be a reshoot, but.... I own no softboxes or silks, so, next overcast day. 

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    @Triem23 I don't see any mistakes.  Now, this one that I made several years ago using an ancient demo copy of FaceGen is a mistake all around!  It watermarked the mesh with a big FG embossed into the forehead ala ST:TMP Klingon brows but I learned enough sculpting in Blender it smooth it out and patch the texture a little. One thing to note here, this is only a front shot and a side shot.

    Never could figure out how to give it hair though.  Your program did a good job there.

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    Did you wet your hair? I know you are a California man so that slick "cool" look does come natural to you Golden State folks. Just curios 👍

  • Dang that is cool Terry, Mike's is missing a bit of texture under his chin. You can see a black region. He can probably just clone some skin from another part of his face.

    I used Face-gen way back in 2011-ish. I didn't know it was still around. Cool that it is. :)

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    @spydurhank My demo copy probably dates from about then if not a bit earlier.  Had it around for years.  In fact, now that I think of it this might have been around 2004. Hard to remember... :)

  • I used it in this 2012 clip. Sculpted the Face-gen mesh a bit in Blender. 

  • Sorry to dump crap on your thread Mike but I had to... .I have been working a few weeks with Headshot. Pretty easy to use for a lame guy like me. I can already see where hair is going to be tough especially if you have a beard. Now if I had a beautiful face like @FilmSensei it would be super easy 👍

  • Since everyone is now highjacking @Triem23's thread, I guess I will also! :)

    Last January, I played around with Face Builder with the idea that I was going to make a tutorial out of it. Like you, Mike, I just took some basic pictures in my office and started playing with it. I had no plans of ever showing this initial model to anyone. Needless to say, even though the pictures were done in harsh light and not very well taken, Face Builder was very impressive! I decided to wait for a cloudy day to take some real pictures... but then I never got around to it.

    Anyway, here is my digital headshot. Of course I didn't have time to swap out for a digital body, so I just left my ACTUAL body in the model... Lol!

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    Holy crap!  What you guys are doing is amazing and unheard of on the "hobbyist" level only a short time ago.  (I guess it's now 2020, so there is that). 

    Call Kleiser-Walczack.   Nestor Sextone needs an update!


  • @Triem23 Mea Culpa!! And apologies, Mike.  I am the originator of the great thread hijack.  Been capturing a 22 year old VHS tape for the daughter for the past 3 hours and hadn't been able to apologize.

  • See how you turned out, Terry! Lol! :)

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    @tddavis @FilmSensei @Graymotion @Stargazer54 @spydurhank

    First, no one needs to "apologize" for "hijacking" the thread. When it comes to hijacking threads on this forum, I'm Southern Airways Flight 49.

    Lynn, there are days where I'm totally gobsmacked at what we can do these days, at home, on the cheap.

    Terry, I wasn't familiar with FaceGen, so now I'm looking at that for research. Does show this type of thing was doable fairly cheaply 15 years ago. The hair in this case is just being textured on a smooth skull because it's in the source pics. Yes, Greg, I had to wet it to get it to stay back. My hair usually does it's own thing. Facial Hair is a tough thing too. Next time I try to get a photoset, maybe I'll just clean-shave. Only takes a week to grown back the goatee, and it's not like I'm going anywhere.

    But in the photo set for this face Laura was just off-axis on the "front" picture, and it's just enough to cause an odd issue on the right side of my jaw/neck. It'll be obvious to me as I can easily compare real me to digital me. That said, if I patchted the textures the current face is good enough for, say "Rise of the Dark Side."

    Frank that zombie skull is still creepy. And, yeah, I can patch the holes in the textures, of course.

    Greg, I'm not familiar with Headshot, either. Another suite I'll check out. If I did more animation work for pay, I'd spend more money on software, but, obviously, right now keeping the bills down.




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    Oh look, something in this thread!

    The basic geometry is now solid and the UV mapping is correct. All that's left is to rebuild the (correct) lamp, add the door lock (1963 TARDIS has no door handles), the hinge for the "Pull to Open" sign (still no handle)and do the bevels on the sharp corners. Almost done. The lamp is the tricky bit. Otherwise, it's a bunch of highlighting edges and hitting CTRL+B a lot.

    I might end up changing texture maps. The intent is to eventually let others use the model, so I need to double-check the license on the normal map image I'm using. I have generated some original texture maps in PDHowler. But, obviously I finish the geometry first. Otherwise, changing a texture map is as easy as linking in a different file!

    Then again, I have another 13 TARDISes to build, and the site I grabbed the textures from only has 10 different woods. I might just end up using generated textures anyway... Since multiple Doctor's used the same basic props (with only minor repaints), changing up the wood grain will add a bit more variety.
    Built in the current version of @spydurhank's Filmer and rendered in Hitfilm Pro 14.
  • Fantatic job Mr. Miller sir!

    so how did you deal with the UVs on the inside? ...did you have to increase the map size?

  • @Triem23 Looks superb!  Lovely wood grain texture. @DrFmord That's hysterical, right there!!!

  • LIKE! Looks pretty damned good dude. :)

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