Error when opening Project "Timelines which exceed Dimension Restrictions" (Resolved)

Just tried to open the recently downloaded and expanded effects file to match the effects tutorial but when opening in Hitfilm Express the following message appears -- "HitFilm 4 Express cannot open 'Effects.hfp' because it contains timelines which exceed dimension restrictions".   Is this a 'Pro' vs 'Express' issue or something else?


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    Yes, Express can't handle videos or images larger than 1920x1080. Pro is happy up to 4k sizes.

  • I can import 4K images into my Express 4.

  • @Yeremyah You can't use them though. They'll stay at a max size of 1920x1080.

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    @InScapeDigital are you certain Express has a max media size of 1920x1080? I thought 4k media could be imported, but just the Editor/Composite Shot resolution topped out at 1920x1080. 

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    Slightly weirdly, you can import and use higher than 1920x1080 images and video (such as 4k,) and scale or move them about quite happily, although they'll never show larger than 1080p, so you need to scale them down if you want to see more than the centre portion. But you can't create a plane that's larger than 1920x1080.

    If you make a 4k sized plane in a project in Pro and try to import the project into Express you get the "exceed dimension" error message. 

  • HitFilm 4 Express limits sequence and composition timeline sizes to 1080p. To export a 4K video you need Pro.

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    @CedricBonnier how about imported media, particularly stills? 

  • @Triem23 imported media in HitFilm 4 Express behave like in HitFilm 4 Pro, they should not be resized. If you are thinking about the very large jpeg thread, yes image assets bigger than 4k get scaled down (exactly the same way in Pro and Express).

    As @Palacono said, you can import 4K footage into HitFilm 4 Express but you won't be able to create a 4K timeline. You have to either resize to see the entire video or crop to 1080p.

    FYI we've just fixed an issue with plane and text layer size limitations in Express in an internal build.

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    @CedricBonnier thank you for the clarification. In the high-res JPEG thread we can confirm to that user he can go to 4k tiles on his mosaic. :) 

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    As @CedricBonnier has already answered this question, this thread has been resolved & therefore can be closed.


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