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  • @TriFlixFilms  +1 for Palacono's question.  I liked the camera movement in different directions.  It keep the eye busy and offset the minimal backgrounds quite nicely.

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    I used apple motion. There is a text control in the inspector window that allows the user to controls the end or start of a clip. It's essentially a mask. So then you can key frame the movements. 

    The way I tackled this was made the project 4k, added in the three backgrounds so they were all in frame. Added the text and timed it to the music. Then went back and added the camera with movement. Lastly I exported and threw it into FCPX and applied the needed effect such as the color grading, flashes, glows, and earthquakes. Really fast and simple way to tackle a seemingly difficult project :) @Palacano @tddavis

    About 12-15 hours of work :)

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    FILMS: Scouting Columbus Indiana

    Got to collaborate with a well recognized local film group and am very pleased with the results! Let me know what you guys think :)

  • You've certainly made Columbus look picturesque! Great camera work, with nice smooth moves, some fun dutching, and some creative angles. Love the grading. Almost every shot looks like "Golden Hour."

    This is a video you and your collaborators might be able to sell... If the City or County has a Film Board they might actually want this for a resource for film/tv show creators thinking of shooting in your area. 

    Nice work! 

  •  Anytime I recieve replies from @triem23 it's always humbling. I think i might have to reach out to our cities visitors center. Thank you very much for all the advice.

    By colaboration, I mean they hired me to scout the city for neat shots and edit the footage for them. I'll definitely recommend that to them though since they own it now :)

    I've been really trying to step up my grading these last few videos. Glad it paid off! Using that massive Lut pack from IWLTBAP and learning how to define them better. Most of my knowledge came from Corridor Digital though, love those guys :)

  • @Triem23 is right you totally nailed a great looking CVB promo! I'm dropping a couple of St Louis CVB promos below not because you did anything wrong but because you need to see what some people got paid very well to produce and quite frankly in everything that really counts you did a better job. One is drone happy and the other, well you'll see..... Moral of the story is they got paid a lot!



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    Not to belittle them as they are pretty darn good, but if they got paid for these jobs I think there is a very good chance I could get someone to buy ours! Thank you so much for the advice.

    Despite having technically been making content for nearly 10 years, I'm very new to the networking side of it. You guys always such amazing insight! @aladdin4d

  • @TriFlixFilms The first looks good yes but on the other hand it's basically nothing except aerial shots of a few locations. Don't get me wrong aerial shots can be great but again, that's all there is to the whole thing. @Aidin would have made it more interesting

    The second one is better with some better shots but it maintains the miniature timelapse schtick through the whole thing! In the few sections where it isn't doing that you get split screen and kaleidoscope effects?! In other words they are overusing gimmicks instead of relying on good solid work to start with. 

    I'm going to toss in one more this time from Philly. This one is well above the average.for this kind of thing.


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     I know this only partially applies, however I found that it significantly helped my drone photography    Check out the Smithsonian Channel . Aerial America series.    Some of the shots were from a Helicopter, however the majority have that drone look.


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    @Aladdin4d Oh, man, someone really likes their tilt/shift lens... STOP WITH THE STEP PRINTING!

    Man that got annoying 45 seconds in...

    The drone one also wasted a fair amount of time on cloud timelapse. Which is good, I guess, because only St. Louis has clouds? I don't know if that editor went overboard on particle effects, or if the dustiest, most pollen filled days imaginable were used for filming, but I wanted to put on a filter mask.

    TriFlix your stuff was better shot and would be better as a location promo. The first two clips Aladdin linked show editors having too much fun with tricks and not enough clear shots of interesting ground-level locations.

  • @Triem23 The pollen is a toss up depending on when it was filmed ;)

    Everything else you said is dead on IMHO. The second could have been much better with less gimmicks and a tiny bit more effort in getting some quality shots. Just as an example there's the geodesic dome. First thing it's an honest to God R. Buckminster Fuller Climatron dome. Second thing it's part of the Missouri Botanical Gardens and currently houses one of the best collection of orchids in North America. Third thing the rest of the Botanical Gardens provide an almost endless supply of spectacular shots. Did anybody pick up on any of that?

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    Opinion Alert! ;)

    I thought there were some notes to be made with @TriFlixFilms : namely, the bars slowly coming in at the beginning - keyframing error? If not, then Black bars would be nice. Didn't like the plain font (Arial Black?). Not quite enough content for the runtime and it kept revisiting things we'd seen, just from slightly different angles. Those hanging bikes, or carts or whatever they were got old after the third time, but those next two vidoes: Yikes!  You could perhaps make half a good one out of bits from both of them, so as Aladdin4d said: You could get paid for yours.

    The PHL one was pretty good, it just annoyed me that they kept not flying through the hole in the logo. Stop smacking me in the face with the damn thing! They should have filmed more clapping clips, as repeats jumped out as "Oops, forgot to record enough, slap in a repeat, charge the same".

    Aerial can look OK if done creatively, as this very old (in hardware and camera terms: 2 axis gimbal, Phantom 2 and a GoPro 3) one shows. I think this is might actually be a pirated reupload, as the original is missing because the guy who made it got lots of other work from making it and took it off his channel.

  • @Palacono The black bars slowly coming in at the beginning is not unusual for this kind of thing and although I'm sure @TriFlixFilms didn't do it because of a client request it happens more often than you would think. A paying customer gets exactly what they ask for and I've seen me do it several times just for that reason. 

    The font is something that needs to match the city and its character or it's just wrong regardless of whether or not you actually like the font. I haven't spent any time in Columbus, IN other than passing through but I have spent a lot of time in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville (and Terrible Haute, Shhh!) and going by the surrounding areas @TriFlixFilms probably made a good call on this one.

  • Lots of great tips! As far as my personal videos I think you guys recommended a ton of applicable things, Thank you so much! 

    To address a couple things 

    • The fonts are a part of my clients brand and wants it to unified. 
    • The black boarders was my choice, I would have used them for the entire duration but in order for 'TriFlix Films Presents' to be visible they had to come in after. I've seen Smosh, Corridor, and Casey Neistat do it and have always found it to be a neat way to depict the transition to something dramatic.
    • I am not sure what 'hanging bikes, or carts or whatever they were got old after the third time' you're mentioning are, perhaps the iconic 'C' bike stand literally plastered all over our city hahaha. Sorry if they got a bit old, they are unavoidable in this town though... There is a 'C' every 15ft here. This city is obsessed with branding. @palacono ;

    For background: Columbus is a very quaint, family oriented, most highly condensed engineering population in the US. We are the home of Cummins Inc, top 5 architectural cities of the US, and 74th best city to live in the entire country according to CNN. @Aladdin4d @BobDiMarzio @Triem23

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    The bars had to come in late to fit your text? Tail wagging the dog? ;) Slightly larger text could have been more clipped by the frame, which the P already slightly is, and it would have looked less 'accidental' than it does now. Or...made the text smaller? :) I'm sure it's just me, as I have a 1920x1200 monitor, so I always see borders on 1080p , but with another greyish border inside that: it's part of the frame, which is just more visible, which is why I said Black would be nice. :) It also meant you clipped the bottom of the frame on the sign at 2:20. "We have the most Unique .....(we'll never know.... ;) )"

    The hanging bike, cart thing is the sculpture at 1:44, again at 2:15, then back again at 2:29.

    But do note: My opinion isn't worth squat if someone will pay you for it. Actually, it's not worth squat even if they don't. :D

  • @Palacono to be devil's advocate, I've certain seen bars "slide in" in other videos before. It IS a valid artistic choice. Personally, it's not my favorite technique, but, as TriFlix said, he's also seen others do that, and TriFlix DOES find it an effective choice. :-)

  •  OK, I've added bold to my previous post...

  • Ahhh the hanging bikes is actually 'Chaos,' It's a giant mechanical clock the uses giant moving balls to count time through out the day. I agree, I probably should have used less shots hahaha.

    The bars were supposed to be black, not gray. Perhaps my color grade slightly altered it or I miss clicked the parameter. I'll definitely need to make sure I find out the cause before my next video! Thanks for the heads up.


  • For me and me alone: it wasn't so much the number of shots of 'chaos' (although it slightly was) but that it kept coming back to it, as if it was important in some way that I couldn't make out.

    Three shots one after the other of the same thing from different angles, as you did with several other things, works less distractedly. Possibly, maybe, taken with a large pinch of salt. :)

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    VLOGS 002: Building A Bedroom/Office (Part 1)

    I shot a month of vlogs last year and am just getting around to editing them now. Chronologically this is the first vlog in the series... Enjoy :)

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    VLOGS 003: Where it All Began! (Testimonial)

    The day I recorded this was the day I verbally announced my plans with the company. Despite a series of unfortunate event... we will prevail and see our dreams come to fruition. Enjoy :)

  • Thanks for the support, trying to be a positive influence on the viewers :) @spydurhank

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    VLOGS 004: My First Camera

    Incredibly grateful for all the awesome feedback the series is getting. TriFlix Films (Short Films) will be returning soon as well as some tutorials to go along with it :)

  • FILMS: Vote

    I can't do this without you! If you've every enjoyed even one of the videos I've put out, it would mean a lot to me if you would vote for my video. Thanks :)

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     VLOGS 005: First Day Using the NX500

    First day using the NX500 and boy is that lens noisey. Not to mention the autofocus is pretty horrid and yet... I love it. Enjoy!

  •  @TriFlixFilms I typed a long reply to you on your channel but just as I was about to hit post the video auto advanced and I lost it.   The upshot though was the first time you mention the noise in the angle looking up, I think some of that noise there is the ceiling fan above you.  I could be missing what you mean there though. The mic seems especially directionally sensitive.  Now, the second time the auto focus going crazy, one of my el cheapo cameras has that same problem and it's why I have 2 now.

  • @ tddavis Ya know, I bet your right. I didnt even think about that! It seemed the noise was greatly reduced the farther I was from the fan after looking back through the footage.

    However a decent amount of the noise is from the lens because when I use manual lenses its a lot quieter. I plan on having a video out this coming Wednesday on how I recovered it :)

    (Top secret because it will be the start of a new series)

    The clip where I am quiet and tell the viewers to listen is actually the only clip is didn't fix the audio in. So compare that audio to the rest of the video and you can tell the audio correction worked wonders hahaha. Hopefully it'll be useful for others on  the forum, since I know people like Triem said they weren't really 'into vlogs.' I want to be able to make content everyone can enjoy :)

  • Scroll up to "FILMS: Vote"

    The last day to vote is March 18th.

    That is all... thank you :)

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    VLOGS: 006 Trying to Put OSX on a PC [Didn't Fully Work]

    We were able to get OSX on a PC. However, in an effort to get Final Cut Pro on a PC we ran into the issue of not being able to use the full GPU. This was done for testing purposes, do not try this at home.

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