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  • Fridays: S1E6 DIY Light Kit & Boom Arm Under $35 (Part 2)

  • Fix: S1E7 Best Shows, Due Date, and Casting Myself

  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff
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    Just witnessing the rate at which you put these new tutorials up gives me a little bit of anxiety for you (and awe)
    Nice tutorials ("I got a dog!") and interesting thumbnails! :)

  • It is a tricky thing mangaging content uploads, I have seen a trend towards this rapid posting more recently, if you look at the likes of Corridor digital they seem to be pumping out a BTS office style video which is more a montage of daily office life and project update. It's interesting but I wonder what the view stats are. If you have the time and this a business driven move (i.e driving up your numbers and revenue) then go for it, it is just for learning and fun, careful you don't burn out. All that said very impressive work and drive. Good luck.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Careful you don't burn your audience out! Sticking with Corridor, they're flooding with content, but most of it isn't any good, to be blunt. It's detracting from the innovative shorts and useful BTS. The relative rarity of media used to make a Corridor short a must-watch. Not as much mow. 

    Now your channel is more "actual" content, so that's strong. 

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    @KristieT I've stopped uploading these to HitFilm daily because I didn't want to burn out the audience; resorting to everyother day... If you think I should space them out more I can do that:) Again, these videos are from a while ago so all I am doing is sharing them with the forum while I buy time to edit my new videos... I just filled up my 256gb SD for the second time with new content, I really need to start pumping out those videos hahaha. Thank you very much for all of the nice comments :)

    @Andy001z Thank you so much for your support! I will be mindful of my limits and try not to burn out. I however watch the full duration of every Corridor Digital upload. I actually prefer the vlogs to their digital shorts. I suppose its just preference but I think I understand what you mean :) All new videos I produce will be focus on quality content not fast upload times.

    @Triem23 I kind of addresssed your thoughts in my above comments: I will try my best not to burn out and the rapid upload is based on prefence which I like however not everyone does.... so since you guys are the audience. do you think I should space them out more than every other day? Thanks for the input, I always weigh it out and typically end up going with what the audience suggests :)

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    Minor Update: For those that have watched my most recent video, S2E3, apparently I had shot and edited S2E4 two months ago and even exported it but never uploaded it haha. Must have got lost in the migration between my Dad's Mac and the PC I built... it is on YouTube now with a scheduled release of Friday 17th at 5pm CT.



  • Fridays: S1E7 DIY Indie Audio Kit & All About Sound

  • Fix: S1E8 Booms, Schedules, & Best Filmmaking Channels

    (Guys! We just hit 25K views and are so close to 100 subs, Thank You!)

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    Fridays: S1E8 How to Learn from Past Mistakes When Filmmaking

    (The cringe is strong with this one but... its planned ;))

  • Guys! We just 25,000 views and are only 4 away from hitting 100 Subscribers!

    Currently in the middle of editing actual New Content, not just sharing only content on the HF Forums haha,  which will continue until we are all caught up!

    So if you are new to this thread and like the content feel free to hit that sub button because I don't plan on stopping anytime soon :)

    Thanks for Everything!

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    @TriFlixFilms Congrats on nearly making that big number, Ill check I am subscribed (if not I will give myself a stern talking to).

    A few minutes later (Wow I really layed into me) - Subscribed!

  • Thank you very much @Andy001z, Appreciate the support!

    A few minutes later (Wow I really layed into me),"  but I hope it's a good thing XD haha

    Glad you enjoyed it if its good and if its bad, I am always trying to improve :)

  • @TriFlixFilms well all the best quotes our about trying...

    "If you first don't succed try and try again."

    "Failure just makes me stronger" - Actually I think that's mine :)

    Anyway, keep um coming.

  • Tip of The Day:

    Don't forget to work out for 30 minutes while you wait on proxies to be generated! :D

  • Fix: S1E9 Blood Moon & Answering Film Questions

    (Throwback Thursday to when my mom was in a video hahaha)

  • Fridays: S1E9 Laser Fitbit Sketch (Comedy)

    (By far one of my favorite sketches... The tutorial for it will probably be added to the thread tomorrow:))

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    Fix: S1E10 Make Realistic Lazers & Shooting Walls Tutorial

    (Tutorial for making the laser-effect however HF has some awesome presets that would solve this much faster... perhaps I should update this the easier method:))

  • Fix: S1E11 Make Holes & Reach Through Walls Tutorial

    (Just because I couldn't fit it all in one 10 minute tutorial haha)

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    Why YouTube Red?

    (Funny how relevant this video still is, its oddly enough it's NOT cringe worthy... in fact I am still pretty proud of it haha)

  • Drake - Hotline Bling (Official Mario Fireball Vine)     

    and the tutorial

  • Fix: S1E12 Work Flow & The Meaning of Life

  • I'm enjoying the vlogging aspect of your episodes - though your mum isn't going to be too happy with you ;)
    I like that double rainbow made an appearance in there - reminded me to go back and listen to the song remix version!

  • Thanks @KirstieT, my mum gets pretty annoyed with how much I film sometimes, but she still encourages me to keep it up :)

    Glad you liked it though. I am almost finished with my 'TriFlix Returns' episode then I'll begin uploading actual new content, not just rehashing oldies (but goodies) haha.

  • Gaming: Simplest 90 to 100 Guide (Part 1 of 2)

    (My first attempt at a gaming video. Pretty happy with how it turned out and I really liked making that intro)

  • edited July 2016

    Fix: S1E14 Filmmaker's Christmas List

  • My Favorite 2015 Film Riot Moment: Everything

    (In honor of Monday Challenges Return... I think this video is fitting)

  • Fix: Free Filmmaking Assets & 3D Software

  • Thanks for the pointers! 

    Three Youtube channels I like:

    AA VFX




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