What SLR backpack do you guys use when travelling?

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Hello there,

I'm out hunting for my first proper SLR backpack, and I stumbled across this backpack here, on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Case-Logic-Backpack-Protection-Hammock/dp/B002DW99H8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1464283967&sr=8-1&keywords=Case+Logic+SLRC-206

-Laptop pocket
-Customizable inside
-SLR pocket
-Tripod "pocket"
-Water proof

It appears to have everything that I need. However, I thought it wasn't a bad idea to ask you guys, what you're using, to see if I can find a backback that offers these features, but maybe at a lower price. That never hurts, I'm all for price to performance when buying stuff.

If you guys use, or know of any backpacks that fits my criteria, please let me know.



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    @KevinTheFilmmaker - I got an slr backpack a few years ago. It was very similar to the one in the link below......only mine has a grey interior. The compartments are completely modular so you can fit extra lenses nice and snug and mine can also carry a 17" laptop. It also I don't think the one I linked to does though. I wish I could remember where I got it 'cause it was a good deal.


    I didn't see a good interior shot of the one you linked to- not sure if it has moveable compartments but before you purchase, check to see if it's waterproof.

    I'll double check the brand I got when I get home and let you know what it is if you're interested. It also has a place for a water bottle, lots of pockets and a velcro strap for a tripod.

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    Hmmm, I've got a lot to think about. I still prefer the style of the caselogic backpack I originally posted.

    That AmazonBasic backpack's price is mind boggling. I've got a lot to think about. I honestly wouldn't mind spending twice the amount for the style of that caselogic, even if both offer similar features.

    I definitely got a lot to think about!

    @StormyKnight - I'll update my criteria once I get back home in a bit. I want to be more specific so that I don't waste peoples time. Sorry in advance!

    It does, yes


  • If you are going to do any serious distance walking with the pack, I would suggest you look into the Lowepro Trekker line of packs. They are expensive as hell but are pretty badass and distribute a heavy load quite well with quality comfortable hip belt. They also have adjustable shoulder straps if you are a tall fellow like myself.

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    @NormanPCN Nothing too serious, just place the backpack on the ground I guess is the hardest thing it has to endure. I'm 190 cm tall. xD 

    I think that the caselogic is going to be my choice. It looks too good.

    I may want to research straps though, seems like a big deal to a lot of people. 
    I kind of jumped into this blind.

    If you guys don't mind taking a look. What material do I want here: http://www.prisjakt.nu/kategori.php?k=853#rparams=b=s271720678 ?

    Translate to English if you have to. :)

  • If you are not using a hip belt, or the pack does not have one, I would say that straps that are wide and padded enough for the weight you intend to carry should be enough to consider. All straps have a normal adjustment and as a taller fellow you just carry the pack high on your back. In my experience if you adjust the straps to lower the pack then the top part starts to fall away (disconnect) from your back.

    I have a Lowepro Pro Trekker 400. An older model. I tried the 300 since I do not need the 400 size pack. With the upper strap adjustment set to max I still could not get the hip belt right on my hips. If I adjusted the normal/standard strap adjustment to get on my hips then the top of the pack disconnected from my back. So I went with the 400 which was a taller/longer pack simply because I am oversized. Doing the math I've got you by 4cm.

    I also have a smaller backpack. A Lowepro Day trekker. The Pro Trekker 400 is just huge. I have a Toploader zoom 55 for quick access use. I also have accessory attachments for the zoom case.

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    You know... I'm willing to give up looks for comfort. I can't find any backpack that's similar to that caselogic, shame...

    I have one of those bags as well, similar to the Toploader zoom 55, but it came with my Canon 600D. 

    This is a much harder decision to make than I thought it would be. I'll see if I find any backpacks at some store tomorrow. If I don't, then I'm gonna have to rely on recommendations/reviews... :(



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    I'm on a production gig at the moment, but, when I get home, I will look at my bag. It's kind of a "half-backpack," with one shoulder strap and on waist strap, but it holds my body with a lens attached, a second lens, a third lens, my batteries and charger and media and had a little room left over. 

  • I'll probably order that AmazonBasic backpack Aladdin4d posted, and move up in price if it doesn't suit my needs. 

    I was hoping to find a backpack which can take my tripod and slider, but we'll see how well it performs. I'll probably order it in a week or two.

    Thanks guys for the quick replies, camera backpacks are tricky...

  • I am going to echo @NomanPCN I've been using a Lowepro since 1999 and after being around the world , used constantly  in all kinds of weather, it's still as good as new.  Yes it's more pricey.   But it is being used to transport and protect your equipment.......

  • Among the products mentioned on the list, which one is the best?


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