Intro Advice? UPDATE: Finished the Tech Intro


10% Larger spinning butthole with corrected audio.

Let me know if the sizing and audio are improved/spot on:)


I still need to mix the sound a bit more... but visually what you guys think. Please state what device you're viewing it on.



Any tips for my mid-progress intro?

Backstory: So since I make different content on the same channel, the following will change colors based on the content.

  • T
  • Glow
  • Flame Shockwave

Orange in this case will be the vlog content, green, blue, teal, red, are tutorials, short films, ect...

Considerations: Contemplating having the actual name of my company and/or the name of the content type flash up as well.

Goal: Trying to grow my channel this summer and the first 10 seconds are crucial because that's the time frame you have to convince the viewer to watch the full video.



  • Seems good how it is! But I have a few nit picks here and there. Just let the logo sit for a bit longer, speed up the little blocks and decrease the amount of motion blur and add (maybe) a vague background with colour (I mean tinting the black with a bit of the  following colour), yellow is a good choice, because of your logo's colour and because (scientifically proven) it is the first colour registered by the human mind, hopefully resulting in a more engaging and memorable introduction!

    Hope I helped

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    I like it quite a bit, although I doubt - without you telling me - that I would realise that the different colours meant different categories. A popup, slide-in or 'stamp' <clang!> with the category written on it (in a relevant colour, if you like) might be more obvious.

    One possible consideration: size.  On a smartphone, that logo will be about 2cm x 2cm (or less), against a black background, which might not register particularly strongly. Perhaps zooming in (and maybe fading out) and past the 'camera' at the end might cater for both small and large screens?

    Large screens will show the small logo at a 'normal' size to register, phone screens will basically only show it strongly at the end, during  the zoom, so you're covering both ends without having a giant logo right in the face of people with larger screens at the beginning.

    Or something... :)


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Viewing on my phone, logo reafs, Shockwave, not so much. 

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    @Palacano has a good point on size, I would say scale it up by 15-25%, the shockwave looks a bit low-res to me for some strange reason when viewing in 1080p, I believe it is because the chosen sprite is too faded and soft, change it to a solid circle and it will seem much sharper and engaging


    I still need to mix the sound a bit more... but visually what you guys think. Please state what device you're viewing it on.

  • Looks good. I'm not really the one to judge a pro intro, but at the same time, some hollywood movies have the most ridiculous intro's, so don't push yourself too  hard. In my eyes, it's definitely starting to look more professional though, by the "YouTube" standard.

    Viewing on Laptop, Monitor, Phone, Projector


  • Thanks man @KevinTheFilmmaker. When I started out I was heavily inspired by Film Riot, you could probably tell by my old intros haha. Now Corridor Digital is my muse, which this intro I a subtle tribute to.

    The Older intros were far too long 10-24sec. The early stage of this one lacked any text or way to differentiate each episode type.

    I am one that desires to put excellence in all my work, which usually allows me to constantly improve. However, it also leads to a lot of cringing when I look back a how far we've come hahaha :)

  • word popped into my head when watching it: sphincter.

    Now I've said it, you can't unsee it. ;)

    Other than that: an improvement on the original with the "Boooongs" 'borrowed' from EWW, ;) but it's still pretty small.  Watching on 24" monitor in the forum thread, where the video is displayed at 19x11cm and the logo is 2.5cmx1.6cm wide.

    If I go onto YouTube, go to a Corridor Digital video and resize the browser so the video window resizes to 17cm wide, their logo is still proportionally larger at 4cm x4cm.

    Anyway, also mentioned size last time, so won't again.

  • Palacono - now that's all I can see!

    I really like the simplicity of this intro - I think you could possibly make it even more effective without the reverse-explosion *cough* sphincter *cough* Perhaps just having the symbols fly in, flip around and fly back out?
    (watching it on desktop)

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    @TriFlixFilms - I like the logo- simple, short and to the point. Using a Dell Windows 7 desktop @ work with a typical Dell 19" screen. Everything on the logo shows up quite well when viewed ion the forum page or going full screen. I like the idea of using different colors for different types of videos even if you don't put a notation overlay indicating which type it is. As a personal preference, I like bright vibrant colors and that would be my only critique with your logo. The shockwave could be a brighter gold but like I said- that's personal preference. It might just be speculation on my part but if you're going to use different colors for categories etc. brighter colors would get people to notice the difference sooner. Maybe. I like to think I would put it together once I noticed the topic and the color coinciding.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Looked fine on my phone. No real notes other than agreeing things could be a bit larger. 

  • @KirstieT

    That's funny.   I really did not notice that before but once it is seen. ....well, i cannot be unseen.  I agree 100% , removing the  implosion effect would perhaps provide a positive benefit to  the overall message.

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    @Palacono, I actually did increase the size, but I will up it again :)

    @KirstieT, great advice as always, however... I've become quite fond of the sphincter haha. Perhaps I could create an alternate intro with the "symbols flying in, flip around and fly back out." This sound a lot like the intro I made for a gaming video I made and am trying to rebrand from, here's a link to that video (No need to watch the whole thing, just the first 8 sec).

    @StormyKnight I am equally fond of bright colors, however... this orange is actually my company's exact shade of orange. I have the other colors already chosen for the other types and I can assure you... they are vivid :) I will look into the exposion settings and see if I can make it  blend better.

    Thanks @Triem23

    @BobDiMarzio, I guess if at least two people think it would be a good idea I should at least make a sample of it :)

  • You forgot the link to the video you wanted us to look at. :)

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    Thanks @Palacono I updated the post :)

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    Ok my first thought was "Why in the world would @Palacono  be thinking about that??" immediately followed by "I don't really want an answer to that" But now that he's said it.............

    My thought would be make it more like the iris blades of a closing and opening aperture


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    @Aladdin4d As long as the anchor point is the center I could just key frame rotation and add a motion blur to acheive the apature look, right?

    Is there a way to ramp the amount of motion blur on a single effect (shockwave).

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    @TriFlixFilms Yeah start with the simple stuff first and see if it works and you like it. Having said that though I was thinking more of an iris animation and Set Matte when I typed that.

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    10% Larger spinning butthole with corrected audio.

    Let me know if the sizing and audio are improved/spot on:)

  • TriFlixFilms Ooooh, although I think that intro was a little long, the flying in and out version is pretty swanky. Pulls you in just as you start delivering the content. 

    However, I appreciate that you've become attached to the sphincter and so will focus on giving you feedback for the new one!

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    Yep, what KirstieT said about the original (old) intro is spot on. "Hello, how are you, follow me to the fun! Yay!"

    But, the cosmic ummm... gaseous ejection is "better" now it's a bit larger. :D

    If you want audio feedback (Skreeeeeeeeee!!!) not that does feel as though the "tings!" for the twin, ...thingies is a tad late. Although stepping through: the sounds starts when they first stop, which is probably right; but then, because they're bouncing, it feels 'off'. Somehow?

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    Thanks for the input @KirstieT

    @Palacono I will look into syncing the "tings" better this evening :)

    I was requested to make a  tutorial on this intro and will be creating one as soon as I repair the files. Had to open a thread after I ruined the files hahaha.

    Link to "I ruined the Intro":

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    So want the tech intro to look more cubey... is that a word? I want the shockwave particles (which is a preset) to be square or cubes.

    I tried adding the pixelate setting for the Derez (VGHS) effect but that just made it look like a blurred image in news clip no matter how I adjusted the setting... anyone have any suggestions?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Are you aware of how to set up custom particle textures? You can use an image, a video clip or a 3D model as a particle texture, so I'd create a small square image to use, or even build a quick cube in Blender.

    This Simon Jones tutorial isn't really what you're trying to do, but it will show you how to set up a video clip as a particle texture. Since that's the same way you'd set up a custom sprite texture, this should be useful information.

    For 3D models as particles, this tutorial has you covered.

    Also: "Cubic."

  • Thanks @Triem23 watching them and absorbing information as we speak.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    All good. :-)

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    @Triem23 I think I have the concept down now! Thank you very much.

    However I am finding subjectively better looking results than what I had in mind by simply adding an insect or a waves effect with the frequency jacked up. Both offer a very techy vibe if you fiddle with the setting enough ;)

    I do plan on using the particle systems in the future now that I got it down. I'll upload results in a bit for input.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hey, if you found a simple effect that's closer to what you want, that's easier and faster than readjusting your particle settings.

    But, for future use, knowing how to customize your particle textures will open up a lot of new options.

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    @Triem23 It seems very similar to the one in Apple's motion 5 in fact HitFilm in general is nearly identical with the exception:

    • NLE is built in
    • import 3 models
    • mocha tracks

    So back to the topic... intros. I was thinking about making the word "TECH" look for like circuitry as seen in that dropbox link. Of course I'd make mine custom with the go-to Masks! haha

  • Maybe it's just me, but isn't the sound a bit distorted?

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