[ANSWERED] How do you get your free license for HitFilm Express?



  •  Hey! when i try to press that big "Get HitFilm 4 Express free" button, nothing works! when i try to paste this address, still it shows the same page! https://hitfilm.com/express/heads-up#download 

    am using windows 8.1 with 4gb RAM and core i3 help me


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    Do you have javascript enabled? (If you're unsure, try this). What browser are you using? Do you have something like NoScript installed?

  • Hello,

    I'm having issues with trying to start a new file to edit.  So, I launch the program and on the top left I click on "New", which takes me to the "Project Settings" screen.  But when I click on "Start Editing" I get a pop up that says "We're sorry, HitFilm 4 Express encountered a problem and has to exit.  To help us fix this problem, please send the crash report to us."  It then gives the option to send and don't send.  I hit "send" and the program closes, and I've hit "don't send" and it also closes the program.  

    I've uninstalled and re-installed hit4film a few times and keep getting the same message when I try to start editing.  Anyone have any ideas?


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    @ChaSiuBao can you list your system specs? Cpu, Gpu, OS, RAM and storage? Is your machine Dell or Alienware? 

  •  Seriously, it would take less time for someone to add a check to the installer to check the spec of the hardware than it takes everyone to keep asking the same questions, which have the same response (because 9/10 times it is the spec).

     Even if there is some doubt and you don't want any false negatives, a message saying "Your hardware appears to be close to the minimum requirements to run Hitfilm, if it runs, it may not run well" or something would be better than to keep on reading the same questions.

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    @Palacono +1, buddy, +1.

  • I am so confused. I got the demo version of the software. Then I spent 8 hours of my Sunday editing and amazing video. 8 hours!  Then i click export and then export to file. i made an account and after i signed in it told me to enter the serial code. when i go to your page it says " you have not registered any software yet." . What do I do now? please help 

  • My computer not support hitfilm 4 .

    But it support hitfilm 3 so can some one give me hitfilm serial code

  • @shad321 FxHome is no longer distributing licenses for Hitfilm 3 Express. 

  • Why does it say that something went wrong while I try to download the licence ??

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    @Sangeetahazarika75 Server problem. They're working on it. Keep checking the forum for the "It's fixed" message. 

  • @Sangeetahazarika75

    The issue is now resolved, our apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Hi guys,

    I've just signed up and confirmed my email, but I haven't received the email where I can download the software? 

  • Hi @Tevin1717

    According to our information that email should have been delivered, perhaps it's in your Spam folder? It's the one titled "Start creating with HitFilm Express".

  • I did not recive any Activation Dialog, is that normal ?

    And how else could i activate ? (The Activation through the Options doesnt work aswell)

  • @Dj_LERO that's unusual! Can you contact us in Support as we may have to ask for quite a bit of information about your setup and get you to try a few things to diagnose this.

  • Hello guys i have problem when i try to click on the big blue space where says Hitfilm express free,after i click it it does't open i don't have any ad blockers also my java is enabled!HELP!!!!!As far as i know i must click there so it shows me the share things to twitter and so on so i can get my free license,right?If so i have to fix first the click button and why it's not opening!HELP!

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     Im not getting the download or a page change when I press "Get Hitfilm Express free" it stays on the same page even though the link changes to https://hitfilm.com/express/rebellion#download

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    @LucyMayConolly and are you clicking on a Share icon? That's the single hoop to jump through. 

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    Please double-check that javascript is enabled (you can use this site), or if you are using NoScript or a similar plugin, you will need to allow "hitfilm.com" and "googleapis.com".

    If none of that applies, please contact us in Support.


    Sorry for the delay, I missed your message. Please contact us in Support if you haven't resolved the problem already.

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    @DanielGWood just noting for future reference that the registration page requires Javascript enabled. Check! 

  • I have Javascript enabled, I always have and its not letting me still

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    Please contact us in Support, and let us know which browser/OS you're using. We'll need to check whether there are any errors when you click the link, for example.

  • i have same issue as necro activated express 2017 but cannot activate 4 express ...keeps asking for a serial code

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    We are no longer issuing licenses for HitFilm 4 Express, as HitFilm Express 2017 supersedes it. If you already have a registered license for 4 Express, you can continue to use this. Your license (and serial code) will be listed in Your Account if this applies.

  •  I can't find my serial code. I went to the link you sent when I made my account all it popped up was my history and no serial code

  • On my account it says "Software" next to it, it says, "Serial Code". But no code is there. How can I get my serial code?

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