[ANSWERED] How do you get your free license for HitFilm Express?



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    Copied from another thread with a similar subject:

    Sorry you had issues with the install--I think this is why @SimonKJones has been asking where the installer came from, because current versions of the software should ask you to input the email you used to download the installer with every time you open the software, until it's activated. The stated goal of the Hitfilm team is to not have you NEED your serial.

    For those wondering, partial reasons for needing to make an account to install--well, first, you get to post here. We're a cool community. However, other benefits include always being able to find the latest installer on the site and manage your activation. Let's say your PC just fries for whatever reason. You can come on here and register your Hitfilm as deactivated so you can reinstall on the replacement machine. Also, for upgrade paths--you won't see an "upgrade path" listed for Express to Pro because any Express add-ons you buy are discounted from the purchase price of Pro--so, with all the combinations of Add-On packs, there's hundreds, if not thousands of "Upgrade Paths."

    And, then there's the marketing stuff, of course, but FxHome isn't bad about it. Maybe once a year they do a comprehensive survey to get feedback. You'll get new product announcments, and, around Xmas you'll get sales--but it's not like some other sites sending out three ads a day....

  • ohh my... it's shows now in my account the serial code activation. The culprit is my ad-blocker. There's 3 social media  will show up and choose where you want to share it (Facebook, Google+ or twitter) Then the download will appear.  Although the file is still the same but the serial code now appears in my account. Thank you very much for the help. :)

    Note: this should be appearing once you are in this link ( close your ad-blocker)

    then once you clicked the download button there's 3 social media site that you have to choose where you want to share it then download. Then check your account where you can see your serial activation code.

  • I am having  a problem as well.  I downloaded from 


    and installed...then I created an account as requested from the activate pop-up when running the software for the first time...then I tried activating and I need a serial number...and of course do not have one...  The only email I received was to complete registration.  My Account does not say I have any software.

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    If you downloaded straight from that install page you won't have a serial. You need to register for the software here:


    Click the big 'Get HitFilm 4 Express free' banner.

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    Ok...  if you go to the download under support and download then the serial number does not get placed in your account...so I went in the other way with the sharing on social media and started the process to get to the download page again and I did get a serial number in my account.  

    So the process breaks when directly downloading from the support page link...

    It may be helpful for new users if a warning is placed on the support->install page on the web site that the link should not be used for new accounts and then provide the link for new account downloads there as well to prevent us from going astray :-)

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    @Itjost indeed it might! We had that very warning in place for HitFilm 3 Express, but I forgot to update it when we released 4. This has now been remedied, so if somebody finds their way onto that page, they will be instructed in how to claim a serial.

    The activation wizard inside Express should also help here, as one of the options it provides is "Get a free license", aimed at those who somehow circumvented that part of the process.

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    it dosnt show me my serial number up in top right corner why is that

  • @toptfilms in the top right corner of where?

  • absolutely useless. I cannot activate my account because I have no serial code, which I cannot get without activating. Stop telling me this is possible, all you get with the links are information pages about upgrades.

    Uninstall. Another two hours of my life has perished.

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    @pjm624  Sorry to hear you're frustrated but it is absolutely possible. Have you tried the "Get a free license" option in the activation wizard or did you enter account information when you downloaded the software? Are you using any ad block software?

    If your forum account is the same account you entered to download the software then click the Menu button in the upper right corner of the forum and select Account. Your serial code will be listed there. 

  • Well, going through all the serial problem, like the others... and what for? After, finally, get it resolved, to find that this "free" program is missing A LOT of stuff? Why didn't tell us from the first moment? Useless...  I want my wasted time back...

  • @Muse4ever "After, finally, get it resolved, to find that this "free" program is missing A LOT of stuff? Why didn't tell us from the first moment? Useless...  I want my wasted time back..."

    Missing A LOT of stuff compared to what? Hitfilm 4 Pro I assume. Surely you did not expect free software to have nearly everything that the $350 USD software has. Or maybe you expected very specific features, you think mandatory, to exist in the free version.

    The relative features of Express and Pro are listed.


    Good luck on your quest...

  • The vast majority of Express users get a license (and thus serial code) seamlessly as part of the process, and don't even notice it.

    For those who somehow skip "Heads Up" and the other Express landing pages it doesn't work as fluidly, but there various messages directing you back to where you can claim a license/serial code (in the software activation dialog for example). We've also explained the process in black and white on the Forums a few times.

    Express is absolutely free, and as Norman points out, there is a comparison chart available up front

    I'm sorry you feel you wasted your time.

  • I would like  to know if it free to export to the computer. I know you guys keep saying its free but is just downloading the software free and then you have to pay to export the video? 


    My computer has a virus where jQuery doesn't work so I can't download it from the "Heads Up" thing. I'm still waiting for an email with the code.

  • @hypershiftgraphics

    Export is free and not limited. You must make sure your software is activated first though.


    From what I can see you have already claimed an Express license, so you should now be able to activate within the program - just login with your username and password.


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    hi I'm new to the forum and hitfilm4 so sorry if this is a repeated question.  I've searched the forum and tried the solutions but getting nowhere so hoping someone can help.  I downloaded HitFilm4 Express 2 weeks ago.  It's awesome software and I've been using it loads.  Currently in the middle of a project which I try to export and can't. I've successfully exported many projects before today. It says the software is in demo mode and needs to be activated, but I already did activate it.  I follow the steps again. I log in and it says "you have used all your activations" the choice is "deactivate 1 computer" (I only have it on this one) or "register a new serial code".  When I try to register a new serial code which I get sent to my email, the 'activate' button doesn't work, it looks like it's accepted it but it hasn't??? I followed the instructions on this thread and used the serial number [REMOVED BY ADMIN]. Hope u can help, I'd love to keep using the free version but don't know if it will go on after the first 14 days.  Please can you advise? thanks in advance.

  • Hi @hitfilm4elaine and welcome to the Forums!

    From what I can tell you're doing everything right, but for some reason the hardware ID of your computer changed a few days ago, and this is why the program thinks it is no longer activated. Usually this means it's a different computer or some piece of hardware in the computer changed, but occasionally this can happen for other reasons.

    To fix it, reactivate as you were doing, and choose "Deactivate 1 computer". This will tell our system to forget about your previous activation (even though it's the same computer really), so you can activate again.

    There is no time limit on Express, this is just an unfortunate coincidence.

  • Thank you so much Daniel, de-activating my computer worked perfectly. I'm back up and running again.  Very much appreciated! 

  • Hi,

    Can somebody tell me how to re-activate the software.


  • Hi @PranavPRao

    To re-activate your software:

    1. Open the program

    2. If the activate dialog does not appear automatically, you can launch it from Options -> Activation -> button at the bottom

    3. Select Activate

    4. Login with the same email address and password you used when first activating

    If this doesn't work, or you need more help, please let us know what part is going wrong specifically, or contact Support directly.

  • Hello,

    Hitfilm 4 express is not working in my PC as I don't have the requirements to install the software. So, I thought of using hitfilm 3 express. Can somebody guide me how to install it?

  • You can't get a license for HitFilm 3 Express any more, so there's not much point to installing it unless you want to run in demo mode.  Also, it has the same requirements as HitFilm 4 Express.

  • I have the same problem. so is there any fix I've tried all download sites new accounts and every thing. but no serial code, and I don't have an adblocker.

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    1. Fill out this form, if you haven't already. You will be asked to share to social media, then will need to login using your email address and password

    2. Open the email which it sends to you

    3. Click the "Download.." link in the email, even if you already have HitFilm installed. It won't start a download, but it does complete the software registration process

    4. Install HitFilm Express, if you haven't already. There are download links on the page in 3.

    5. Activate Express using the dialog in-program. You should just be able to log in, it won't ask you for a serial code (this is done transparently in the background).

  • i downloaded the software 2 weeks ago , installed it using a temporary account xyz@yopmail.com. but didnt activated it at that moment . now i have edited some stuff and want to export it . it is displaying that i have to activate and i am not able to do so as it needs the serial code which i dont have and the mail id which i used was also temporary as i mantioned above .. what should i do??  

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    @DupinMurge re-download with a not temp address. 

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    @triem23  what about the file which i edited and spent 2 weeks working on that project?

  • Your project files won't go anywhere. You don't even need to uninstall Express, you just need to register a serial with a permanent email address, complete the registration and login.

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