Using hitfilm 3 express effects (with add ons) in Sony Movie Studio 13


Im fairly new in video editing. I recently bought sony movie studio platinum 13 suite, and im wondering is there a chance that i can use hitfilm 3 express plugins  (with payed add ons) inside the program ? I've read that they are in Ofx format , so should i copy them, or show the directory to sony ? I tried by myself copying one free plugin from H3E into sony directory but it hasnt been recognised. Ive read on this forum about sony/hf integration and from what i've read i think its possible ?

Sorry if im messing things up,

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  • Sorry, the effects in Express are only available in Express.

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    To expand on what Norman writes.

    The effects modules in Hitfilm 3 express are written in a proprietary format for the Hitfilm software. These modules cannot be loaded into or used with any other software.

    The "Hitfilm Plug-ins," now called "Hitfilm Ignite" are OpenFX versions of many (but not all) of the effects in Hitfilm--including several that actually aren't in Express. However, Ignite is a separate product that costs $199 (USD). Ignite MIGHT work in Sony Vegas Movie Studio, although the website lists Vegas PRO as the compatible host. I use Vegas Pro, not Vegas Movie Studio, so I can't confirm if Ignite is compatible with Movie Studio.

    As far as Vegas/Hitfilm integration goes--you should be able to right-click a media file in Vegas and send it to Hitfilm for editing. The Hitfilm project will be automatically swapped with the original media. OR, you will be able to load a Hitfilm project on the Vegas timeline as media--in this case it's the EDITOR TIMELINE Vegas is looking at, NOT Composite Shots.

    Now--the Vegas integration is kind of "broken." This is the fault of Sony who haven't bothered to do an update with the two or three lines of code changed that would fix the problem. Hitfilm user @Palacono has a workaround to solve the issue. It's not endorsed by FxHome, but it does work and will not have an adverse effect on your system--it's just a couple of extra things to take care of... I'm sure he'll be along shortly with those steps--by now I assume Palacono has that typed up as a text file to cut/paste.

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    Yes, the Ignite add ons will work with Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 suite, as do the previous plugins that came with Hitfilm 3 Pro. 

    Conversely, the plugins that come with SMS13 that appear in Hitfilm as available effects, New Blue for Sony Vegas, probably won't work. I have some free/starter pack plugins that came with SMS12 and SMS13 and they either just produce a blank screen, or they have a watermark as they realise they're running in the "wrong program". Fully licenced ones would probably work fine. Not really a problem in either case as they work perfectly well in both SMS13 or SMS12.

    But, as @Triem23 says: you can easily use Hitfilm 3 Express with SMS13 and then have access to the free plugins within it - as well as all the built-in 3D manipulation stuff -, and any extra add on packs that you buy for Hitfilm 3 Express later.  Any project you create in Hitfilm 3 Express you can basically drag into Sony Movie Studio 13 as if it was a video and it'll just work right on the SMS13 timeline as it calls HF3E to deal with everything it needs from it. You can then add more effects, titles, text etc. in SMS13 on top of that 'video' as normal.

    The only thing is: you can't use Hitfilm's proxy files in SMS13, so if you've added a lot of layers to your comps in Hitfilm and that clip is running a bit slowly in SMS, use the SMS13 Tools> Selectively Prerender Video option - Sony's version of proxy files - to get the speed up.

    I'm not sure that Sony can be accused of  having broken anything, or a renaming of a single file and a folder - that Hitfilm provide during installation - wouldn't be able to make the integration work, but it does.

    Not going to post the method here, but you can PM me for the instructions.

    The other day, I had a message that someone had "sent a message to my wall" on the forum. What was that? I replied to them but can't find that anywhere because that reply has the cut'n'paste instructions for the method. I'll have to write it from scratch now. ;)

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    @Palacono Click your own name. You'll be taken to an "Activity" page, aka "Your wall."

    You have this message waiting from Apr. 7 "

    Hi can you explain to me, how do you integrate Sony movie studio 13 with hitfilm3 express to compose? "

    In the Hitfilm 2 version of the Forum, new posts on users Activity pages actually showed up in the main forum, which made the Activity page very useful, indeed. These days it's a mostly forgotten option.

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    @Triem23 Ah, that was the one I'd replied to.

    So it appears I replied to a thread, not a message and although @Bazz 's request is visible the response isn't?  Well, the instructions are all there, so here's the link to that then.

    Sony Movie Studio and Hitfilm Express Integration

    I may have said it before, but this forum software is weirdy weird weird. The only advantage is that there are no banner ads.

  • Thank You all for Your replies, i've been sick for awhile and couldn't respond.

    So, to sum it up, i can:

    1) Buy Hitfilm ignite

    2) Do stuff in HF then render and import it into Sony Vegas ( I assume there will be little to zero quality loss for beginner expectations)

    3) Do the trick described by Palacono to integrate SMS 13 And HF3E.

    Thank You for clearing that up!

  • @lordfakir, now you have HF4E to play with. :)

    You still might want to get some of those Add On packs for anything that you needed that is in Ignite.

  • cant access hitfilm express in sony vegas pro 17

  • @dvidian3 Known issue, logged internally. Should be fixed in next "major update" according to devs. 

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