How to Merge Slices?


I am a newbie here. I learned how to slice the video clip(with the Slice tool or ctrl+shift+d). Now that they are into many slices, I want to know how to merge(or undo) the slices into a consecutive one.


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    If you are in the Editor, just slide them together and/or add a transition from Transitions - Video.

    If you are using Composites , they remain that way to allow you to have different layers with different effects on each section.

    Maybe if you explain what you are doing, why, and in what part of Hitfilm, you can get some more specific answers.

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    What I'd like to do it do some action on the slices altogether. If they are split into many pieces, I have to apply it multiple times. However, if combined together, I can just do it once. For instance, audio level-up.

  • You should check the tutorials, there is a great section for editing and first steps.  

  • You don't have to merge back adjacent pieces of a clip you cut ("sliced"). Let's say you have something like this on your timeline, after you sliced clip B twice:

    [clip A].[Clip B1].[Clip B2].[Clip B3].[Clip C]

    Remove all pieces of clip B but one. For example, remove B2 and B3.

    [clip A].[Clip B1].........................................[Clip C]

    Then, drag the end of B1 until you reach the beginning of Clip C and there you are, with a restored clip B.

    [clip A].[---------Clip B1-----------------].[Clip C]

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