Sound is desynced / off in exported file

I used H264 as export-format, because the other options left me with a way to big file.

But after 3 reallysatisfying projects, the sound is now off by 1 second in every video I make! It ranges from 3-minute videos to 9 minutes. Sometimes just the first 2 minutes, sometimes its the whole video. Can someone explain to me why this is happening?

 Any solutions?


  • I don't know how to solve this, but what may help speed up this process would be if you listed what program you use, and what the codec and container you use for the files you edit. :)

  • Thanks for the fast reply! :-)

    Using Hitfilm 3 Express.

    I tried different containers.

    Source-Material is MP4.

    width 1980

    height 1080

    Audio AAC 320 (can't change the Codec, don't know why)

    For Export I tried multiple ways.

    Tried H.264 and .avi.

    With 192 Kbps and 320.


    The last and most recent File had the audio just fine

    but the last 2 Minutes part was out of sync!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Double check that the framerates of your media, project and export are the same. In the Project tab there's a drop down for Frame Rate in the Video section. In the Export Tab (assuming mp4) there is also a frame rate toggle in the Video section. Media in the media pool can have it's framerate checked by right clicking in the media pool and selecting "properties."

    If these numbers don't match, you're going to get drift. Yes, there's a difference between 30 and 29.97--about one frame of drift every ten seconds. There's a difference between 24 and 23.98--again, one frame every ten seconds.

    Additionally, what's your source footage? If it's a screen recording from a game or footage shot on a phone, the chances are your footage is varable frame rate, which Hitfilm doesn't like, and will cause audio drift on export. The solution for Variable Frame Rate footage is to transcode to Constant Frame Rate.

    This tutorial from Simon Jones shows how to use the (free) software "Handbrake" to conform VFR to CFR footage.

    And at the end of THIS tutorial Simon shows optimized settings for mp4 editing in Hitfilm


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