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Does HitFilm Express have the ability to open the audio track and reduce noise or boost gain?




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    Afraid not.  You need a dedicated audio utility to do noise reduction.

    The free version of Audacity will do some decent noise reduction plus other filters and options etc.:

  •  You can increase the levels of an audio track, but audio noise reduction isn't in the free Express version.

    On the Editor timeline, each audio file will have a horizontal white line running through it. You can drag that line up or down to adjust the volume, or select the clip and use the slider in the Controls panel to adjust it. If you are in a composite shot, then you need to use the controls panel option.

  • Is audio noise reduction available in the Pro version?

  • You can read about Noise Reduction and other Audio Effects in the Manual.

  • Specific Page for Audio Noise Reducation:


    Does HFP Noise Reduction work better than audacity?

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    @TriFlixFilms If anybody has done direct comparison tests they haven't posted any results that I know of. Going beyond that my guess is for straight noise reduction it should be fairly comparable to Audacity's Noise Removal because they both use the same technique but with Audacity you get a lot more tools like compression, something HitFilm is sadly lacking, to help improve your audio quality. 

    If you need better noise reduction than that then the Gold Standard is  Izotope Rx  which starts @ $349.00 and goes up to $1499.00. It's pricey but even the standard version can do some cleanup that borders on witchcraft and the editor is spectral so if there's a specific sound you want to remove like a thump or a car horn you just locate it on the display, draw a mask around it and Poof! it's gone. There is a plugin pack   available for $129 but it doesn't have anywhere near the features and it has issues with many hosts like Audacity that don't implement buffer delay compensation for plugins. These plugins employ buffering  for "look ahead" real-time processing. You end up with a spot of silence at the beginning of a selection and the end gets trimmed by an equal amount so you need to add silence to the end of the selection first, run the effect and then trim the silence at the beginning. 

    On the cheaper side but still very good is  Acon Digital's Restoration Suite   for $99. As just plugins they have the same issues in Audacity as the Izotope Rx plugins but for $119 you get the premium version of their editor, Acoustica  bundled with the Restoration Suite. Acoustica is a very good editor for the money

  • @Aladdin4d Thanks, you always post such helpful information. Should I ever get that money saved up... perhaps the witchcraft software is in my future :)

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