Andy001z Creations and stuff - Updated 12th Nov 2019 (Probing a wormhole)



  • That is pretty cool. :)

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     So I've been working on something 100% generating in Hitfilm Pro. A Space worm hole kind of thing. Trying to make it a bit more than just a 30 second look at this it's pretty. But that is taking time. The image linked is draft, I have some issue with 3d camera framing.

  •  @Andy001z It looks good so far!

  • Whoa! Very cool.

  •  @FilmSensei and @Spydurhank thanks, work in progress. But what I am pleased about it working in 3d space I am able to make the camera work for me. I want to share what I have, but I think Ill just get it a bit better first. Its amazing what you can built from a simple light flare.

  •  I think it looks great. Looks a bit icey/glassy. Not sure if it needs to be a little more transparent but...

  • @DafterThings, thanks actually that image is a bit out of date now. I have reworked it. Hopefully the new one will look a bit better.

  • So vfx is done, and editing of video is done, just sounds design to go.

  •  Ok maybe I was being to hasty, yes I could out the vid online. But I know it can be better. So for once I'm holding off.

  •  Spent an hour on this, I know its not fully polished but wanted to see what could be done quick and dirty in Hitfilm Express 13.1 with no add ons, plus it was fun.

    Check out


  • So, I am finally ready to let the community see what I have been playing with the last month. Seems a long time given its not that long. But I wanted to put something together and I realised I like play with with effects generated within Hitfilm, so let me take you on a journey into SPACE

  • Very cool. :)

  • @Andy001z Very cool! Just curious, Did you make the crepuscular rays on the end titles using HitFilm Pro's Light Rays effect, Auto Volumetrics effect, or did you simply duplicate the title and use a Zoom Blur? I think it is the Auto Volumetrics effect.

  • @FilmSensei you where right with the Auto Volumetrics effect, nice and simple, and with a keyframe to move from left to right, made it come alive.

  • @Andy001z ; Very nice.  I also liked your previous Terminator revisit as well.  

  • @Andy001z That's what I thought... It looks gorgeous!

  • @Tddavis thanks, that Terminator was a bit of a see what I can do in an hour play. It's amazing what you can do once you have a bit of knowledge and don't have to watch a youtube tutorial twice to work something out :)

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    Tagging @EricMatyas check out my video with your music. Great track dude.

  • Thinking of sharing some tips on how I made the wormhole.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    NIce work!

  • @Triem23 cheers, means a lot from you. still getting the hang of some bits, but things are starting to fall into place. Sure I look at it and think, hmm the transition to green worm hole could be better and maybe the console window is a bit flat. But I only have so much time and if I don't post now, it will just sit around.

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