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  • @GrayMotion it's not that I would not love to do it, its just with so low hits on my channel the amount of effort and time it takes to produce means I kinda wanna feel it's worth it. When I get time in front of Hitfilm I mostly enjoy playing and seeing what I can do. That all said, a tutorial by me has been a long time overdue, maybe because so many others are doing a great job.

  • Yep I vote yes! Please. Now that I ditched my old rusty laptop and using my newer one on a regular basis and can actually run Hitfilm again I am all about learning from the great ones. 

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    "its just with so low hits on my channel the amount of effort and time it takes to produce means I kinda wanna feel it's worth it"

    Andy if it's about what you love and just plain working with Hitfilm then don't worry about views. Do what you like to do....and reward yourself by posting your work for others to see. You don't need thousands of views to be noticed....if 10 other people see your work then great! If no-one come...not a loss. You're doing what you love and you're sharing what YOU think is great. That's all that matters.

    Short story....I made this video 7 years ago. It's terrible and I sound like a dork at 50 years old . I um and ah my way through the thing, I sound like a snake and I didn't really come across to professional considering the industry I'm in but I was able to help a few...which was my goal. Wasn't about was about showing people that are clueless about the software at least something they could understand. I have not looked in on the video in a years it seems...28k views....not bad for a dork video..but's not about the's about what you can show others that may be useful to them.

    A side note - Backward looking  - I should really do another video on the software. One that really digs into the software...sending OTDR data to a customer with the software and saying good luck viewing the traces is kinda "shitty" on my part :-)

    Rock on sir!!

  • I appreciate very much the time and work it takes on tuts dude so thank you. 

  • Ok I'll try and find the time, now how the heck did I do that effect. 

  • I vote for a tutorial. :)

  • "Ok I'll try and find the time, now how the heck did I do that effect." LOL @Andy001z I am sure you will figure it out. :) Happy accidents are sometimes a good thing.

  • I already asked on YouTube. :)

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     Vote also. That's five!

  •  So, been a while since I put something on here. Anyway in the spirit of a recent Tweet by Hitfilm to just out and experiment with Hitfilm I did just that last evening. I spend about 2hrs in the end but came up with something.

    I started playing with the lightening effect but ended up going a different direction and blended several effects to make a dark title that might be used for a end of days kind of short. Anyway here it is, its only 14seconds so please take a look.

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    That's moody as heck. Nice one! 

  • Thanks it needs tweaking but happy for a play session.

  •  @Andy001z ; Very interesting and the sound is a really nice choice, too.

  •  The sound is the same sound just reversed. Thanks glad you liked.

  • Little Bump for those that might have missed this post on the weekend.

  • So I had one of my play sessions in Hitfilm tonight and came up with a nice little effect for a medical heart rate monitor. The line is just a mask so can be made into what every shape or flat line you want.

  • Oh wow, that is pretty slick. All Hitfilm yeah? Tut pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease? :)

  • @Andy001z ; Wow!  I cannot even begin to fathom how you did that in Hitfilm.  I agree with spydurhank, I would love to see a tutorial.

  • A heart monitor is one of the very first effects that I wanted to do way back in 2008, I never got very far so this would be very cool as a Hitfilm tut how he got his particular look for this shot. 

    You could comp this into a live shot of a black screen with reflections and it would look fantastic. :)

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    Oh snap, that is magical. Thanks, lots of videos for me to catch up on. Thank you @JavertValbarr . :)


    EDIT: Yup that was everything anyone could ever want, very good stuff there. :)

    I remember trying that by hand with the neon engine in Visionlab a long time ago. :)

  • Thanks guys, Yep all Hitfilm. @javertvalbarr haha fastest tut request response ever, i will have to watch that one and see if we did it the same way. If not I'll share.

  • @Andy001z

    I appreciate any kind of positive interaction. I've been around the forums since 2008 and this is the first time that @JavertValbarr has made any time for me so thank you for that and for the fastest response time in like... ever. :)

    I would still like to see how you took his idea and what changes you made to suit your own style. :)

  •  Thanks @Spydurhank I had a watch of @Javertvalbarr tutorial, and we did use the same core effect, however I didn't do some things he did but did others. I want to revisit it because I wanted it to have a blip that was a core glow, I kinda got it working but in the final stages of render I dropped the opacity which killed that part of the effect.

  • No problem, @Andy001z , I was very interested in the vignette type thing, not sure how to describe it, it is a very smooth and subtle gradient but it sorta pops out at me, very cool. :)

  • @JavertValbarr ; Now that you bring it up to remind me, I had totally forgotten watching that tutorial when you did it.  I told the doctor at my annual that I had noticed a slight shift in my memory...maybe it's worse than I thought!

  • @Spydurhank yep that be the Vignette effect. I think what makes it pop is the fact that I dropped the opacity of the grid down to 14%.

  • Cool, I  like it. :)

  • @Spydurhank check out the new version. Got that lead glow I wanted working. Duplicated the layer and upped the opacity on the lead line blip.

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