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    Yeah, a bezier warp, or maybe a bulge should  do it. Just haven't tried yet. 

    Cast lighting would be roto work of some roughly feathered masks on the areas lit and your choice of grading tools to brighten and tint. 

  • @Triem23 maybe I will bung one on my test to see what it does. And cast lighting of course masks, silly me. Now when am I going to find time to test this, let me see arrhh yes 4am looks free!!

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    Community, an update to my first attempt. I spent another two hours and added;

    - Mask with Brightness and Colour Wheel to add some background light reflection

    - Hitfilm Debris effect (for impact on wall)

    - Change the spares texture to something more beam falloff of like.

    - Made the beam shut off rather than reduce, more true to the beam being shut down.

    - Added a new flare for strike on the wall and a spot flare for the burn on the wall and residue heat when the beam is shutdown.

    - Smoke added to add to the burning of the wall and have this linger and fade after beam has been shit down.

    - Reduced the opacity of the main beam to make it more like the original.

    - Added in black top and bottom border to hide debris fall off frame.

    - Added a grade with a shake effect to kick in when the beam starts to sell the shot.

    Wow that was a fair bit.

    Its not perfect and I would like to add a frame with wall damage. Comments always welcome you nice nice people.

  • Wall damage sounds like a good idea - and a little more random movement, as the proton beam is unpredictable. 
    However, what you've already done with it looks great!

  • @KirstieT thanks, yeah @Triem23 and I were talking about that in an earlier post, I might try tweaking the settings. I am just amazed that I can produce such a nice little effect with not to much hard work (4 hrs), on my little old home computer that is 7 years old.

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    BTW, there's a new burn mark preset on Inscape's Preset marketplace built off the Rody tutorial.

    For cast light, go back to the old standby--grade layer over BG, feathered mask for spill area and color grading tools of your choice for brightness and a little color.

    Working on my own proton stream. Still needs work.

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    @Triem23 I saw the preset, but figured got to learn so I would try out my ideas first. The cast light I pretty much did that word for word (maybe it's not enough).

    Cool I am sure it will be particle-uly cool. ;)

  • Man, I'm enjoying these proton streams!

  • I know, makes me want to shout "WE GOT ONE!!!" - sorry not seen the new movie yet.

    My next step is to try and overlay this on a cut from the film as a movie rather than a still and put the wall damage in place. And I think it needs way more smoke.

    Oh well, another late night at some point.

  • So I was messing around in Hitfilm Pro 4 and wanted to create something for a channel or film splash ident, thingy. Anyway, here is what I came up with.

  • Hmmm.... well, it's nice enough...but to show the level of VFX you might (presumably) expect to learn from the channel, shouldn't the ident have a few more in it?

    Also, should the centre of the 'A' be filled in like that? Looks a bit weird.

  • Very Nice!

  • Great work in progress, I don't know if you remember when I was creating my intros but... I think I went through 20 revisions and every time the forum users were nice and gave feedback (no matter how miniscule the changes were).

    So just @ me when you make changes and I'll be sure to reciprocate the advise given to me :)

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    I like the simplicity of the concept. It works. As Palacono points out, the "A" being filled looks a bit odd. I know that's a glitch in the font, since I've had that happen myself. Maybe if the text is an embedded comp you can fix that with a mask? 


  • Cheers guys, @Palacono had that very same thought when I wokeup just now, more it needs more VFX!!! :)

    Yes that found it odd, a mask will fix it alright. 

  • I like it.  I also agree that the A should be masked.

  • Morning all, well I had a play over the weekend, I masked the A easy job, thanks for that spot and suggestion. I am not going to share anything just yet I might put together a series of them on a single vid to see which I like best. Anyway, have a fun VFX week everyone.

  • Morning,

    oh boy did it get late last evening, technically I posted my Holloween VFX short today because it was gone midnight, but I wanted it up as close to Holloween as possible. So it's done. It's not perfect but it's done!!

    While spending a day at the Welsh National Botanic Gardens (great place for shots) I spotted the statue used in the video with a pumpkin. It's a nice looking statue so I thought bingo little VFX magic is needed here and so I present to you:

  • Very nicely done. :)

  • @Andy001z  Nice!  You did a great job with eye and steam effects.

    Dragons, I love 'em.  You say that's a statue at a botanical garden?  Beautiful.

  • @Palacono oh shucks thanks.... @tddavis yes in South Wales (UK) there is a statue on the lawn outside one of the buildings, nicely carved and just looks like its sleeping, hence my idea to bring it to life, the pumkin was just a bonus. The orginal footage was shot around mid afternoon, and so I am pretty pleased with the night time grade that I have applied. I would love to put up a HowImade vid, but time is so short, I'll see.

    Oh and to take it one step further I did consider having a glow effect on the mody before the eye opens to give it a kind of magic effect, but well I ran out of time.

  • Nicely Done!

  • Hi all, so a little tiny teaser of something I am working on.

  • nice


  • And another little teaser...

    Not sure I am going to hit the deadline, what with family, Christmas shopping, cards and all that jazz. Anyway, Ill try.


  •  @Andy001z  Looks very good! What I submitted pales (in fact has become invisible) in comparison.

  • Thanks @Graymotion and @tddavis some parts are starting to look good, but there is a massive hill still to climb to get over the back of the whole piece, I've got sound to finish polishing, more sound that needs to be found for simple things (i.e screen blipping on, ship hum, stuff that you don't hear but do hear, if you know what I mean.)

    Anyway, its late, I've got a cold (man flu) and work in the morning. SIGH!

  •  Nice going Andy. Will be waiting for the final result

  • Oh, @Andy001z , I love that sleeping Halloween dragon.  Great stuff.

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