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  • @Andy001z Looking good those videos and effects. Only bad thing is that I want a beer now, after that 'Fancy a pint?' video :D 

    I have been 4 months without beer, that didn't make it any easier :P

    But what comes to the videos, keep up the good work!

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    Thanks @StormyKnight I think so to. Was just a little play to see what I could do with some of the things I've learnt recently.

    Opps sorry @Rivetech maybe I can knock together a cool refreshing water advert style thingy.

  • @Andy001z relax :D It's ok! But if you do make one, I'll be sure to check it out!

  • So a little X-wing render test, wanted to see how the whole 3d Model thing worked in Hitfilm Pro 4 and boy did I have to learn a few new things, but thanks to some create tutorials and the community I got something like I wanted. It needs work but my VFX time is all but used up for the next few nights. I want to add flares to the engines but having issues with the position tracking. I tried using the light leak like suggested in one of Simons vids but this just produced odd lighting colours on my model.

    Anyway it should be here

  • Anyone care to comment on my my X-wings rear end is a bit to Episode 1 VFX style (i.e. White and new looking). Maybe it's the pack Normal.jpg ? I want to make it look more part of the scene and not stuck on? I added a cloud effect ontop of the model layer to blend it in, and I turned on motion blur (not that I seem to see much). Any other tips please?

  • Because you're focusing on lighting, I'd say that you'd be better off sticking to a brief shot of the 3D model rather than something prolonged. For instance, from about 0:11 to 0:15, the jet moves smoothly and realistically, so clipping that and then working on getting the lighting really great there would be my first instinct. 

    Also, moving the camera itself is a nice trick to play with the scene and make it easier on yourself when trying to achieve realistic 3D model movement, as it draws the eye and plays with your perspective. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    How are your lights set up? 

    It looks to me like a "High Noon" scene with the sun overhead, but the fighter seems lit from above and behind. 

    I would stick a directional light (Sun) above the X-Wing looking down, sample a color from a highlight of a cloud and  set intensity to about 75%. Make sure Cast Shadows is on, and sample a shadow color from the darkest parts of cloud. 

    I would duplicate Sun (making Ground Bounce), move it below the X-Wing pointing up, sample a color off the ground and set it's intensity to about 10 or 15. The color of this light might be something you would keyframe as the X-Wing moves through clouds, going from ground to cloud shadow colors. Cast Shadows is OFF for this light. 

    Then a third, Ambient light at around 5-10% with a color sampled from the horizon. 

    This will match the light's colors and positions to the footage. 

    Now, the footage itself was shot from a vehicle that's banking. It looks like a tedious track, so I think I would parent Sun and Bounce to a central point and wobble the point on the Z-axis to match the movement of the footage. 

    Add a little Light Wrap, using the footage as the Source and blend set to Lighten. 

    I will disagree with @KirstieT about moving the 3D camera since the footage has a moving camera. I think it would be easy to mismatch the movement... Unless you want to track--but that really looks like a tedious shot to track, since you'll have to keep grabbing different clouds as they pass. Not impossible (and you only need to track scale, position and rotation), and not even difficult. Just tedious. If you DO track, then don't animate the lights.

    Take a look at the keyframes for your X-Wing wobble. You should either be using a smooth interpolation or the value graph for this type of back and forth motion. Right now changes in direction feel abrupt. 

    For some grunge, take the Diffuse maps into a paint program and paint in dirt. Save as a duplicate and relink to this new texture in the Materials for the model. You'll need to click the cog/gear icon attached to the model in the Media panel to do this--not the layer's Material properties. 

    While you're in Materials check diffuse/specular colors for each material. Anything that's white, change the a mid grey. Trust me, a grey diffuse color will always look better than white in Hitfilm. Also, for an X-wing I think I would make the shading mode Cook Torrance, and set Roughness to about 25. Give all the metal Diffuse and Specular Reflectivity of 1-2% (everything in nature reflects a bit) and Specular REFLECTANCE to about 5. For glass, reflectivity at about 25-50, reflectance at 100 and opacity as about 10.

    Back in the model layer's material properties make certain cast/receive shadows and ambient occlusion are on as well as receive reflections. Assign the footage layer as an environment map. 

    Final notes: a directional light can be tricky to set up. Think of a directional light as an infinite plane casting parallel beams along a specific angle. If it helps to visualize this, create a 3D plane and parent it to the light. Create a point (Light Target)  and leave it at 0, 0, 0 for now, then use auto alignment to aim the plane at Light Target. As you move the light or Light Target you'll be able to see which way it's aiming, since the light "comes from" the front face of the plane. Once you've gotten that set up, copy the position of the Target point into the Target property of the light. 

    If you use a point light for this the light angle will change unrealistically as the X-Wing moves. A directional light acts like a Sun, or like a big-ass bounce off the ground. The ambient light is behaving like light scattered through atmospheric haze. 

    I think that covers it. We talked model rigging in that other thread. 

  • @Kirste the movement of the Xwing is something I too was not too happy with, I exterminted with smooth interpolation which is what Triem23 suggested in his repsonse but I don't think its on every move. I certainly will revisit this. My aim really is to get a model looking good and well lit, the next part will be making it look good in the scene.

    @Triem23 thanks for the detailed response (your burn your keyboard out). I will certainly have a look at your comments and play with the directional light. I did take a look at it in this shot but think I found it tricky to shy'd away back to the point light.

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    @Andy001z - Stop the x-wing vid at one second and look at the right wing. You'll need to adjust for the wing being cropped. Not exactly sure how to do that though without seeing the project itself. Could it be the environment map or an off center comp??

  • What about a slight blur added to the's a little crisp right now.


  • Thanks for the replys, @StormyKnight good spot, I think I may have moved the layer above which is then clipping the model.

    @PaulHesh, Blur (slaps head) yep forgot that, always helps.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Before adding a blur effect, check if motion blur is on for the model layer. 

  • @Triem23 I though I had turned it on for each layer, on watching an older video from a Hitfilm Ultimate build I noticed there was a Motion Blue toggle for the whole composite button, but I think HP4 does not have this? or maybe that is why nothing has M.Blur applied.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    It's possible that we're not seeing blur because the X-Wing really isn't moving that fast in-frame, too. 

  • @Triem23 yes that is more than likely. So much to test so little time!!!

  • Hey people, I saw a cool tutorial by Wren over at Corridor Digital, and I thought, I can do this in Hitfilm, so bring it on and here is my first ever Particle Simulator effect :

  • @Andy001z So Sexy! Throw a logo in there and it could easily be someone video intro :) Saw the tutorial pop in my feed but haven't had time to watch it. Consider submitting it to that Digital Scape thread for presets.

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    Yup--Wren did a good tutorial there. What was nice is how Wren went into some of the math or concepts behind the Particular controls, which most tutorials makers don't do. Particular does some things differently from Hitfilm, mind you, but a good tutorial, indeed!

    Pretty good looking embers at your end. Looks like you're still using the default texture? I'd say up your speed a bit and change your texture to "sparks streak" and turn off "billboard," but turn on "align to motion" in the particle properties. Make sure motion blur for the layer is on. Maybe a bit more brightness.

    You have a good movement pattern going there, which was the important part. Now you can just twiddle settings and play under you get it from pretty good to WOW, which shouldn't take too long.

    Welcome to the particle sim... It's big and confusing in there, but it's also one of the most powerful and fun features in Hitfilm!

    Your next mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch this tutorial (Which is really about the Fire effect, but Simon also went into embers a bit), then explore the Layer emitter in the particle sim and make a burning logo.

  • As an engineer, "What was nice is how Wren went into some of the math or concepts behind the Particular controls, which most tutorials makers don't do." This is why I love Wren, he speaks my language haha. His channel had been dormant for a long time, happy he's up with tutorials again :)

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    @TriFlixFilms Well, Wren's been busy with Corridor Digital. it's not he hasn't been doing tutorials, they just haven't been on HIS channel!.

    Although when Wren gets the time to do an "Epictorial," he does get more in-depth than his Corridor tuts.

    Also, I just noticed you're "TRIFLIX," and I've been typing "TRIXFLIX" forever...  D'oh! You'd think as a fellow user of a "Tri" prefix I wouldn't have made that mistake. ;-)

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    @Triem23 Yeah, I mentioned it a couple times. Corridor Digital/Sam & Niko are my favorite channels and I follow em religiously haha. Also Wren is so active on twitter I love it. 

    I've noticed the Trix thing, but it doesn't bother me, names are just label. Judge me by my character :)

    But if you are curious it's pronounced 'Try · Flicks · Films'

    The 'Tri' or the three areas I focus on are Entertainment, Education, and Inspiration.

    *Herd Cats back to Topic* Sorry @Andy001z

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    @TriFlixFilms I'm a little dyslexic as well. I kept calling KirstieT KRIStie T for months.

    I prefer to get names right. if nothing else, I want you to SEE when I tag you. ;-)

    I figured it was "TRY-Flicks," But I like what your "Tri" stands for. ;-) Mine is "TRY-em" Visual, which is just a reference to me. Michael M. Miller (and it just took me three tries to type "Michael," not "Micheal..." A bit dyslexic, dammit!).

    Andy's been here long enough to be used to digression. Speaking of digressions, man, "Finding Dory," was good....


  • Thanks guys for you feedback. @Triem23 yes I did use the stock texture, I might give that other one a go. The one thing that I really struggled to make work like Wren did is the fading of the life of the ember. So bright to start with and fading out at the end of its life. I have a feeling it's a setting in the Lifetime tab but not sure. Anyway I am pleased with what I managed in a short space of time, and proved that Hitfilm certainly can toe to toe with AE. I am sure more experienced user like yourself could push this even further.

    @Triflixfilms oh you make me blush, thanks.

    As Wren goes I think hes a likeable intelligent chap who sometimes gets way excited / stressed out, but he seems to always pull that cat out of the bag.


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    Andy, your brain almost grasped the truth, now it's time for your heart to follow....

    You're right--anything you see in a "Life over Time" graph in Particular is in the Lifetime Panel in the Particle sim. Basically, instead of having the LoT graph as a dropdown in the particle system it's moved to another panel, which, depending on your workflow, is a lot faster to work with when you really get into multiple adjustments.

    To improve this you might consider adjusting Alpha, Scale and Speed.

    Alpha is your opacity, so that's your fadeout.

    Scale... I dunno, if you want the embers to "shrink" as they fade?

    Speed... Well, Hitfilm doesn't have the "Air Resistance" physics of Particular. But, by slowing the particle over it's life you can kind of get  the look of wind resistance slowing the embers, since the turbulence will keep the motion going.

    I'll talk you through a few of the controls.

    First, for Lifetime to be active, you must have a particle system selected, not an emitter, force, etc. Just to get the obvious out of the way. ;-)

    Ok, let's look at Alpha. You'll see a gray bar, and a type dropdown set to OFF. Setting this dropdown to "Random" means particles spawn with a random value from the gradient we'll get to below. "Gradient" is an Alpha over Life tab. Once these are selected, the grey bar will turn white. The white box in below center is a single key. clicking on this bar creates more keys. Each key can be set to it's own luma--Black is transparent, white is opaque.

    Color is exactly the same, except the keys are full RGB, not grayscale.

    Color and Alpha OVERRIDE settings in base controls.

    Next, let's look at Scale: Scale gives you a blue bar with a gray field under it and two keys.Clicking a key tells you where in the particle life you are, and scale gives you the scale of the particle in percentage of it's current value .Clicking on the line creates more keys that can either be dragged or input numerically. Keys default as "corners." Right clicking a key changes it to "smooth" with bezier handles.

    All other Lifetime graphs operate the same way as Scale.

    All these bezier graphs are MULTIPLIERS of settings in base controls.

    I think you should figure everything out from that. :-)

  • @Triem23 (Light bulb moment) - Thanks to quote a well known song "I can see clearly now the clouds have gone!". I will try and get some time this week to have another bash, but the kids want their tree house built.

    Also I am hoping that this new settings adjustment will make the length of the motion blur embers look shorter.

    One of the most tricky things I found was getting the embers to look hot enough and playing with the Hue and stuff helps, I had to layer a numer of effects to get the end result I wanted. Last night I think I cracked the glow effect, which at first seemed to do nothing, but careful tweaking and duplicating the effect made it better.

    Thanks agin.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    To shorten the motion blur you'll need to adjust the motion blur setting in the Composite Shot Properties "Advanced" Tab. That's a Cog/Gear Icon left right under the editing tools icons.

    With the Glows--yeah, you'll usually want two. notice Wren used two, and if you ever see Simon or Axel do glows, they'll usually do two as well. The first Glow in the chain is the more spread, diffuse glow and the second glow is the hot, tight inner glow.

  • @Triem23 so I spent a little time last evening having a look at some of your suggestions and the other relevant tutorials. And while I understood some of the settings better the results just seemed to nudge it further and further away from what I wanted. It is very interesting how something as simple as changing the texture can radically change the end result. Moving to that sparks texture made my effect look like colourful flowers blooming (cool but not wanted). I weaked the glows and stuff and got it better but still not in my opinon as good as my first attempt. I think it's time to put this aside and try a new one.

  • Ghostbusters effect (July 16)

    So, yesterday I was online reading some of the reviews for the new Ghostbuster movie (mostly warmish) and I got to thinking I wonder if I can re-create the classic Proton Pack Stream in Hitfilm. I figured I could use the lightening effect as a base effect and build up from there. Well at 10pm last evening I started work (stupid stupid time to start!) and ended up with something that I think is acceptable first draft. Sure the sparks on the wall are not right, and there needs to be some more smoke and light flashes. Also I think the timing of the sound effect and stream, starting up is off, but it was midnight guys!! and my 1 yr old has a habit of needing me in the night. So take a look, let me know what you think.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Like you said, that's a good first draft. :-)

    Take a look on the Hitfilm Preset Market at someone else posted a proton stream template that's probably also built by layering up lightning.

    Check out this old Rodypolis tutorial on lightsaber burn marks. This can be adapted for any kind of wall damage. You'll find it useful.

    (Note: I've adapted this Rody technique to use a particle emitter firing the beam AND firing mobile emitters that become wall damage when they die. Aim this rig at a deflector set to kill particles and you have a procedural beam and damage linked together. I think I have a particle preset in this thread to show what I'm talking about. Hitfilm 3 Pro and up:

    Now I've thought about trying a proton stream myself, but what's held me back is that the streams in the original film seem to have some mass. Particularly in the Sedgewick Hotel where there's a lot of firing at an upwards angle, only to have the beam arc and impact at a lower level. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around a way to control that arcing with the lightning effect, because it really does seem like that's the go-to for this look.

  • @Triem, thanks for that, I have that Rody tut in my VFX list, and I think that would be the next steps if I take this forward. On the subject of the arc, I agree that is a challenge, had you considered using a WARP effect to bulge out the effect in the middle, might this give it look?

    In the original film look, the stream was more see though, I think I might need to drop the opacity of the effect a bit and then add it to the media of the hallway. It also projected a light cast out around it, which I could not seem to do. Maybe a third stream to do this?

    I might check out the existing pre-set but as I said this was more about what could I do in Hitfilm.

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