Can't install presets [Resolved]

I downloaded HitFilm and the Star Wars presets back in December when they we're free.  I tried to put the presets into the program but it didn't work.  I recently got a new computer and thought it might work on it but again I couldn't put it into the program. Any help?



  • How are you putting it into HitFilm?

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    I looked up how to do it and it told me to go to the effects panel and then right click and then click on import presets.  I did all this and when I went to choose the preset to import it wouldn't let me choose one.

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    Give a link to your presets .hfpr file you are trying to import and I will test them.

    What works for me, I right click on "presets" at bottom of Effects and locate the .hfpr file.

    And try this preset file and tell me if this works?  Read the "Read Me.PDF" File in the zip file and follow the instructions.

    Here is a direct link:

  • I will try the lens flare preset but how can I give you the link to the .hfp file?

  • I tried the lens flare and it said "One or more presets failed to import"

  • If you're talking about the HitFilm 3 Express Special Edition you shouldn't have to install anything extra. The free effects are locked to the activation email so if you entered the same email in the fresh install you should already have them,

    To check, start a new project and click the Effects tab. In the search box where it says "Search in Effects" enter "light" without the quotes. You should see the list shorten to Hue, Saturation and Lightness under Color Correction, Lightsword and Lightning entries under Generate and Light Wrap under Keying. The Lightsword and Lightning effects are the free Star Wars effects

  • Found them!!! Thanks for the help!!

  • Sorry I misunderstood :(  Was just trying to help.

  • Yeremyah - Don't ever be sorry for trying to help, it's great to see you trying to help out others. Keep it up!

  • Thank you Ady :)


  • Now I'm also having trouble with my presets. I downloaded the ember flurry, hologram, and Zack Snyder color grades from Inscape Digital, and when I import them it says one or more presets failed to import.

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    @Fulcrum2016 what version of Hitfilm are you running. If 4 Express, what Add-on packs have you purchased?

    (Also, which Hologram? There are two)

    Ember Flurry requires Hitfilm PRO 3, 4 or 2017. Zach Snyder Color Grade requires Hitfilm PRO 2017. Ledermartin's Hologram look requires Hitfilm PRO 4 or 2017.

    Orange triangular icons indicate compatible with Hitfilm 4 Express. Purple triangular icons require Hitfilm 3 or 4 Pro. The rainbow triangle icon requiress Hitfilm Pro 2017. A green "A" icon on an orange triangle means one or more add-on packs for Hitfilm Express is required (Ember Flurry is mis-labeled. It's Pro-only).

    My guess is you're an Express user who downloaded presets for PRO.

  • Ah ok.

    If it helps, it's the Star Wars one.

    Is there any alternative for Hologram (assuming it doesn't work) or Ember Flurry?

  • *OK, so it doesn't work. 

    Then how would I do Ember Flurry and the Hologram effects?

  • Uh stat update,

    No  matter what presets I import, it still says 'One or more presets failed to import.'

  • Unless it's already under the preset bar.

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     @Fulcrum2016 a lot of the presets on the marketplace aren't preset files as such.

    Check the file type. Hfp files are Hitfilm projects and open either as project files or via Import Composite Shot. Hfcs files are Composite Shots and import via Import Composite Shot. Hfpr files are Presets and import via Import Preset. 

    My presets on there are all project files. 

  • @Fulcrum2016 Watch the video at the top of the page.

  • Mmhmm, but what I'm saying is that even the ones that work keep displaying the error messages.

  • Ah, on second thought, not.

    Now no matter what preset I import, except for the ones already under the preset bar, it says one or more presets failed to import.

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    @Fulcrum2016 Which presets are you downloading and which version of the software are you running? Presets with a Pro badge (Purple Triangle) and no Express badge (Orange Triangle), will not open in Express. If a preset has a green "A" badge, then it requires one or more Express add-ons if you don't have the required add-ons, the preset will not import. 

    Javert personally opens and checks each submitted preset before he puts it on the Marketplace they do work. 

  • No that isn't it. Any preset, regardless of whether it's Javert's or not won't work.

  • I use HF4 Express

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    Same issue...
    1. Also, why 3D slide show from preset market doesn't get uploaded into HF 4 Express? 
    2. Why it prints only some letters of Cyrillic font and jumps out of text input when I try to enter others? 
    3. I used proxy for videos learning the product, but when I decided to change project it stack for about an hour on "Waiting on proxy tasks to cancel...". So I gave up and interrupted HF4E by window task manager...

  • @AndreyDeryabin How are you trying to import the preset?

  • 3D slide show start working but proxying doesn't help to speed up the performance. Proxied video plays well and proxied slides are playing with jumps...
    I more concerned about my question #2...

  • I'm having a hard time adding a picture to presets. When I upload a regular image to wrap around a sphere to create a planet, the picture that I chose as  JPG isn't a choice under the presets, even when I added the photo into the preset folder.

    How do I turn photos that I took into those preset file types?

    Thanks so much! :-)

  • Any Presets I download from Inscape digital and import into Hitfilm  Express2017 it says one or more files failed to import

  • @Gameboy_LH ;How are you trying to import the preset, and which one is it?

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    I am getting the same result that  is getting and I have Hitfilm4Express

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