HitFilm3Express Crash and unsaved Project deleted.

Hello HitFilm Devs,

Recently my HitFilm program  crashed from an unknown issue and a small window popped and said :"HitFilm has crashed". I can't remember what else was written but all of my project wasn't saved and I lost all of it... And I was nearly at the end. I suggest to put unsaved projects in some sort of "waiting" folder where projects that were stopped in a middle of work or were closed for any reason because it can get really bad when there crashes.

I hope you read this, PLEASE FIX THIS!   


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    OfficiallyPsychoPath - Sorry you lost your Project, HitFilm does have an Auto Save option which is On by default. The default time between each Auto Save is 10 minutes, although this can be adjusted to any time you wish, even as low as every minute.

    Unless you have turned this option Off, after the error you should have been instructed that an 'Unsaved Project has been detected' when you restarted HitFilm. You will then be prompted to save this Unsaved Project, therefore recovering any work you may have lost due to the error. If you pressed cancel, then the Project will be lost I'm afraid.

    Even with this kind of procedure in place, it is always good to backup any work you wouldn't like to lose.

  • I want to thank you HitFilm for good foresight, because one of my projects crashed, first one ever, yet when I reloaded HitFilm, it give an option to recover, for that I am thankful :)

  • Hello, I recently downloaded your software and put several hours into a project. At one point it froze, and eventually crashed. When I got back on it said that hitfilm has noticed an unsaved project needed to be recovered, upon clicking yes it just brought me to my documents and I had no idea what to do. I went into hitfilm and checked my auto save folders but they were empty. I eventually clicked cance and now my project is gone. Is there any way to recover it?

  • It's been a while since I had a recovery dialog pop up, but I believe the file browser you see is a save dialog, not a load dialog.  HitFilm is offering to save the recovered project as a separate file, and is letting you choose where to put it and what to name it.  Have you tried restarting HitFilm to see if it finds the unsaved project again?

  • Yeah, I could be clearer when it does this. In other software (Vegas) the project is loaded and you are prompted to save it, but if you say no - because you might want to make a change before you save it - the project is still there, just as it was before it crashed. Hitfilm deciding that "No" means "Discard" is probably leading to a lot of a gnashing teeth.

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    I have been using this software for a while now but today while I was editing this entire software just crashed and I lost everything. What I don't understand is that when I went back it said that I had a project and asked if I wanted to continue working on it. At this point, I was happy because just like nearly every other editing software it was impossible to lose an unsaved project due to power outage or crash. I clicked yes and it took me to file explorer to open up my file. This made me laugh for a bit. Why would you bring me to my file explorer even though I didn't save it? I'm pretty sure if I saved it I would know how to open it. Bottom line, DO NOT USE THIS TO EDIT HEAVY STUFF BECAUSE IT WILL CRASH CONSTANTLY. I was editing a short 3-minute clip and it crashes. Friggin pathetic. I wasn't mad about losing my project, I was mad knowing that I would not be able to use this software to edit nothing and I would have to find something better. An extraordinary editing software and it's ruined all by one major issue. For anyone who says "um well maybe your computer can't handle editing like this" no my pc has 8gb of ram and an octa-core processor that runs at 3.5GHz. Pretty sad though. If they fix this in the future I'll think about coming back.

  • @Secowe you might not like what I'm about to say, but, honestly, most of the the time, when someone says something like "I know it's not my awesome computer," it often is. You list an "octa core" processor and 8GB of RAM. If you are running Windows 10, 8GB is minimum recommended spec from Microsoft JUST FOR THE OS. 8GB isn't a lot. The octa-core processor isn't as useful for Hitfilm as you'd think, since Hitfilm rendering is about the GPU. What GPU do you have?

    Oh, and after a crash Hitfilm opens the File Explorer to SAVE the recovered file, not to open a project. Laughing about that was the wrong call. 

    Now, the standard questions. What's the actual CPU model, your GPU, OS and storage. Are GPU drivers current? What Antivirus are you running? The majority of users run Hitfilm without constant crashing, so there probably is something odd going on with your machine. Support would be the best choice for this. 

  • I feel I should also bring up the importance of transcoding, a topic that gets talked about a LOT in these forums, and yet still not enough to get everyone's attention.  I used to not transcode anything, and like you, @Secowe, I experienced numerous crashes and file-recovery operations. Once I began heeding the recommendations to transcode footage before editing, I haven't had a single crashing problem.  Not one, and nothing else changed about my OS or hardware specs.  Watch and apply the content of this video that @Triem23 made on the subject, and I have a hunch things will change for you.


  • What it does after a crash is...sub-optimally helpful.

    It recovers the file ("Yay!"), then if you don't save it immediately  - "Oops, it crashed, I'll just remove that last effect and make a minor change in case that happens again, then save it, so 'no thanks'. WTH! It's deleted it all!?" -  you're in for some... disappointment. :(

    Honestly, as it crashed because...reasons, the least it can do is not throw the recovered file away if you don't save it right away. If I really want to start from nothing, then I'll hit 'New'. :)


  • We know that this project recovery isn't ideal at the moment but this is what we had since HitFilm 1 came out, it still hasn't been updated. As a few of you have pointed out, this whole process could be improved a lot and we will try to do this in the future. It is in our rather long todo list but it never hurts to remind us of something that should really be added to HitFilm ;)

    Thanks everyone for your feedback

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