THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    @Andersen01498 "Auto rename text layer would be nice for if you are doing kinetic typography"

    @CleverTagline "I can definitely see that helping a lot in that instance."

    @ManuelSenfft "I just thought that the initial idea for "auto layer renaming" would only affect the creation and not the copy

    Here's a suggestion: Instead of just F2 or RightClick> Rename on a Text Layer, something like SHIFT-F2 or Right Click > Auto Rename would automatically set the Text layer's name to the text contents - limited to nnn letters long to stop it getting unweildy.

    Not difficult to implement and caters for everyone with barely any overhead in the creation of the layer.

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    +1 to manual controls over transitions!!!

  •  Walcome back @Palacono, haven't seen you around here for a long while.

    I'll 1+ to that. 

  • Pan behind(anchor point tool)  This is so needed AE has this...from the day when I started Hitfilm pro this feature was lacking.  It is driving me nuts that I have to manually move the anchor point!!!!.  Please incorporate more hotkeys for position, feather, opacity and etc.   The U keyboard shortcut was a good start please add more. 

  • I have asked this many times...Please add Adobe Illustrator and PSD file compatibility.    Recently I have been using After Effects because of this.    It is a pain to draw shapes using the mask tool in Hitfilm Pro.  It is not very efficient.  

  • Speaking of pre-renders, I would love to see an option to save pre-renders to the working folder where the project file is. This would be great for moving the project to another computer and would keep the pre-renders from getting bloated. Thanks

  • I second the suggestion for pre-renders to be saved in the project file folder.

  • Also, an option to use proxies for editing would be nice.

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    I +3.14 a pre-render by project folder while acknowledging that's a potentially difficult change. 

    @GordonCato The devs have said a proxy system is in the development list, but I have no idea where that sits in priority or when it might be completed, but I look forward to it! 

  • @Triem23 I am glad to hear that. I currently have both Hitfilm Pro and Premiere. If we could get the proxy feature added, I would have no problem dumping Premiere. I prefer the interface and workflow in Hitfilm. 

  • Please add a pick whip option....AE has this and it is so nice to pick whip certain parameters ...this is so helpful when you don't want to parent things

  • Camera Behaviors(s)

    Use a behavior to animate the camera along a path to position it in front of a selected layer. 

    • Control how the layer fits into the frame at the ending position,  control the shape of the path to affect the amount of bend or curvature, as well as the apex of such a curved path. 
      • Ability to create a custom framing size and shape, and to visually adjust the framing offset and offset path apex parameters.
    • Allow customized controls for the camera’s orientation along a path, the speed at which it travels, and at what point it begins orienting towards the target object. 


    Additional behaviors - Focus, Sweep, Zoom In/Out, Zoom Layer, Dolly

  • It would be really nice to be able to pull up the effects panel, by just using a shortcut. I mean the green effects button you can find under layer properties.

  • Make the video playback less sensitive to clicks, scrolling, and audio adjusting to that it doesn't pause everytime one of these things happen.

  • + 1 bazillion to that @marg589689

  • +100000000000000000 to that @marg589689 ; I don't know why that was ever a thing.  TBH that was a stupid engineering choice.  It definitely slows you down.  

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Yesss, and same goes for the ram preview thing


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