THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • Please get rid of the splash screen....yes there are workarounds but that's annoying.  In a perfect world, no one knows the exact time.  After Effects has some tools that Hitfilm seriously lacks.  There are workarounds but once again who wants to do a 3 step workaround then doing it in 1 step.    

  • Please fix the Camera and the lights in Hitfilm pro.   Real-world units will help. 

  • Just some quick offtopic: I think you could have put all your posts into a single post so that we other do not a new mail for every thought you might have! (=

  • @ManuelSenfft Yes I could have but FX Home have said in the past they prefer the topics in different posts :) 

  • Ah, I see. Thanks for the info! (=

  • @ManuelSenfft "but you still had to rename the layer anyway in your situation, right?"

    To go from "New Text" to "Title," yes, I have to rename the layer.  However, like I said before, if I'm copying/reusing that comp and changing the text for that layer in each copy, I don't want the layer name to change from "Title" to the actual text. I would prefer that it stay as "Title." However, not all projects are the same, and there are some cases where I name my layers to match the actual text, which is why I said that there are certain cases where auto-renaming the layer would be useful, and others where it wouldn't. 

  • @Clever Tagline Auto rename text layer would be nice for if you are doing kinetic typography 

  • @CleverTagline "changing the text for that layer in each copy, I don't want the layer name to change from "Title" to the actual text"

    I fully understand. I just thought that the initial idea for "auto layer renaming" would only affect the creation and not the copy.

  • @Andersen01498 "Auto rename text layer would be nice for if you are doing kinetic typography"

    I can definitely see that helping a lot in that instance.

    @ManuelSenfft "I just thought that the initial idea for "auto layer renaming" would only affect the creation and not the copy."

    Based on how I read the request, any change to a text layer would automatically echo in the layer's name. That would apply whether that layer was an original or a copy, no?

    And for clarity, I was originally referring to copying the entire comp, not just the text layer. Often I'll build a title comp with specific design and/or animation features, and want to keep that same style across several other instances in a project, so I'll duplicate the comp and change the text. In those cases, I often prefer to keep the layer names generic. Having the layer name change as I tweak the text would get kind of annoying, at least for that scenario.

    In the end, I can see definite pros and cons to the idea. If it's implemented, it would be nice to give the user a toggle in the settings to turn it on/off as desired.

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    +1 to media dependency tree (or any other way to know where the media is used). I miss this function so much!

  • Increase the video exporting speed would be great, I'm using a 3900x and RTX 2060, but when exporting videos it only utilized 30% of their usage, and exporting the same sequence in Adobe Premiere only takes a quarter of how long it would take in Hitfilm express 14.

    I've posted this issue on tech support , the Ticket ID is :  AQF-865937

  • Being able to snap text boxes to borders and some sort of way to change the size of text boxes with precision without changing the scale of the text itself.

  • I couldn't find the font for the timecode in the text options. Could you guys add that, please?

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    @archer14 Hitfilm uses the fonts installed into your Windows font folder.  I don't believe any specifically come with Hitfilm.  Could be wrong...

  • It would be really nice to have a way to differentiate which plane is which according to your layer colors. I am talking about in 3d space you see all the planes with white lines....that can get really messy if you don't know which layer is which.  

  • @Andersen01498 am I right in think you mean similar to how the masks can have different colors?

  • really hope we have the option to disable AA, dislike the bluryness after exporting a video

  • Definitely want to write python code to generate my Hitfilm projects and effects.  I would upgrade immediately upon this functionality being added.

  • The one thing that I think needs to be changed is when you create a composite shot from a video linked to some audio which isn't its own (e.g. video from a camera and audio from an external microphone), it always defaults to making a composite shot from the audio instead of the video which is easily worked around by unlinking, making the shot, then re-linking, but it's pretty frustrating. I think the default should be changed to video.

  • Add Track nudging. im tired of using the slide tool to make fine adjustments. 

  • Add the Iphone HEVC support please

  • Grade layers as well as sending multiple clips from the editor timeline to a composite shot!

  • Grouping layers in composite shoots will be the great feature

    I do a lot of work combining and layering lots of still images (for example for animatics) and my composite shoots layers them and to apply the same effect to the group. Of course, I can make new composite shoot for each group... but it is not so flexible as we can not edit one composite shoot and preview another.


  • @Borkia yes we 100% need this feature. I don't feel like compositing right now is the most efficient way it could be

  • I would want to see multiple editor timelines because I work on a lot of documentaries and it would make the process go smoother.

  •  +1 on multiple timelines....nested timelines are absolutely needed!!!

  •  1+ more to that

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    Okay this is an easy one for FXHome.   People who use a tablet, Wacom or other, have a major problem when doing any sort of numerical adjustments because the data rate of a pen & tablet is much greater than a mouse scroll wheel.

    Can you add a setup option for a "data-slowdown" switch so numerical entry from a pen & tablet behaves like a mouse & scroll wheel? 

    This is the only program behavior I'd say is broken and needs an immediate fix.  Currently the only option is to have a mouse right next to the tablet for tweaking numerics for effects.   Now, it's grab-the-pen, move an object, then grab-the-mouse and adjust the numerics -- and back & forth.    Clumsy -- yet easily fixed.

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    I am looking for an option to have manual control over transision duration - for example, I would like to manually set a duration of "fade to color" inside controls panel or maybe right mouse click - not just to drag it. Was working with kdenlive and olive editor, with both of them is very easy. Thank you.

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