THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • Hello, I am still using After Effects CS6 and Premiere CS6. But I have been watching hit film for many years and would like to use it with Vegas Pro later this year. But I still lack the form levels (Shape Layer) in Hitfilm. It would be nice if this was added so that the detours via distortion filters in combination with masks or vector graphics from other programs can be saved. In addition, the possible shapes and masks should be extended to stars, triangles, etc. .....
    It would also be nice if the complete trapcode suite could be used in hit film. I use that quite often. In addition, layer styles like After Effects such as drop shadows and more would be very helpful. In any case, I think it's great that there is an alternative for After Effects, and I'm looking forward to further development.

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    Something I've desperately wanted to see since way back in 2016, is a setting to generate Anamorphic (vertically stretched) bokeh.
    Please devs, do consider people who use Anamorphic lenses, since we cannot match the look of our HitFilm work up to our Anamorphic footage (which features vertically stretched bokeh) without it.  Anamorphic footage has a very different look to it due to the bokeh being stretched vertically.


    This strikes me as something that should be included as part of one of the lens effected packages.  Blender has the perfect implementation of this; you simply adjust a slider that allows you to specify how vertically stretched the bokeh is, no messing around what so ever.  It works perfect and I desperately would love to see this in HitFilm since the program is completely useless to me without it (since there's no way to match the look of real anamorphic footage).

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    @GlowingQuantum writes:

    Is there a possibility to get a smart resample effect in Hitfilm.
    I've been using Hitfilm for a long time, but I always have to render my clips in
    Sony Vegas than move it to hitfilm just for the smart resample. The motion blur
    in Hitfilm doesn't work with what i'm trying to do.

    What I do is record Minecraft videos in 360fps, to give it a smooth effect/ motion blur effect, and render it in 60fps, I don't want to buy Hitfilm pro and have to buy RSMB too.

    Here's where I talk about WHAT smart resample is actually doing.

    Smart Resample is a Vegas setting that pays attention to the fps of the media and the fps of the timeline. If they match, no problem. 

    If the media fps is higher than the project fps then Vegas uses frame blending to keep information from frames being dropped. 

    If the media fps is slower than the project fps frame blending is used to interpolate new frames. 

    So, to translate this into more relevant terminology for the dev team, GlowingQuantum is really asking for frame blending to go along with things like the Speed effect or Rate Stretch tool. 

    Since @TheBenNorris has said across a few forum threads that you guys intend on changing Hitfilm's speed change tools, read this as a "+2" for frame blending. One for GlowingQuantum one for me. 

  • I would love to be able to use hitfilm to do all my basic editing as well as special effects.  At this point I just come in to Hitfilm to do some special effects stuff and then go back to Vegas to do basic time my editing.

    One of the things that would be great is if I could open multiple hitfilm projects at the same time. I use this function in Vegas to nest items (such as Different items like Lower thirds) and sometimes I even build small project segments,  scene by scene outside of my main Vegas timeline and then import Them to my main time line. It's Kind of like having several composite shots in hitfilm editor timelines.   The major advantage of Vegas pro is I am able to have my main project timeline open and then have other smaller elements opened at the same time so once they're on my time line in my main project and if I notice something that needs to be changed about these smaller projects that are being imported into the main timeline, I can just go to that segment, fix it and then it will update on the main timeline and I can keep moving.   Vegas pro also has a great feature that would allow you to even right click on one of the smaller  Imported segments and click a button that will Cause that project to open up in a separate Vegas project window and let me edit it and save it independent of my main timeline.

     This is really great for speed, flexibility but also it keeps my main time line much cleaner and simple.


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    @markluck which version of Vegas are you on? There's integration between Hitfilm and Vegas that's somewhat version dependant, but, if you drag a Hutfilm project file on the Vegas timeline the Hitfilm Editor Timeline should show up as media in Vegas. If everything is optimal you should be able to right click video objects in Vegas and immediately send them to Hitfilm. Same with any Hitfilm projects on the timeline. 

  • @triem23 I'm using Vegas pro 15 and I'm using Hitfilm pro 14.  I do remember when I was on some older version of Hitfilm Express I had the ability to open a file in hitfilm from inside Vegas but when I upgraded  my computer and upgrade to Hitilm pro the ability to right click on a timeline object  And open it in Hitfilm disappeared.   It really was the best of both worlds but I don't know how to get that Link back and now I just go back-and-forth between hit film and Vegas. I just open Hitfilm create a video clip and then all I can do render it to get it into Vegas pro.



  • Currently, if you export a video with a preset that does not match the project's framerate the exported video does not adjust the framerate properly. For example, exporting a 60fps project with a 30fps preset results in a video file with the metadata stating it's 30fps when in reality it still has all of the frames of the 60fps video, making it play at half speed and have desynced audio.

    Since export presets are made to be a convenience to quickly export a video in a different resolution/format/compression than the project, logic would follow that the framerate should be included in these available adjustments.

    In short, my wishlist item is:

    • Export presets adjust the framerate of the exported file without needing to change project settings
  • Can we have the ability to separate the letters instead of having to type one letter at a time?  AE has this feature 

  • I'm working with animating a large number of images at the moment in a Composite.

    I have all their property trees open to reveal Transform -> Position.

    This means for every image I have to scroll through Masks, Effects, Transform (and all its sub-properties), Behaviours. It's lots of redundant information.

    It would be amazing if their was a selection dropdown to say "View for all -> Transform -> Position only". This would then allow me to just view the one required property on a row below each asset and manipulate the position of all the assets without getting confused by all the additional properties I currently have to scroll through.

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    @johndhuk ; That's the existing search box you can find in the Controls Panel, Media Panel, Effects list, and at the top of the Layer/Track Stack. Try going to the search bar above the Layer Stack - it actually says "Search in Timeline" - hovering your mouse pointer will bring up a tool tip with the boolean operators. For what you describe, try typing in "Transform + Position." Should be exactly what you want.

  • I'm requesting most needed features that we're following in our current pipeline for VFX/CG.

    1. Import/Export options for DPX files.

    2. Multi-layer EXR support and to extract each passes.

    3. Cryptomatte support.


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    Certainly a +1000 on multi-channel EXR support! 

  •  +1 from little old me on that multi-pass EXR as well!  I dont use them now, but do droll over the capability of z depth data in layers for easier compositing. :)

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    speedup Video (effect/temporal/speed) with audio with keyframe. now the speed-effect attempt only video, the audio remains  orginal-speed

  • option to disable MSAA setting completely

  • Adding Light Theme to Hitfilm Pro

    It's actually available in Express only.  Strange!

  •  1+ to light theme in pro

  • Hitfilm crew, I would love to see an actual audio mixing workspace where audio effects could be added directly onto a track rather than individual clips themselves. Reverb would be a really cool feature that Hitfilm would benefit from and I don't mean the room audio fx or cathedral fx, but a full-fledged reverb effect. Grade layers directly onto the editor timeline would be really cool too rather than having to go to a composite shot. Love the software guys so keep up the great work! 

  • If I might comment the audio-wishlist a bit (sorry, if this might not be wanted here; but the fiorst post said something about "discussion"; so I hope it's the correct place :) ):

    As a professional composer I would recommend to use other tools for other areas. Hitfilm is clearly a tool for visuals to me - and it does a great job so far (loved it after a few days already, even compared to other products!). Still: in my opinion it should stay like that and develope in the visual area only. I am mainly talking about: VST support, stereo swap, MIDI sequencing and reverb or other effects at all. These things should be done in another tool (like Reaper, which is my main DAW).

    So why am I writing this? As long as Hitfilm does not become a piece of music software so that I would "lose" the new-found piece of visual software I am having with it right now (hehe), one could say it should not matter to me, which is totally correct. My intention is mainly this: I want to help and show of another perspective. It might look promising and exciting to have "everything you need in just one piece of software". Reaper (my music and sound software) can also edit videos a bit, but not closely on the level, other tools can. And there is my point: according to my experience a certain kind of software is mainly developed by people with (at least in the beginning) a clear vision and area (in that case audio or visual). Reaper = audio; means that when it comes to cutting and editing videos, it gets so ultra complicated and not-intuitive. Same for Hitfilm = visuals; means that when it comes to editing audio it clearly is not meant to do complex audio editing and mixing. When it comes to audio there is more than just "putting audio tracks together and putting some effects on them". I do not want to say that it is 100% impossible in Reaper to do some videos stuff and 100% impossible in Hitfilm to do some audio stuff.

    What I want to say: if you need a proper audio work space, search another tool for it. You will reach your goal much faster and easier than hoping for tools to meld into each other. That's at least my experience over the last .... ~15 years or so.

    Besides that, I little side note, how I work: obviously I split audio and visuals. I do everything related to audio in Reaper and export the project as an audio file I then import in Hitfilm and cut / animate to the audio. Sometimes I jump between the tools and export a new audio maybe, but in the end there is only one audio track (and file!) in my whole Hitfilm project. Of course: this might not be everyones workflow-wish, but at least I can have a much better overview over all the elements and I know how to edit certain parts better, since both pieces of software are specialised in their area. (-;

    I hope I could inspire some of you people, who want more audio features in Hitfilm, ... hopefulyl at least a bit.

  • I would like the ability to add punctuation and hyphens for image sequences preset because certain software requires them in order to read them properly.  

  • When I click open the options for a layer in a composite shot, I want to immediately have Transform be the only set of options that are visisble, and the twirly triangle should already be open to show Opacity, Anchor Point, Position, etc.

    The horizontal place-holder lines for Masks, Effects and Behaviors can be hidden until you add a Mask, Effect or a Behavior.  Since we don't add them from the composite shot work area anyway,  it makes no sense that they appear as place-holders.

    An example of this UI paradigm is Gmail.  Options and buttons are modal.  They're not "always there and greyed out".  They only appear if they can be used.

    In Hitfilm you can clean up the interface by removing the lines for Masks, Effects and Behaviors until they are needed.  

  • @Davlon

    Since we don't add them from the composite shot work area anyway, 

    I can't  speak for others, but adding effects and masks is my main go-to in a Composite shot.  But I do see having Transorms already open as usual but in addition to not in place of masks and effects.

  • Are there videos available which explain each Express Addon and show them in action?

    I know I can try them in Hitfilm, with a watermark until I buy.   That's a good start, but ideally the Addon store would have a video for each addon instead of just a text description.  Seeing is understanding, and, you know, this is video software.

    If this already exists somewhere, please feel free to clue me in.   Thanks!

  • It would be nice to have  text update as you type.  If you type apple on the screen the text layer should say apple [text] instead of saying text layer 

  • Would it be possible to add an 'advice popup' when a user tries to import VFR media? Perhaps with a link to a description or tutorial? I think there must be almost one post a day on the forum asking for help with poor playback of smartphone clips.

    Maybe there would also need to be an option to disable the alert - at some point the user shouldn't need it any more.

  • "If you type apple on the screen the text layer should say apple [text] instead of saying text layer "

    I can see this being helpful in some situations. However, there are many more situations where I want the layer name to be more descriptive ("Title") than literal ("Star Wars"), especially if I'm going to be duplicating and reusing a comp.

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    @CleverTagline but you still had to rename the layer anyway in your situation, right? Just asking, if I might not understand you correct, while I actually find @Andersen01498 's idea nice. (-;

  • A small suggested feature:
    I love audio skimming, and always keep it on (helps me time things to music in comp shots), but when saving a RAM preview I can still hear every frame while I wait, and it doesn't sound good. It would be awesome if there was a way to disable audio skimming specifically for when I'm performing a RAM preview.

  •  Content-aware fill tool like in After Effects....Yes, Mocha pro has the tool but it is very tedious.    In some instances, the constent-aware fill tool does a better job and faster. 

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