THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • Would be nice to multi-unlink the videotrack from the audiotrack of .mp4 files. (Select several tracks, then right click on them, "unlink" is currently greyed out when selecting multiple .mp4 files)

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    @panthermal has the following interesting thought on "Audio Compositing."

    "Audio Compositing, as a terminology, I think isn't all that strange in the sound engineering world.

    A thought struck me with regards to Hitfilm: Since we've generally established that the software is a "Composite First" software, what if the solution to the clunkiness of the editor is actually a composite-focused workflow?

    Now, this is obvious ALREADY a given with videos (case & point, a video that you trimmed and gapped and want to combine for a Speed Duration Effect would have to be thrown in one composition)

    But imagine if the same workflow is to be applied for audio? Now, you can technically already do this: 

    But imagine a future where Hitfilm allows you to right click an audio file in the editing timeline and hit "Make Audio Composite", thus giving you an audio doctoring interface?  This might look like a strange idea, until you take you into account the fact that Hitfilm is probably the lead in GPU utilization. And there have been plenty of examples where GPU power has been shown to help compute Audio

    Am I onto something?"

  • It would be awsome with a option for the particle simulator where you could enable fluid dynamics! I think it would be great for motion design and visual effects!

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    AxelWilkinson I purchased software recently and I find it to be incredibly powerful and fun suite and a professional toolkit. Now one thing I keep losing my mind over that could and should be improved if possible (just in my humble opinion) is to have a better way of selecting layers within Comp Shot and manipulating them. For example I often think I am still in the whatever layer I was in last, let's say  LIGHT LAYER, and I keep moving it around and light doesn't change... just to see I grabbed something else or light got deselected or I am in camera tool instead of sector tool (arrow tool). And this happens ALL THE TIME because it's so easy to mess up and deselect stuff. Than I usually have to lock everything every 2 min to make changes and not move other stuff around. Locking everything down every 2 min gets really time consuming. Also shaping things to straight Orto views while holding SHIFT like in Zbrush would be amazing but I won't ask for too much:)

    This is how I would solve it, and this is not my idea obviously this is how is in Maya art some other software. You would click on a layer you want regardless if it's 2D or 3D and you can click let's say R for rotate. T for transform (or position change) S for scale, and let's say W for drag. That would save hundreds of hours. As of now I have to go to ton of venues until I dig out the coordinates to set it all up.

    That's just my 2 cents. Thank you.

  • My features wishlist for hitfilm pro:

    - 3D surfaces that can be pinned to tracking points. Now finding the right points to set ground plane is a miracle for some shots.

    - expressions like After Effects

    - the ability to change units -  know the distance the camera traveled and it would be a good solution to set tracking points in 3d space using meters

    - target camera - 2 points camera parameters that can be pinned to 3d objects

    - maybe some SDK to create plugins by users

    Sorry if my english is terrible. I hope this can be understood.

  • @sproject ; Your English was perfect.....I agree with everything +1 to all

  •  A way to 'bend' 3d planes/media layers

  • Smal and simple thing:

    Icon for the Media tab when media is loading (Only in List mode, Preview mode has already an Icon/Animation)

    It sucks when you want to edit and the Video the Video is stuttering or the audio is not playing because the Files are loading after opening a project

    (It isn't a performance problem with the PC, It just takes a few minutes. After all files are loaded, everything is mooth and the PC can handle the files easely)

  • I would really like to import an .hdri image sequence "Please".

    It'd be great if you guys could do it in the next five minutes. I've got an image sequence made up of 300 .hdri images and doing it manually takes a while. Even with trimming each image to one frame and then moving each image to the playhead, frame by frame takes a bit of time. :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @spydurhank for that specific use case, I remind you in the File>Options menu there is a field to set the default duration of photos dragged to the timeline. You could change that to 1 frame temporarily, which will save you the trimming step. 

  • Thanks @Triem23 ,

    I trimmed the images all at once after dropping them into a comp then,

    I scrolled the play head one frame at time and moved each image to the play head. Took a few minutes but a dedicated image sequence import for .hdri images would be insanely fantastic. :) 

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    @spydurhank may as well ask for hdri export as well. 

    For now, can you batch your hdri to exr? (look at IrfanView - free) Hitfilm can import EXR, of course, anf you'd keep your 32-bit color depth. 

  • Thanks, I'm looking to avoid that for artistic reasons, I want to stick with .hdri, pain in the rear end for sure but it's worth it. :)

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    @spydurhank fair enough! 

  • I would like to suggest Something similar to the content-aware fill from After Effects 

  • The ability to do the velocity effect easily

  • I have never heard of this one, so I dont know if its even possible But a "Blur" key or "Sharpness" key, In short, you could key out parts of the the frame based on the focus/Depth of field.

  • @LiamMcM1 interesting.

    A quick google search suggests that it would be possible - there are existing algorithms for estimating the depth of an image based on how blurred it is, which would presumably generate greyscale maps which could then be keyed. 

    I suspect any mattes generated this way would be pretty messy though so I'd be surprised if it was useful

  • I know this has been requested many times before, but some form of expressions or scripting.


    Earlier today I was talking to a friend on facebook about After Effects and motion graphics, and they said:

    "As much as I'd like to move to hitfilm or something else the scripting and expressions is too nice to give up"

    So that's another anecdote about an AE user who would be willing to change software if Hitfilm had expressions.

  • +1 @JMcAllister ,

    Allow us to write our own scripts and watch out. :)

  • @JMcAllister, I figured it was possible, I just didn't know what to call it, what did you search?

  •  Scripting and expressions will make the software more powerful in the long run.  By doing this it will future proof it. 

  • @LiamMcM1 try google "shape from focus" or something like that

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    Would be great if we can get Mask Shapes that can "evolve" (not sure what's the proper term)

    You guys remember how in After Effects or any vector drawing softwares, you can increase the amount of points to  star using shape layers?

    It would be dope if we can do that with  masked planes. Lots of abstract animations we can make out of those!

  • Would be a nice feature if we could use scroll wheel on mouse to zoom in and out on the editor timeline.

  • @dmc80 if you hold Ctrl and scroll, you can.

  • 1. A "nest" option (Right klick ( on two selected clips) -> Nest Clips)
    2. A "feather tool" (whith that you can feather only one side/line of a mask and not the whole
    3. In Hitfilm (express) editor, It would be really cool, if you could adjust the height of individual
    (not all audio/viedeo tracks)
    4. Speedramping like in Premiere/Aftereffects (in both programms you can speedramp direct on
    the layer ( )

  • Still waiting to get something like a compound blur, a blur that can use another layer as a map for blur strength,  to help with compositing stuff like maybe depth of field, or reflections.

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    @saas1kacke there's a speed effect in HitFilm that can be used for speed-ramping, it has some funky interpolation but it does work! Also, like in After effects, you can select multiple layers and make them a composite shot, like "pre-comping", but only in the comping environment, but you can still comp one of the clips in the editor timeline, so what I recommend is to make your VFX shots comps BEFORE adding the VFX layers.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Mistery1307 the existing Lens Blur effect uses another image layer to drive the blur.

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