THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • "You want things quick not adding an effect that you will later be getting rid of.  "

    +1 The need to add and dig down to remove is silly. Can you do it. Yes. Would you want to.

    Some kind of viewer option/overlay grid for 2D would be nice. Some obvious choices are title/action safe and some selection of grid densities.

    On the talk of the grid effect. That effect should have some presets. All it has is "block".

    I know the effects list has some presets using the grid effect but those should be in the preset list of grid itself. I presume when effects were allowed to have 'internal' presets that it fell through the cracks that these were not copied/included in the grid effect preset list. On that note, the grid effect should have some other common grids as presets. 2x2, 3x3, etc. These may need to be resolution specific like the title safe effects list presets. If true, and likely is, such a situation illustrates additional complications of using the grid effect for resolution independent concepts like title safe, or 3x3 grids.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andersen01498 would you rather have a workaround for now or no workaround for now? Grids in the viewer would be better, but, for now you have to build your own. At least by saving a preset you don't have to keep rebuilding it. 

  • @Triem23 is right that there is already presets in the presets section of the effects panel that provide different title safe effects already laid out @Andersen01498. At the very least, it provides you with a solution for now.

  • @Triem23 I hadn't thought about using it as a preset, that's a good idea in the meantime! I would like it to be something I can toggle and leave on all the time though, like title safe (Mentioned by Andersen, thanks!) and mouse co-ordinates (which HitFilm does have and I use it quite a bit for this same reason). I do use the layout panel a lot, although I think it needs to be able to smart-sense and space items that are  different sizes equal distances apart, I.E. I often have several different words on different text layers, but it can only space them on one edge or their centers.

    I think I've said this before, but a built in timer that automatically logs how long you've spent with a project open, like Final Fantasy (video game) used to. It would be extremely useful in billing clients, as I wouldn't have to remember to time myself.

    And this brings up again, grade layers on the timeline would be amazing.

    God bless! - Winter!

  • Also, It would be cool to have a "select all in and out" function on the timeline, where you could set an in and out point, select everything between them, and move them without having to scroll up and down separately on the audio and video tracks if you have a lot of layers. Similar to the "range selector" tool in FCPX

  • Oh snap + 1 to that @HillsideMedia ,

    That would be very useful. I'm trimming the length of my Comp timelines frequently. :) 

  • @spydurhank ; After Effects has that function too and I would love to see an option where you can crop to work area just in case if you have made your comp too big.  

  • Better tooling for Audio, including VST Support and the ability to use external audio editors (like WaveLab or Sound Forge).

    Until then, I only use it for motion graphics (usually standalone stuff, or creating "templates" for friends).

    Getting timelines in/out of the application is also not practical unless you use VEGAS Pro, which I have no urge to start doing again - ever.

  • This has probably already been suggested, but no way I'm searching this entire thread.

    I just would like for Text properties to be keyframable, that's all.

  • It would be nice to have an option where we can open with Hitfilm and instantly start working without the splash screen and set up settings.   I do very short screen recordings and edit them down to show my clients what I'm doing and I need something efficient.  

  • +1 to andsersen's idea there, having the splash screen every single time is rather cumbersome for me personally. 

    i also would love to see the ability to customize the colors of each ui element in HitFilm Pro, similar to the ui settings in Blender. this would make it so people could make high contrast themes if they're colourblind (like me) // and would just generally be pretty simple to implement imo. this could be under "interface", similar to where the light/dark theme setting is in Express right now.  

  • Team FXHome - @Tag user forum issue becoming just a tad bit annoying. The erroneous semicolon being placed after the user name is breaking the notification. Something has changed in the forum code. Are you using a Plug-in to tag users or is it a Vanilla base function?  Has the code been compromised or changed in the past 6 months? I'd like to help assists in finding the gremlin. 

  • Team FXome- This forum needs the ability to automatically place pictures here instead of finding a place to upload our pics and get the link.  Links are asking for trouble here.  Having this ability will keep this forum a much safer/less spam environment for everyone.  

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     +1 on that. I use, which is free and without limits. Postimage even has plugins for website forums but apparently none for Vanilla.

    Postimage has a Windows tray utility which makes it super easy. I hit printscreen, select the area I want to capture, they upload and then give me a link I can use with the Hitfilm forum. If I did not have something simple like this image host ability I don't think I would bother posting an image. It is not my duty/business to manage online storage for the FxHome forum. 

  • @GrayMotion @Andersen01498 @NormanPCN improving the forum is something we are actively working towards and something I've mentioned a few times in the past. Substantial improvements are hopefully coming, but we are not sure when, since most of our attention is focused on our software.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    it would be a great feature. if i could hide entire window while rendering process is running. because it certainly drain at least 20% of the total load used by hitfilm over cpu the entire process

    a button that kill the Qt web view and just leave a green completable bar and a stop button + a window restore button. so far from the charge of the workspace being showed with he rendering panel both same time as far as possible...


    i am developer by the way

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