THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • Maybe Adobe should start making professional software ;)


  • @WhiteCranePhoto ; @NormanPCN ; Thank you for those corrections.   I do agree with the Adobe supporting OFX

  • I guess wedding videographers aren't interested enough in OFX plugins to motivate Adobe...


  • @WhiteCranePhoto Adobe doesnt care about its customers like FX home thats the key there

  • @WhiteCranePhoto @NormanPCN @Andersen01498

    Adding Photoshop/Illustrator import to Hitfilm would be great. How much will Adobe charge, and how much would it raise the cost of Hitfilm? (This is the same question for h.265 support. Adobe doesn't make it easy (see link)

    OFX vs After Effects format: the advantage of OFX is, of course, being "open." The disadvantage is, of course, as a "standard" format implementors can't start poking around to optimize things too much without breaking the format.  Adobe have, of course, used a custom format for two reasons - first is simple control. Adobe owns custom Adobe code. Second is optimization - custom code can be optimized far beyond what a standard library can.

    It's the difference between a hundred devs and six.

    Why would Adobe support OFX? They've already got all the plug-in makers writing custom code. We'll use Boris as an example - if Adobe supported OFX would Boris still make an "Adobe" version of Continuum, or just drop it for the OFX? The custom Adobe versions probably run more efficiently than the OFX, but someone who comps in Ae and grades in Resolve is going to buy just the OFX version that would now run in both programs, which means Boris would lose a sale.

    I don't see it happening.

    Oh, F, S, etc keyboard shortcuts... Why is it everyone wants the Adobe shortcuts? Hitfilm's search panel is way more powerful. 

  • Yeah, I love the new search panel... freakin' love it. :)

  • @Triem23

    "Adobe have, of course, used a custom format for two reasons - first is simple control. Adobe owns custom Adobe code. Second is optimization - custom code can be optimized far beyond what a standard library can."

    Given Adobe's reputation for mediocre code, that's unlikely. Premiere is the only major NLE that is actually slower on a 64 core machine than on an 8 core machine... and that's not something you get as a result of optimized code. Adobe's riding on an aging codebase and it's apparently having trouble bringing it up to date.

    I agree that it's unlikely that Adobe will adopt OFX soon, but with Black Magic starting to eat into its market, it probably won't have a choice before too much longer.

    Andersen01498 Agreed. The lousy customer service is enough to make that evident -- that's actually one of the reasons that I've never even tried any of the Adobe-only plugins -- Adobe's customer service is terrible, so I'm not willing to give them money for inferior products on top of having lousy experiences with their customer service.


  • @Stormboy876 writes:

    Hello FXHome! There is no feedback option in the software (which I would recommend putting in) so I'm going to put my suggestions here.
    1) Audio
              The sound options in Hitfilm Express are very limited. I mean very little customization in possible in the audio department besides a few effects! I have wanted to muffle, boost the bass, and auto-tune my audio in Hitfilm Express but there isn't an option. I have had to take the audio out of Hitfilm, put it in Audacity, and then back into Hitfilm to change the audio effects. Sony Vegas has a very good sound department and that is one reason I am considering buying from them over you guys even though I am way more familiar with the Hitfilm layout. There is an add-on pack but it really doesn't have much to offer. If you were to add much more sound options to that add-on pack than I would definitely buy that add-on pack. I am just saying the audio department is very slim right now and that is making me loose interest into potentially buying Hitfilm Pro!
    2) Export
              Don't get me wrong, I love the export tab system. That is not what I want changed. But I can not find out how to export a video into dimensions other than the 16:9 aspect ratio. I want to edit clips for Tik Tok and Instagram or just to text to people but I have to export it in Hitfilm and then go into iMovie on my phone and re-export it after I have cropped it. That is really annoying. And if I am missing how to do this, please come out with a tutorial on it or something. I watch all your guy's youtube vids!
    3) Speed Effect + Others
              This one isn't as important but it can be very annoying. When I am using the speed effect, my footage just goes black after a few seconds. It works properly but after a few seconds into the clip it either glitches and skips a big part of the clip or just goes black! Now I can just right click on the clip and change the speed/duration but sometimes I want to ease into the time lapse or slow motion shot and I can not do that right now. If it is that hard to fix than do it and add it to an add-on pack! Just don't have a broken effect please. Also, it is very annoying when messing around with the audio reversal and time reversal effects. When you make the clip shorter earlier in the timeline, it changes the end of the video when it is reversed. It is so hard to time everything right with that so just make the clip in the timeline correspond with what is going on when the reversal effects are in place.
    I know there are more but that is all I have time to write right now. I hope this helps!
  • I'll leave my response to @Stormboy876 here, thanks for copying the post over @Triem23.

    Audio is something that has come up a fair few times, and definitely something that is brought up on our end. We are looking into ways to improve this in the future.

    This isn't the first time I've seen someone confused with the export process, hopefully this is simpler in version 14.0 now that the screen has been replaced with a panel, but what you are looking to do is make a NEW export preset. This is however also something I've been meaning to bring up internally.

    Finally, the speed effect appears to be a lot more broken than we first realized, and will also look into fixing this in the future, as there appears to be countless bugs with it.

    Also: Triem and spydurhank, what are you referring to by the search panel (for future reference)?

  • @TheBenNorris "Panel" is the incorrect term. Sorry for the confusion. We mean the search BAR in the media, effects, controls, timeline, etc panels. It's always been an overlooked feature, and the new updates make it ridiculously powerful and easy to use. The "U" key is great for a single layer, but let's say I'm adjusting multiple layers at once that might be part of the same element. The search bar makes it easy to isolate jsut the element I want on multiple layers at once, which is far faster (for me) than selecting another layer, "U"ing to what I want, changing layers and repeating.

  • @Triem23 ah, I see! Glad you like it!

  • Yeah, whoops, what Mike said. :)

  • edited December 2019

    I don't know how to search the thread :( someone tell me.

    edit: Just realized XML import export is like one of the first few things listed on first post. Still keeping this as it though..

    Anyway, I would like to have a feature to import XML project file from from other NLEs. Especially so I could use an external software to sync audio and then import it. For example using something like which only supports Final Cut/Davinci XML files.

    Josh promised a better forum software ages ago on a YT live stream.  I get it's lower priority, but hopefully still on TO DO list.

  • @BadWolfKnight , When in the Forum, scroll down to the bottom bar where you should see,

    Categories, All Discussions, Bookmarks, and Profile. To the right of Profile you'll see a magnifying glass icon. Click on it to begin your search.  

  •  @spydurhank :) That I know. It searches the whole forum. No option to search just the thread. It would be handy especially in threads like this one.

  • Ah okay, I've gotcha. :)


  • @BadWolfKnight the forum is something that we have been putting a lot of attention and planning into recently, although many of us are pretty busy with improvements for HitFilm and Imerge. We have been considering options to improve the forum and definitely do want to add countless usability and QOL features when we eventually get the chance. I will add the thread-specific search to my list of potential improvements.

  •  Can we please have the ability to get rid of the splash screen.  It slows down the workflow.   Once we are in we can decide all the necessary options that we want.  

  • @Andersen01498 " Can we please have the ability to get rid of the splash screen.  It slows down the workflow."

    You are describing a situation where your application use, edit workflow, is incredibly short. This given the total startup time is quantifiable and counted in seconds. Application initialization likely dominates the total startup sequence time and this cannot be eliminated. Total startup time being, app + home/splash (net access).

    Wish for what you want but you are literally stating you hardly spend any time in the app itself, per invocation, given the workflow slowdown assertion.

  • @Andersen01498 I will agree with @NormanPCN here. Especially as I often discuss/advocate (and have put in my own tutorials) - and have suggested directly to you before - creating your own "template" projects in your preferred resolution/frame rate/panel layout and any repeated elements you might want (for example, if I know I'm going to be setting up a new 3D model then I use a "template" with a camera, a lighting rig and a couple of backgrounds) and opening Hitfilm by double-clicking the project file, which still loads the splash screen... Then goes directly to timeline.

    As Norman notes the splash screen is minimal compared to the rest of the libraries loading. 

    But, if we're going to discuss efficient workflow, then you need to do what I've discussed here - make template files and open Hitfilm by double clicking them.

    Using my prior mentioned model setup template as the example, the value of the template isn't saving a couple seconds on a resolution/framerate screen, it's in saving a couple of minutes generating a three point lighting rig/pont yokes and loading background plates to adjust lighting.

    It's not the splash screen effecting efficiency. 

    @FilmSensei in another thread you commented on a DannyDev response with "harsh." Nah, Danny correctly and neutrally gave correct information. THIS response is verging on harsh (including tagging you in). 😉

  • @triem23 and @NormanPCN very both excellent points.  Then for the topic of efficiency here I would like the import button to be reformatted differently.  I would like to click import button once and have all my available options there instead of clicking folder for image sequences(Adobe has a checkbox instead of folder) another dropdown for 3d model.  Etc

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    Minor point

    The new export button is literally right next to the hamburger menu. Looks like only a pixel spacing. I think a little standoff distance would be better to help reduce/eliminate clicking the wrong popup menu. Bigger target for needing less mouse precision.

    More minor. You are not using the same icon for the popup/dropdown menu here as elsewhere in the app. Consistency is usually best.

     The default for clicking export is to export the in/out area. I would vote for the default to be timeline contents. Seems odd to me that in/out is the rule but I always knew I was odd. Preferences are often best for these things since users are king and users can and will vary.

  • This is what im talking about  @NormanPCN.... I think having these options are totally unnecessary just have one dropdown menu 

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    @Andersen01498 "I would like to click import button once and have all my available options there instead of clicking folder for image sequences(Adobe has a checkbox instead of folder) another dropdown for 3d model."

    Hmm, there is a single click dropdown listing all available media import options. Clicking import itself is a shortcut for the first menu item, Media.

    I have never been a fan of the restrictive way Hitfilm forces us to use image sequences. Everything in it own separate folder and all files in said folder must be images in the sequence. Hitfilm probably stands on an island alone in this treatment and not is a good way.

  • @NormanPCN ;  I personally think when you click the media option you should have the option to open anything.   Wouldnt really matter what type of media it would be

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    @Andersen01498 That is one way. As valid as any.

    One consequence is that you have to filter to allow/show most file types (extension). So the file open dialog may list more files. So you are scrolling through and viewing/finding things in a bigger/longer list of files. This can be slower. This scenario of course can all depend on how the user organizes their files. Of course a file open dialog can, and should, have a selection of filters for you to choose from to reduce the view of offered files but that is another click. Not something I would call a win win, but rather, give and take.

    With the choice FxHome has made the file dialog filter should be pre-selected for a given class of media. Reducing the scope of files the dialog offers the user.

    I personally have often made a file open dialog filter selection sticky. Meaning that when a user selected one of the filters the next time the dialog opened that filter was preselected. I idea here being that the user is likely to open a similar file type on the next innovation of the file open dialog. I remembered that choice for the duration of the process and not across process invocations. Something like this typically speeds the scenario you propose.

    These both seem pretty equal paths to the same result. Just slightly different.

    Except how Hitfilm requires image sequences which I've stated I think is bad..

  • Cineform needs to be faster... playback is very choppy with 4K Cinform on my ZenBook Pro Duo, i9 model. The same footage is buttery smooth in Scratch and Lightworks.

    Edit import/export (especially import) or scene detect so that it's possible to import a rendered video into HitFilm and slice it into clips for color + finishing. I suppose in theory I could plop it into Scratch or Resolve and use the scene detect tools there, but that would leave very little incentive to bounce over to HitFilm for the grade... 

    The color grading tools in HitFilm are pretty solid, so it would be nice to be able to use them on small projects. However, the tools by themselves aren't really enough for a professional quality grade; we need more smoothly integrated secondaries and keys, but also grade compare + copy functions. 

    HDR and ACES support? 

  • +1 with @WhiteCranePhoto on secondary CC. 

  • Could we see improvements to the puppet tool?

    1. Rebuild option: regenerates the mesh without removing puppet points and their key-frames.
    2. The ability to link a point's position to an object
    3. starch/rotation points: similar to after effects, Aoe controllable and visible in edit menu. (As thicker lines or a tint on the cells)

    If nothing else, the first one would be great for workflow since expanding the mesh sometimes conflicts if you only need to expand in one direction after modifying an image, or if it starts merging previously separate parts.

    Linking movement to an object would be very useful as you could swiftly make a skeleton for something, key-frame it's rotation/movements, then build a puppet mesh and link movement.
    Also, automatic hair/fluff movement by using follow/rotation behaviors on a host object.

  • Certainly agree with the thought of being able to parent a puppet node to a point layer. Also agree with re-tesselation without losing existing points/keys, although that might be difficult to implement. 

    @2dozen22s Hitfilm's Puppet tool uses a "rigidity map." This uses a grayscale image layer to control the stiffness of the Puppet "springs." It's a different control from a starch point but serves the same function. Since there's already a method to control rigidity, it's unlikely Hitfilm will implement starch points as it would either be a "redundant" control, or a change in operation that could "break" existing projects. 

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