THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • @AndyQ For arrows and other goobers like that you can use text with the Dingbats typeface. Wingdings in Windows terms. There is also Webdings, and a lot of free fonts in this class. At least this can get you going.

  • NormanPCN Thanks for the suggestion, but that's not what I'm after in this case. I'm drawing them elsewhere (Affinity Designer) and bringing them in as PNG's so I can get 'em exactly the way I want them, but it'd be preferable to draw simple graphics in the application (AE/Fusion etc. have vector paint so you can animate and control the strokes; I don't need to do that in this case). Cheers!

  • Thanks Devs for bringing back L and J cuts! Can you also bring back alt+drag duplicates a clip?
    an option to right click and center an anchor point /only/ in the viewer window. So the program would automatically calculate where the center of the frame is, and how to move the anchor point there without moving the layer visually.

    Thanks! - Winter!

  • @HillsideMedia CTRL+Alt+drag duplicates a clip.

  • @AxelWilkinson

    I would appreciate it you got this idea to the devs:

    "Preview Color Profile" for color blind people (like myself)

    There are 5 types of color blindness, all very well documented. 4 of which can be addressed with lenses that are essentially a mix of complimentary colors. So, to calibrate to certain conditions of color blindness, the preview panel would simply make additional tones of Magenta for example. I think it's easy to make just with a little research. A lot of people, including editors out there don't know that they are color blind!

    So imagine if Hitfilm in the future has a "Color Blind Profile Feature" ----> Strong Deutan (my color blindness case)


  • @axelwilkinson
    Hey Axel! I tried that on my Mac and it doesn't work, so I tried it with CMD + Alt+Drag and it duplicates all the clips even with only one selected. Is this a bug?

  • edited August 2019 support for this would be AWESOME! Imagine being able to run physics INSIDE HitFilm, without much manual work!

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    @HillsideMedia You can also duplicate with CTRL+D or CMD+D.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

     @Mistery1307 Go play with the particle sim for a bit and you'll learn that a physics based thing actually requires a LOT of manual work before you let the computer take over ;) 

    I hadn't heard of that particular plug in for Ae. Looks powerful, but I suspect you'd have to convince Newton's creators to make it Hitfilm compatible. For any kind of "make third party thing run in Hitfilm" request it's going to be up to the other company at some point.

    Oh, but take a look a "Behaviors" in Hitfilm. Many of them are physics based. 

  • Scroll bars would be nice.  Oh wait....they're there....they're just almost invisible. I have a calibrated monitor in a dark room but can't see the scroll grip at all, as it's dark grey on a slightly darker grey background (or is it the other way around...I can't be sure...).  When I mouse over the grip it highlights to a lighter grey. Can we have it that colour all the time pretty-please?  When I want to scroll a timeline (or anything else) I don't want the challenge of locating my current position first.  A few more scroll-bar complaints/suggestions:

    • they may be designer-uncool but the little arrow buttons at the ends of most scrollbars (for incremental changes) are incredibly useful, and would be so in HitFilm
    • clicking a scrollbar outside of the grip is commonly used for single-step coarse changes, but Hitfilm uses that point as an absolute position. I'd argue the former is more useful, and leave dragging the grip for absolute positioning; that way you have three levels of tweaking: 1) clicking arrows for little movements, 2) clicking within the scroll area for larger discrete movements and 3) dragging the grip for absolute positioning
    • drop-down selections could benefit from similar changes, and whilst you're at it, check out the font selection drop-down. Maybe it tests fine for most people, but if you're a graphic designer with a few thousand fonts then good luck getting to the one you want "same-day". Maybe take a cue from Adobe and allow for typing of the font name to jump to that part of the list - and note that spaces (and other punctuation) should be considered part of that font name i.e.. I could have hundreds of fonts prefixed "URW[space][name of font]" but Hitfilm interprets the space as a kind of reset and the next letter you type begins a new alphabetic search


  • "...check out the font selection drop-down. "



  • Ability to import 10 Bit color footage :(

  • @Hictor "Ability to import 10 Bit color footage"

    Can you be more specific? Are you speaking of 10-bit AVC/H.264 media? For video media 10-bit is handled with Prores and Cineform. EXR for image sequences. 

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    Hi @NormanPCN

    So, I own a GH5, which I believe does indeed shoot 10-bit AVC/H.264 Media where I turn on the 10-Bit 422 All-Intra mode.

    Hope that helps. 

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    It would be nice to also be able to draw Shape Layers, independent of actually masking for a desired shape.

    Not to toot the Adobe Horn, but I do miss being to cause a Shape Layer to instantly transform into stars or what have you's.

    I suppose it all goes back to Hitfilm's fundamental weakness. Vectors.

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     @Hictor you can use shutter encoder to convert, as i do with my gh5. Free, simple, quick and Power full 😉

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Hictor nah, Hitfilm's fundamental weakness is still slow video decode. Vectors are a "nice to have," but aren't fundamental. IMHO.

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    @Vlad_Zanbarbone This is assuming that I'd like to settle for transcoding. I have VEGAS PRO 17, I can edit 10 bit there. But it would be nice to have it in Hitfilm.

    @Triem23 It really depends on the user's priorities. FXhome's direction seems to very film-centric, in the sense that VFX is there to enhance your film, which is why I believe they worked so hard in allowing to be so good with 3D, given alternatives like Blender becoming not only more and more competent, but FREE.

    When working on complex lower thirds, sometimes, masking just isn't enough.  Having independent shape layers that have bottom level & top-level transformation options saves you a lot of time. 

  • Is there anyway  that FXHome could host a new official preset marketplace?

  • I really love Hitfilm and the upgrades it's been getting, but I feel it still lacks the basic controls. I keep popping over whenever there's a new version and it still isn't quite what I'd pay for.

    • Keyframes: shortcut keys to reveal any/all set keyframes in a project/layer
    • Snapping: holding down Shift while dragging a layer/keyframe causes it to snap to edges or other layers/keyframes
    • Parenting: connect a layer's property to another layer's property so that the child property inherits directly from it's parent (a pickwhip style thingy would help)
    • Scripting: way to manipulate properties via script (and please don't create a "new" language for this, javascript/python should do fine)
    • Keyboard Shortcuts: create or allow us to make our own keyboard shortcuts AND save them as a preset, so we could easily port over from AE and share those presets with friends.
    • also shortcuts to access individual properties such as Scale, Opacity, we can get to them quicker without having to click through 25 items

      These are what are lacking for me to pay for this already great software.
      We can discuss more features later 
  • I just noticed the "Publish" feature, outstanding!!!
    Although you have to re-import the composite shot to the Editor again for the new published properties to be detected, strange, I thought once you drag a Composite shot to the Editor timeline then they are linked both ways.

    I just remembered one last suggestion, the feature already exists but I don't feel like it's intuitive. I've actually already forgotten how to do it!
    Replacing a layer in the timeline: Say... replacing an old video file with another.
    Can we just have a "right-click" on the old layer with something like "Replace Layer >" then it asks you to pick a replacement file from the Media Panel?

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    I would love to be able to do this in hitfilm

  • Better Wacom/digitister support. Some functions are almost completely unusable if you don't have a mouse - try using the 3D view controls with a tablet; they go haywire. I've not tried touchscreen usage yet but all of these input methods should be catered for.  Please FXHome - get yourself a pen-based system and test everything with it! 

  • Zoom in/out keyboard shortcuts in viewers, for people who don't have/use a mouse- preferably CTRL -/+ keys. Also, as mentioned in anther post, can viewers please remember their zoom levels when you're switching between various comps and the editor timeline (rather than reverting to "full")

  • Save/switch interface layouts. It'd be nice to be able to make a simple set of screen layout presets and switch quickly between them, OR, have each comp/editor timeline remember it's own layout as you switch between them. Usage case: on a 3D comp I might want a big viewer area with multiple views and a small timeline, but in the editor I might want a much smaller viewer and a taller timeline, or I might want to switch the editor between editing the timeline (big timeline, fairly large viewer) and editing keyframes on effects (expanded "controls" section with value graph, maybe a completely different layout). Maybe just a little button set at the top of the interface to switch between a few different interface layouts and an interface manager dialogue so you can save and name those presets?

  • Some way of blending effects in editor timeline from zero to full.  e.g. some effects have parameters you can animate via keyframes so you can transition between no-effect and a visible level, but other effects are "always on".  T'would be handy to be able to have some kind of common "blend %" control to allow animation from zero effect to full, without having to use Comps.

  • Could there PLEAS be some way to not need quicktime? I have it installed,but it hasn't been updated for years and isn't working well with my computer. yet half of my mov. files wont import because it says I "need to install quicktime". it really stinks, and I don't understand why its needed, other programs I use don't require it.

  • Add twixtor, PLEASE! It is the only reason that I am thinking about moving to AE.  Personally I prefer rate stretch over velocity because velo doesn't make any sense to me, but the lag during slow mo is very disturbing.

  • It would be cool (and not something I've  seen before) to have a spot-check tool for luminance value, where you can literally hover the cursor over an area and it will tell you the (IRE?) number. This would be great for matching shots where one camera is under-exposed and you are trying to match the highlights with another shot, or for just checking your levels on a specific area of the face. This is doable using scopes and a mask, but it would be really cool to just have a tool for it.

  • @AndyQ I believe what you're looking for is the Workspaces feature under the "View" menu. This feature allows you to use/save panel layouts and switch between them.

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