THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @NormanPCN agreed. I think we've both made your argument before  but it's time to repeat it. 

  • @NormanPCN Wow, yeah you could just put it that way. That is actually way smarter and better than only forces.

  • I know you already replied in a tweet, but still; Can you please add support for ProductionCrate's free plugins? I'm sure they would be happy to work with you guys!
  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Mistery1307 for the record, on Twitter recently a thread happened that more-or-less went something like "It would be great if Production Crate scripts worked in Hitfilm" that had FXHOME say to Production Crate "DM us and we'll talk about this."

    I'm guessing you saw those tweets too, but it certainly implies that FXHOME is looking into it! :D

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    Yes x10 to spherical deflectors!

  •  Some ideas (probably already discussed, sorry for the double entries !) for the particle simulator :

    - better collision behavior with 3D models used as particles (e.g. a bouncing ball), to have the deflector detecting the object's mesh

    - 3d objects as emitters

    - 3d objects as deflectors

    - 3d objects as containers

    - a clearer separation of settings for particle systems / emitters / mobile emitters to avoid having 3x "General", for instance. When working on cascaded simulations, it can be hard to know which elements you're modifying

    - mesh generation from particles (lines generated between particles)

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    Talking again about 3D models, I'm still hoping to see my semi transparent models rendered without these ugly opaque zones... At this time I never had a clean result with transparent materials...


    Being able to resize, position/rotate and blur the environment maps inside each object's material properties would be nice, too.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Deweak I pretty much +1 all your suggestions, but I must ask what you mean by 3D objects as containers? I'm not visualizing what that's supposed to do. 

  •  @triem23 : a simple example would be a glass 3D text with particles moving and bouncing inside of it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Deweak which is basically treating both sides of a model polygon as a deflector. Cool. 

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    @triem23 Exactly :) With a better behavior of transparent materials, this could give very cool effects !

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    New day, new ideas !

    Why not adding a "randomize" button beside the keyframe activation circle in every dynamic parameter ? When right-clicking on this button, you'll have a popup with some options (limit down-up, rate, sample&hold on/off, fade in/out...).I'm thinking of this as the LFOs we found in synthesizers, which allow free movements of basic or complex parameters without a need to move knobs or record timed actions.

    Timecode generator : damn, there is no option for font selection, custom format, offset... this is too basic as compared to the all the improvements made in the text section. Being able to get values from anywhere in the project would be helpful, too, for instance to animate OSD style texts following an object's properties moving in the shot.

    Text object : a keyframable font selection, please ? :)

    For all parameters : math expressions in the parameters fields, e.g. you click on an object position, and after the current size you type "x3" or "+300", then enter and you get the new value. Even better if we could have a "variables" tab, where we could store fixed values or values from some objects' properties, and usable everywhere for basic scripting...


    Selection tools like a magic wand for assisted creation of masks. It would be different than chroma or luma keying since the masks data can be used with the neon path...

    Neon path : this tool is so useful for video mapping but so limited :/ we should have a “rotation per second” parameter, options to animate the masks all together or chained, and most of all I’d love to be able to mix the neon path with the tracing options of cartoon, in order to automatically outline and animate objects edges.

  • Would like to see being able to assign shortcuts to viewing color channels like Nuke. For example pressing "A" would show the alpha channel.

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    Desperate to be able to view 2 comps simultaneously, something like this:

    Would allow you to edit one comp whilst seeing the final result further up in the stack

  • HarHar
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    (Perhaps this has already been mentioned here, or I'm just not fully understanding something...if so, my apologies ahead of time )

    I really like HF's Audio Sync function of taking an audio track recorded separately, syncing it to the audio of a video clip shot at the same time, and fusing them together into a single blended element.

    What I'd really like to see as well (and again, perhaps it's already in place and I'm just not seeing it), would be to take that same audio syncing functionality, and using it to sync together separate video clips that all had the same audio source (say, spoken dialog in a scene shot by multiple cameras all recording the audio in the scene at the same time), in a master/slave manner - one video clip would be set as "Audio Sync Master" and stay locked in place on the timeline, while other video clips' audio would be set to "Audio Sync Slave" which would then lock together their audio with the Master's audio, and in turn slide around the the slave video clip(s) on the timeline to make sure all are locked together.

    So in other words: what you would normally use an audio sync point that all cameras would record - say, a handclap - that you would normally then visually line up that spike in the clip's audio waveform to get all the video footage synced together....except this would do it for you. 

    I would imagine it perhaps working in a way similar to this - let's say you shot a scene with 3 separate cameras, each recording the scene's audio dialog, and you've imported all 3 video clips into Hitfilm on 3 separate video tracks:

    • Determine which of the 3 video clips would be the Audio Sync Master and perhaps set it as such via a right-click menu option. This video track would be locked in place on the timeline, and wouldn't move.
    • Then, right-click on the other 2 video clips on their own tracks, and set them to Audio Sync Slave.
    • The same basic functionality that the current Audio Sync feature uses to lock together audio clips (I'm assuming working at waveform/sample level) would then do so with the 2 video clips set to Audio Sync Slaves, moving them forward/backwards on the timeline to in turn tightly synchronize the 2 slaves video clips to the master video clip.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Har sounds like what you want is similar to Red Giant's Pluraleyes. 

    For reference, Pluraleyes is a Red Giant program that loads in a bunch of video/audio files, synchs them all up and exports a simple EDL for supported hosts with the synched media.

  • HarHar
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    Triem23 - yep, Pluraleyes was exactly what I was thinking about.

    It just feels like HF's Audio Sync has the potential to take things in a similar direction if applied in that kind of manner. 

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    There are sooo many feature suggestions, so I have no idea if this stuff has been suggested before. However, I'm a long time user of Premiere and I just switched over to Hitfilm Pro, and thought I'd throw some suggestions in the ring.

    • I think it'd be really useful if one could scroll through the editing timeline with the mouse wheel (without hovering over the scrollbar)
    • The ability to ripple delete from the playhead to the previous/next clip
    • Option to automatically select the clip at the playhead
    • Option to allow the playhead to snap to clip ending and beginnings
    • The ability to have multiple editing compositions within a single project/the ability to nest clips
    • Ability to set playback resolution to 1/8th or 1/16th the original size
    • Ability to export in WebM, AV1, and H.265 (assuming the licensing cost gets sorted out)
  • @averymiller

    -try holding "alt" key while scrolling

    -I totally agree (and I'm not the only one) about the need for multiple (nested) editing timelines. At the moment in Hitfilm composite shots can be nested, but there is only one editor timeline.

    -I agree about AV1 as well, I'd love to see that

  • +1 for being able to view and edit nested comps. This would be a great overall feature but I can think of many situations where this would be a time saver when working with multiple instances of 3D objects.

  • More keyframes on shatter, such as position keyframes and radius keyframes.

  • Pre-render/RAM preview in editor

  • 👍👍RAM preview in editor

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    Hello Guys. I have been using Hitfilm Express for some time now. I have observed the difficulties in dealing with objects that are overlayed or on top of each other.

    Ex:  3 text layers that over each other. It is hard to select and edit each one of the text frame because you can't select the proper layer in the screen. And also I don't  know if this is a bug but when you click hide feature for a text layer, the text layer's frame can still be selected and for some reasons you can still accidentally edit it's text content. I hope we can fix this.


  • an option in Make Composite Shot to play Audio and Show Waves (not editable track) from the originally position.
    If you cut to music it is helpful to see the waveform from the editor or the composite shot where the new comp shot comes from.
    So you can add the Layer-only effects, keyframes etc. on time.
    Maybe selectable which Audio track or all Audio tracks below

    And in composite shot "lock layer on top"

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    Motion Interpolation/Frame Blending, I am aware there's a paid plugin, but it doesn't work unless you have hitfilm pro and I'd rather have to get it as an official add-on for express. (Yes, I'm aware that the motion trails effect exist, it's just not the same as motion interpolation)

  • Is there any way that you could do a collab with blender? Like exporting directly into Hitfilm etc.?

    And will we be able to program plugins as well? I mean now with the announced after effects plugin support? I thank that's what makes after effects or blender so strong.

  • Hi @Tyront ,

    +1 for an official Blender/Hitfilm collaboration.  

    I'm an Ambassador and beta tester for some of the Fxhome programs but am not actual staff so I have no idea if there is an official blender/Hitfilm plan or anything like that but it would be very cool. :)

    On my own time I code an identical version of Blender 2.80 beta named "Filmer" It does everything that Blender 2.80 beta does except I've tweaked the Cycles render engine to render from 2 x and up to 10 x faster than the normal Cycles engine. Filmer also has a bunch of tools coded into the interface to help get anything Blender 2.80 exported over to Hitfilm Pro. Addons presets, tweaked "modifiers" to help build quad based 3D text.

    It exports camera, empties, alembic animations, simulations, fbx and obj files that work better with Hitfilm than typical Blender exports. It does all kinds of stuff but it is a work in progress and needs better documentation. More info in the links below if you're interested.

  • spydurhank yoo that's so cool mate! Definitly gonna keep an eye open :). Are there any tutorials showing off your blender version?


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