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  • It would be practical if the editor timeline would be updated dynamically. The changes in the composite shots included in the editor timeline are automatically updated in the editor view, except for the length of the composite shots. Let's say you have 3 composite shots in the editor. You make the 2nd composite shot shorter or longer, you have to remove the 2nd composite shot from the editor, push the 3rd one to the right, put back the 2nd one and pull the 3rd one to fill the gap.
    It's not because I am too lazy to do it, but if you have many shots in the editor timeline and you make changes in the length of several shots, you must remember which shots you changed. If you are not extra careful and forget one, you might make a film where there are missing parts.

  • @SDicay - that is by design. The length of any item on the editor is completely independent of the duration of the source media. Just like with video clips, which are usually trimmed so only a portion of them appears on the timeline, composite shots can be trimmed for the editor independently of their length. How much of the comp is used on the editor is always a user decision.

  • Hello everyone,

    It's my first post/reply here on the forums and I'm really happy finding Hitfilm :D

    Anyways, related to this topic, support for SVG/Vector import would be awesome (actually it's urgent) even if made as an add-on for Hitfilm Express.

  •  @BitSec +1 ai support 


  • BitzSec, Welcome to the forum .

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    @LiamMcM1 thank you, also about the vector/SVG support request, it would be super awesome to CTRL + C a drawn shape in any vector illustration app then CTRL + V to have that shape in Hitfilm 

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    I use Hitfilm Express for teaching at the UEA in Norwich. Every year, we introduce around 80-100 students to the software. Our course is primarily in Broadcast Journalism, so our primary usage is to put completed videos into TV programmes. To ensure compatibility with our studio equipment and video servers and playback devices, it would be really helpful to be able to export interlaced video. Whatever the norms for feature film or online use - interlaced remains the professional standard for most broadcast applications...


    Mark Wells.

  • I'll +1 for interlaced. I also do work for broadcast and have done many titles at 60 fps to fake an interlace, but that only works for pure CGI. 

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    Change the default Motion Blur setting on the Text effect to 0%. See this thread to see how much overhead the default setting of 25% can add to even the simplest of projects:

  • +1 change default text motion blur to 0%

  •  I've seen in the last video tutorials from Javert that we still have a problem with the parameters names dimensioning : even if you scale the UI properly, you always have this annoying display :


    2. Second layer

    in place of :

    1. First layer

    2. Second layer


    Not a major bug, but it has been present for two years.

  •  I have the same bug, for example with a name of an object in a composit shot.

  • @Deweak @Vlad_Zanbarbone With bugs, we have to be able to replicate them in order to fix them. As it so happens, I actually found out how to do that this morning. So now the bug is able to be logged and fixed!

  • @JavertValbarr thank you for your work :)

  • HitFilm is a great piece of software which has matured quickly over the years. However there are still some features it lacks from professional standpoint. Here are my top wishes:

    1. Timecode audio and video synchronization. Investing in timecode capable hardware is kind of a disapointment when the software can't match it, but I hope this one will be included in the near future. The current automated merging of audio and video is great, but it works only in 30% of my video and audio files. I always have the audio a second or two started before the video and HitFilm fails to match it.

    2. Applying a set of effects in the Editor timeline and then applying them over other clips. Then going back to a single place and editing one of the effects and this change to be propagaded in all places that group of effects is used. Something like applying a "Shortcut" to a group of effects. Right now I have to copy the effects and if I decide to change something, I need to change it in all places I have copied the effect.

    3. Ability to copy effects (at least non-layer-only related such as Curves, Levels, etc.) from the Editor timeline to a composite.

    4. Export XML of the timeline so that one can use other color grading softwares such as DaVinci. I guess for this feature we will need to have #2 already.

    5. The default name of the exported clip from the Editor timeline to be the name of the project file, not Editor (unless the file hasn't been saved yet).

  • +1 to #5, as that should be easy. The rest might take a while.

  • +1 to #5 as well as #4

  • 1+ to 5 and 3

  • I understand there aft hundreds of suggested features and it takes lots of planning to decide which ones to implement first or to add at all. Not all requested features are even within the scope of this software. However, I think the must crucial yet simple feature that this software lacks is timeline markers. Colored ones would be nice but even a simple marker system is better than no way of tracking points in a long timeline. This feature needs to be added to bring HitFilm to par with industry leading software and to produce the workflow effeciency that people need. Thank you for providing this excellent program for free and I hope you continue to update it with great features!

  •  I hardly ever come up with a need for the Wishlist but it occurred to me today that an effect similar to the mask feather to let you feather edges of a layer especially like a PNG sequence with transparency with would be a handy thing for me when importing sequences to help marry them to the footage underneath?  Would anyone else find that useful, or doable?

  • @tddavis You can do this with the Matte Cleaner effect and its Feather property.

  • @jsbarrett ; I started to add or does anyone know of a way to already do this :)  Thank you.  I did not know that was there.

  • Split selected clips at the playhead plus ripple delete the portion created on the left of the playhead (combine two existing actions).

  • I'd appreciate more efficient GPU usage because HitFilm isn't using my GTX 1080 very much and the export is taking very long.

    (i7-4790, GTX 1080, 16GB RAM, SSD)

  • The ability to parent particle trajectories to a layer or a point, and the ability to parent the position of a force to a layer or a point.

  • @LTM There are other factors that contribute to long export times besides GPU usage. As folks have pointed out in some other threads, don't put too much stock into the GPU usage readings you see for your system while HitFilm is exporting. A high GPU usage value would actually mean that it's being used inefficiently.

    One quick thing to check is whether or not you're transcoding your footage before editing. Frame-by-frame decoding of video takes time, and it takes more time if that video wasn't optimized for editing. To learn more about this, watch this video:

  • jsbarrett

    I am tweaking, but instead of using the mouse(pad) I have to use the keyboard, ie guesstimating the value by typing the value, bit long winded but by process of elimination one gets there.

    The export issue on the other hand is a simple one. I am using the IMPACT font and typing "THANK YOU FOR WATCHING" but either the A or the T is overlapping in the Exported MP4 file.

    I now have a third issue which is the most serious of the lot, involving Exporting failing after 3 hours, but I'm going to search here first before raising another call. Incidentally, sorry for replying now, I only saw the notifications when I logged on in here.

  • The ability to collect your assets into one folder 

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