THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • possibility to replace a movie instance on a timeline, so you can keep the added transformations and effects. Would be easy to duplicate and just replace the content...

  •  See what part is prerendered/ing in the timelineline

  • Lock the timeline layers would be a handy option also.

  • 3D Module - redesign UI to include building scenes and the ability to preview scene setup (including lighting/textures/environment maps controls) before finishing import. Ability to reopen the scene to make adjustment.

    Texturing and Materials

    UV Repeat
    UV Offset
    Material Presets
    Custom Shader (ability to make/save your own)
    Custom Texture Maps 
    Animated Video Textures
    Ignore AO on certain parts

    Basically make the entire module more user friendly with more in-depth controls/viewing more in line like mObject or Element 3D.

    Tall order I'm sure

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    Sort out the problem that means waiting for several minutes to elapse when you decide to delete or move some keyframe markers. Are you updating the entire UI between each single keyframe deletion or something weird?

    This has been happening for years and makes no sense when you can Transform or Stabilize the same item instantly.

  • More expressions....for example wiggle or randomize keyframes like in after effects

    2.  More functionality in the puppet tool

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    For closed Layers that contain Add-ons you have not yet bought (in Express, obvs.), to be displayed differently - bold, or brighter, or with a little icon? -  so you can tell which ones contain one at a glance and you don't have to open and drill down into all of them to seek it out.

    Also for the ToolTip that pops up on the Effects to say more than just its name, but also the Add-On Pack it came from, rather that you having to hunt it down in the Effects list and have that ToolTip tell you. Edit: as per Cedric's correction below, I didn't spot there were actually 2 Tooltips on a layer with an Add-on.

    Also, rather than being redundant, for ToolTips on all effects in general to retain the Original name and not the changed one (we can see that's right there) so that when Effects are renamed, such as when saved as Presets, it's possible to identify the original Effects, to make another Preset, or just to know what it is if someone sends you an .hfpr file where they've renamed them all.

    Not knowing all the various parameters of every effect off by heart, it's quite hard to identify what the effect originally was when it's been renamed to sdfghjg (assume something sensible is here ) and the ToolTip says exactly the same thing.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    +1 @Palacono's ideas. 

  • The addon buttons already have a tooltip that lets you know which pack unlocks the effect. This is true in both the effects panel and the Comp / Controls panel. We didn't add any distinction at the layer level because we thought it would be too much and would be more annoying than actually useful.

    Noted about the tooltips, thanks for the suggestion.

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     Updated my suggestion, but Layer level indicators (just a dot? How is that annoying?) would be useful, come the time to actually buy something. Make it easy and people will. Make it hard and they'll curse you as they delete the Effect and use something else.

    BTW, can someone tell @OliThompson to sort out his Tutorial download pack? It's very messy, requiring Relinks and filename guesswork and is not very beginner friendly.

  • 1+ randomize keyframes

    And single effect purchase option for add-ons (I don't mean throwing out the packs all together. Just sort of like buying the packs for express instead of pro, only going even smaller ).

  • I wish to thank the dev(s) responsible for improving the mask point selection process so you no longer get zero length handles on bezier points.

    Credit where it's due, it's a lot better and much, much less frustrating. Cheers! :)

  • I wish there was a way I can have Hitfilm Pro continue playing the sequence when I switch to another software.

    For example, when I want to write something in Word (or any other text software), but still want to hear what's playing inside Hitfilm.

    This would be awesome! It would save me a lot of time, especially when I am working at subtitling a video.

  • While I really like most of the changes to the text editing system, a change to the way that character spacing is controlled (pointed out by @StephenSE9 in another thread) does feel like a misstep.  Admittedly the new numbering scheme does make more sense: 1 is normal spacing, 2 is twice that, etc.  However, it has become more difficult to fine-tune the spacing by clicking and dragging in the field because the increments default to tenths. The slightest drag takes you from 1 to 2 and beyond.  If you want to just make a small change, you're left to manual-entry trial and error.

    I recommend changing the default increment to hundredths (and also show the hundredths value instead of truncating it).  Alternatively, add support for a modifier key that would change the increment from tenths to hundredths, so that normal dragging changes the number by tenths, but holding CTRL switches to hundredths.

  • +1 to that.

  • +1 on text char spacing finer control.

  • I say get the essentials locking layers,color coding layers,etc.  Then later worry about effects 

  • @Andersen01498 can't speak for layer locking, but, during the last livestream Josh said color coding is coming. Probably within the next couple of updates since we know FXHOME doesn't often comment on in-progress work. 

  • I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but would love to have a cursor snap feature so that when dragging the cursor across the timeline, it would snap to the beginning and end of clips and markers.  I know there is other ways to do this with keyboard shortcuts, but would still love to have the cursor snap as I am so accustomed to this from using other editors, even with audio recording software that I use.  Give us the option to turn it on and off!  :)

  • Not sure if this has been mentioned but I'd like to see the ability to save a completed project file into a single folder.  It would make for easy archiving on a separate storage medium and still allow for possible for editing again at a later date if needed. I think Premier had something like this. 

  • +1000 would love to have the option of allowing to play while editing.  It's a bit annoying when trying to adjust color on a clip and the clip stops playing as soon as you click anything.  Hitfilm even stops playing if I adjust the computer volume!  I understand this is to make Hitfilm as stable as possible, but at least give us this as an option so we can turn it on if we want to use it, and turn it off if people have issues.  Please Please Please make this a priority!  

  • +1 On locking layers and color coding.

  • Multiple editor timelines

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    +1 what @jsbarrett points out about character spacing, and another issue in this field is:

    WYS is not WYG. The font (Impact, Arial) had correct spacing but in the exported file there was an overlapping of characters. When it seems to happen: when I create a text track then cut it to create two tracks and change the second, ie different font size... It may have something to do with Outline size > Size, as these are active.

  • @StephenSE9 If you're not aware, you can have multiple fonts and font sizes in a single text layer. Highlight the text you want to change, and tweak its settings in the Text tab.

    That said, if you can reliably repeat the overlap issue you mentioned, definitely send a description of the problem, along with a sample project file, to Support.

  • The Generate/Text effect should have the Drop Shadow options included. If you want your subtitles look better, for instance.

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    Make the UI more user-friendly. Compare and contrast to other programs in this space. There are books available for research and advice.

  • The ability to add  asymmetrical transitions - as we used to have. I'd prefer this to be a default checkbox option (leave unchecked, transitions can be "dragged" independently for each of two clips, for instance) - but at least the ability to override the now-default symmetrical behavior by simultaneously pressing the alt or ctl key(s).

  • @khosman You can already do that with the Shift key.

  • I've used After Effects before, and was able to make a audio spectrum visualizer to any shape I wanted once I selected the pen tool, drew any shape I wanted, applied a mask, and applied the waveform to that mask. Would be nice to have a similar feature added to HitFilm or even just the Audio Visual Expansion Pack. For example if I traced a triangle shape to a new layer, applied the  audio waveform/spectrum effect, and then applied the mask so that the waveform took the shape of the traced object, instead of just being limited to the 2 adjustable points currently in the Audio Visual Expansion Pack.


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