THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • @Triem23 Unfortunately, that doesn't do what I want to achieve. If I move them onto different tracks and then move them back, the final clip is almost twice as long as the others.

  • @THX1139 Ah. In my test I just had the clips on different layers but all lined up at the same start frame. Then again, all the clips were the same length, too. That's probably the difference.

  • All my clips are the same length as well but I've no way to know how much to stretch them without writing down numbers and doing calculations. My wish is to just be able to stretch them to fit the gap and let Hitfilm do the calculations.

  •  The support for .psd files and illustrator files.

  • @THX1139 You can select multiple clips on the same track and then select the rate stretch tool and drag the size shorter or longer.

    If you want to make them longer then there must of course be gaps for you to drag the clip into. The shortest gap will limit the movement of the overall group selection movement.

    The speed % change will of course be different for each clip *if* the clip timeline lengths are different.

  • @NormanPCN That's not a solution to the situation since I'd still need to do calculations to determine how far apart to set each clip. Hitfilm has access to the processor in a way that I don't so it should be the one doing the calculations!

  • @THX1139 Well, the Rate stretch tool is all about stretching/compressing a clip to fit a specific timeline length. Fitting a clip to a specific gap so to speak. The speed change ends up being whatever it needs to be to fit the given time. The ratio between the original length and the new length. Hitfilm makes that calculation.

    Rate stretch can work on multiple clips at the same time. The multiple selected clips will be adjusted in proportion by the number of frames you changed the length from to. The percent speed change of each clip in a selection depends on the original clip length(s) in frames and the amount of frames changed during the drag. Hitfilm does the calculation.

    The speed duration dialog allows you to specify a specific speed change in percent. The resulting length of the clip is whatever results from the percent change. 200% will result in a clip half as long as previous. Rate/speed can work on multiple clips at the same time. The duration field will be marked as variable but you can enter a duration. All clips will get that new duration.

    So you have two methods to time stretch/compress a clip. Both are the same Hitfilm feature. They are just different user interfaces to the same function. One feature lets you fit a gap. One which lets if select a precise speed change. Both of which work on multiple clips on the timeline if so selected.

    If you have multiple selected and want to fit a gap, so to speak, using rate stretch then, what gap to fit? There are by definition multiple gaps and each gap can be a different duration. This is on a stretch (slow down). On a speed up, you can always compress the clip length down to 1 frame.


  • Hi,

    I'm working on a convention with a 8x3,5 meters and two 0,5x4 meters LED screens. I made some animated backgrounds and jingles with hitfilm, and I really missed some features : first, you can't resize and move elements with a 1 pixel precision, actually Hitfilm is more precise but when you create things that have to match with a fixed amount of pixels, moving and resizing is a pain. Something like a pixel (and object, or other options) snap would be great, and the ability to resize an object from a corner instead of using the anchoir point as a center.


    It would have been great to be able to have sharp edges on masks and mattes when resizing elements (maybe by turning AA off ?). 


    For corporate events, the media servers I'm using (Dataton Watchout, Modulo Pi, Arkaos Pro, Hippotizer...) often prefer MPEG2, WMV9 or ProRes files, will we have more export formats available ?


  • I've got a wish. Trim top and trim tail for the editing interface of Hitfilm. 

  •  The ability to toggle the blendmodes with my arrow keys (in controls->clip properties) like i can do with the fonts in the textpanel to speed up the creative workflow. This should be work for all panels.

  • +1 the above 

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    +1 to that and everywhere else there is a dropdown menu anywhere: e.g. Use Layer, modes and lists (Fractal Types etc.).

    Probably not Parent lists, unless they don't update coords until list is closed.

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    +1 to the above drop down menu idea above.

    Plus, add the feature of being able to type the first 1 to 3 letters of the name of the effect or control and the drop down menu jumps to the first effect/control that matches what you typed. Much like when you fill out an online form, and you select the drop down menu of the country and type "U" to jump to the United States. 

  • "Plus, add the feature of being able to type the first 1 to 3 letters of the name of the effect or control and the drop down menu jumps to the first effect/control "

    Oh baby yess, +1. That is one of the favorite things I ever put into my UIs. Just start typing and it matches. I've used it on more than just drop downs and list boxes.

  • It would be a nice extension of the search filters in the media bin, effects list, timeline and layer controls. That filtering may be my favorite workflow enhancement is several revisions of the software. 

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    "The ability to toggle the blendmodes with my arrow keys ... like i can do with the fonts in the textpanel"

    What exactly is this arrow key font-switching feature of which you speak?  On my Mac, I can only use the arrow keys on the list of fonts after I've already clicked on it to open it. Even then, it just moves the selection, but doesn't apply the new font to the selected text.  I have to hit Enter to apply the change. Is this behavior different on Windows perhaps?

    I usually won't do font experimentation in HitFilm because it's too cumbersome.  I'll open the Font Book app (a default Mac system app), where I can type my selected text, then scroll through the fonts with the cursor keys and actually see how my text appears in each font.  If this behavior is what you Windows users have in HitFilm, then my request is to update the Mac version to match.

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    On Windows you dont have to hit Enter. The selected Text change immediately if you toggle  through the fonts.

  • The reflection should respect the layer's alpha. For instance, if you set a plane as a reflective floor for an object and you draw a mask on this floor to create a shape, the object will still be reflected out of the mask, on the transparent parts of the layer. Same issue if your reflective shape is a composite shot or an image with embedded alpha.

  • OK so my wishlist is as follows:

    Ability to hard cut and extend the video beyond that point to create a still image (a la blender VSE)

    Another thing I think needs to be lifted wholecloth from blender is the ability to move the playhead to keyframes on the overall editor without having to have the keyframed property selected. This happens a ton for when I want to match different properties to the same keyframe but have to manually select the property with the keyframe, jump to the point, and then switch back to the property I wanted to keyframe in the first place. This is just kindof a hassle.

  • Please give the ability to have NO DEFAULT export preset. I want to be forced to pick a preset each time I export a timeline. I rarely use the same preset each time, and sometimes I start exporting and forget to change the preset since it's been automatically set for me each time.

    Also please give the ability to hide or delete the "locked" presets (the built-in ones). They are clutter and I don't care to see them.

  • I wish a crop feature, where you can resize the unwanted parts of the video, like in Premiere Pro.

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    MPMoncavo  +1



  • @MpMoncavo @Andersen01498 if you're talking about resizing and repositioning video, Hitfilm already has multiple ways to do this. If you're talking about a razor/slice/blade tool, Hitfilm has that, too. 

  • I wish the lens distort distortion amount was not capped at 2.5. That's not enough for some situations and I figure the cap is arbitrary.

  • Adjustment layers in the main timeline (like Premiere Pro) - this should be fairly easy to add, as there are already grade layers in compositing, but would be so majorly useful.

  • Grade layers in Hitfilm are identical to "adjustment layers". They're just as versatile. 

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    @Triem23  @MpMoncavo ;  No I'm talking about this..  where you can resize the unwanted parts of the video, like in Premiere Pro.    In this case after effects.

  • @ToddGroves I believe @Standan was essentially asking for grade layers to be added to the main editor timeline, and not limited to comps.

  • @MpMoncavo @Andersen01498 Hitfilm doesn't have a. "Region of Interest Crop" like After Effects, but masking, repositioning and resizing video using the existing Hitfilm tools gives the exact same result using MASK, REPOSITION, SCALE. 

    "resize the unwanted parts of the video" is a terrible description as that is basically the exact opposite of what you want to do. You're repositioning and resizing video. 

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