THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • +1 for what NormanPCN say. IMHO you can have many hints looking at Cinema 4D UX.

  • I had a recent project when i had to create so many composite shots to add a footage som subtitles, nameplates, etc. Now I had to create a composite shot for every single text because it's an animated effect. I have a long shot - 67 sec - which has 23 comp shots because of this. If the scripting engine is not possible (yet), then maybe an easier trick will do.

    So, the idea is this. In a composite shot (call it fxcomp) with some layers, effects, etc. you could share some parameters outside like an interface. When you embed this comp to another, you'll be able to change these parameters like the layer properties. Some restrictions have to be there of course. The shared parameter have to be static inside the fxcomp, no animations or keys allowed, the number of shared parameters have to be restricted, etc.

    This way I could have done the 67 sec shot with only two comps.

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    Speaking of large, complex projects, a "Clean Unused Media" function would be nice.

  • I think what @Messen says can be achieved with a node based compositing or something similar to C4D XPresso.

  • @Messen I agree, that sounds something like the Inject idea I suggested at the top of the previous page.

    If this was code, or a script, you'd be calling a Function (composite) with a Parameter to use (source material)

    The underlying code base obviously does that to keep track of everything, there just needs to be a simple way to expose some of that to the user.

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      @Palacono  Your idea is similar indeed, but the significant difference is that - as I understand it well - you want to insert media (image, video, audio) in the embedded comp. For me it's enough to change a few parameter (text, size, color, etc) or animate it from outside of the comp.

    @davide445  Oh, a node based system is much more powerful than this idea :D

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    The NLE link/unlink feature only supports linking one video event to one audio event. It should be able to link an arbitrary number of and type of events.

    A better way to do this arbitrary grouping is to support Sequences, which are nothing more than sub/nested NLE timelines.

    Either way some mechanism to group a bunch of NLE events together.

    Have an indicator that displays or flashes when the timeline playback is skipping frame(s) to stay in sync. Sure at certain zoom settings the playhead jumping is obvious and viewer jumping can be noticeable but a simple indicator like this is 100% in your face confirmation would be nice.

    NLE RAM preview.

  • I checked the list, but did not see it, the ability to tim Audio files in the trimmer, I tried it last night and it seemed to crash, not sure it's a feature or not?

  • 1+ for smoke and liquid simulation! That would be AMAZING! 

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    1-It would be really useful to be able to lock the controls panel. This way we cold deselect a layer and still have that controls panel available to play with.

    2-The ability to HitFilm to remember which controls are exposed for every layer. This way, when you come back to a certain layer, you don't have to twirl down which controls were exposed previously. 

    3-The ability to click and drag over the  layer visibility icon (AE or PS style), would save a lot of time on clicking on each individual layer.

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    @Ultradigital you can click and drag over layer visibility icons in Photoshop?!

     *Facepalm*20+ flipping years of Photoshop experience and I never knew. 

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    A third tracking point, so that Hitfilm can solve for a plane in 3D.
    You can do a lot in 2D (or 2.5D), but if it could use the third point to calculate the angle a plane has to move, that would be great.

    Doesn't need to be too complicated and have the camera even moving, just the plane. Then you could track multiple things all over the screen, doing as much or as little as you needed, without over complicating things and having to go into Mocha.

    See this for an example in 2D. Using a bit of VideoCopilot Tutorial video of a building with a hole in it, which I hope is OK, as they did make it and the damage image available for download. I'm just not using it with AE. :)

  • Consistency between the regional settings of the computer and what's shown on the screen. In the program I can e.g. see numbers like "1.00", but if I want to insert something I need to type "1,00" (due to that is the format in Sweden), but I would still see the decimal displayed as a dot.

    Although this has been suggested in other threads, I can't see the item "4k screen support" on the front page.

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    @RichardBang writes:

    "Can I make a feature suggestion. Add an increment and save feature similar to that used by Maya. Its invaluable as it means there is a history of edits available should something go wrong.

    ctrl-s save like now

    ctrl-shift-s, increment the version number and save
    so trailer3.hpf becomes trailer3-001.hpf, then trailer3-002.hpf etc"

  • +1 to the Incremental save feature.

  • +1 increment saves

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    Just in case my copying the manvs post wasn't a big hint, +1 on incremental saves. ;-) 

    Although my preferred implementation would be 

    Ctrl+S Save

    Ctrl+Shift+S Save As

    Alt+Shift+S Save >current project<>increment<

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    That reminds me: How about the name of the project you're working on appearing SOMEWHERE? I often have no idea what the thing I'm working on is called.

    Sometimes I'm working on multiple revisions with slightly different names and when I go to save them, I'm never sure what the name was. [Implemented HitFilm 2017]

    Also if the SAVE AS was at least populated with the existing name, to allow you to add your own 001, 002 etc. to the end?

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    @Palacono Hover over the Save icon and the project name with path will pop up or ALT+TAB in Windows and the HitFilm tile will be titled with the project name. Not the same as having the project name somewhere but next best thing.

  • Aha! Well that'll save a few grey hairs. :) So many things that you have to 'know' though, because that's hardly standard practice, unless it is on the Mac, so the Windows version inherited it from that...

  • The Mac version always shows the project file name, in the title bar. Seems odd that the Windows version doesn't.

  • It would be great if you can press one key and open a specific property as it is way faster. So +1 "Shortcuts to reveal specific properties, without opening entire tree."

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    Presets for Camera Shake fx. Different types of Hand held simulation, car vibration, etc...?

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    @Wurminator Hitfilm's lightsaber effect predates Andrew Kramer's by almost a year. You're already taken care of there... 

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    @WishingStaffStudios you know you can save your own presets, yes? Right click on a camera shake you like and select save as preset. 

  • I'm an expert, "Micle Choi" to establish direct development director and a video editing and video editing systems that work 28 years in a variety of imaging applications in Korea. I am a person with a lot of care and affection for HitFilm editing program you are developing.

    To become a true professional Professional NLE program developed in-house creative and quirky features contained in the editing efficiency is the stand out titles and subtitles must be provided by Russia to assist in immediate productivity.

    The 4K real-time preview should have the ability lightweight running smoothly. In addition, more diverse parameters codec support and Apple's existing Prores codecs, as well as New Prores codec & Avid existing DNxHD codec, as well as New DNxHD codec and Other DPX, be provided with professional features for OpenEXR and HDR Avid, FCPX, EDIUS Pro 8 you can compete side by side with professional editing and shoulders Tools such as Adobe Pr CC.

    Please strongly reflect the above information so grateful HitFilm 4 looks very joteulgeot the Pro features and performance enhancements. I will wait and a lot of expectations.

    ps: I have a career in the ability to give professional technical advice and assistance to make your HitFilm This can be a very powerful experience with powerful editing program. If you have any interest in that business differentiation through differentiated and competitive supply or exclusive sale in South Korea, please contact period. Welcome plenty.


  • I noticed that End Credits Crawl doesn't allow align text to left. This is a very significant limitation. The text is always centered. It's not possible to align it neither to left nor right. So, in this case, it's much better import text as an image and scroll it. But then image size of a text should always be the same. If this is not done, then changing text image position would be required.

    Also, it should be possible to change text color of different text parts as in the case with font. For instance, I want that title text would be in red color and everything else would be in white. It would be more convenient than importing several images of text.

  • My another suggestion is quite simple, but I don't know it may take a while to change following things. It should be possible to split clips in editor timeline without selecting them. Of course, I can select them all by pressing ctrl+a. A lot of software does splitting of video clips without selecting them.
    Perhaps other keyboard shortcut could be added in order to split all clips at the position of playhead.

  •  @AlreadyTaken - you should be able to cut a clip that isn't selected. Select the Slice tool (C), and click anywhere to slice a clip, whether it is selected or not.

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