THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • @CedricBonnier Vegas/Movie Studio have two parameters that control this. Maintain aspect ratio (Yes/No) and Stretch to fill frame (Yes/No). So you have all possibilities toggling the two. Both default to Yes which is nice.


  • Not sure if it's mentioned but I'd love some Overall stabilizing effect. Youtube has this but in hitfilm it only works if the camera doesn't move too much or at least linear

  • Once you get comfortable with it, I find Video Copilot's plug-in FX Console to be pretty useful. I usually add several effects to a layer at once in HitFilm- it would be nice to be able to just keep typing into a pop up without having to drag the mouse back and forth.

  • It would be nice to have keyboard  shortcuts for  scale,opacity,position,mask properties and etc.

  • ROTOBRUSH TOOL: I have found myself using After Effect's rotobrush quite a lot, I really do not want to subscribe to Adobe anymore though. Rotobrush would be a great feature for an update or future Hitfilm version. A BIG time-saving tool.

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    The option to automatically shut down the computer when the render queue is complete.

    Suggested by @Majahr (and agreed by others) in this thread

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I'll +1 an auto shutdown. 

    While we're here, a status bar for the render queue would be helpful... Showing progress on current render, and which item is currently rendering, at least. 

  • @Triem23
    Do you mean a status bar within HF's interface? As opposed to the render status bar in the export view?

  • The ability to automatically synchronise multi-camera footage by matching the audio. Or something similar. 

  • @JMcAllister

    Oooo, that would be sweet. 

    +1 what JMcAllister said. 

  • Hitfilm needs to ignore non-image files in folders containing image sequences. As it stands, hitfilm is unable to inter-operate with other software and file structuring conventions----software that uses image file lists (.ifl), or where project files for other applications (or even hitfilm) are customarily stored within the same folder as the image sequence. The current limitation is unnecessarily restrictive, especially for users with multi-application workflows, and it simply appears to new users that hitfilm is "broken".

  • Is there a way to keep (3D) point layers visible at all times in the camera view? This is essential to be able to select a desired 3D point by its location in the camera view. They should be visible, but without drag/rotation handles. (It's a productivity killer to have to repeatedly re-select them all, and disastrous when they disappear as soon as you try to adjust something else using them as a reference.)

  • I dont care what new feature comes next but We need to have the ABILITY to LOCK our Layers.  This is a must, WE need it ASAP

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    +1 @ssontech on keeping 3D locators visible and selectable. 

    +1 @Andersen01498 on locking layers. 


  • The floor grid in the Active Camera or perspective 3D views is being drawn *on top* of imported 3D models, instead of being occluded as you would normally expect a grid painted on the floor to be. This everything-is-transparent look is hard to follow. It needs to have the right depth occlusion processing.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I mostly agree with ssontech, but would want this hypothetical occlusion to have an on/off toggle. Sometimes the transparency/overlay is desired, sometimes not. 

  • I'm with Triem23 on the grid. The easier it is to see the grid, the faster I can line up the grid with the live plate ground plane. 

    After lining up the grid, I can then turn it off knowing that the 3D model is properly incorporated into the scene. From there, I can comfortably begin to add shadows, etc. 

  • I know it's already been mentioned, but I'd definitely like to see markers added to both the edit and composite timelines. I was about to mark out all the good and bad sections of a greenscreen composite.. Then only just realised that there are no markers!

  • Support for files with multiple audio tracks would be amazing .
    I have a lot of clips with 4 audio tracks and it would be a mess to extract the audio tracks into individual files.

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    A agree with the last one comment. The first thing I tried to do after buying Hitfilm Pro was import a file with multiple audio files (most other NLE do this by now) but only audio track 1 was imported

    In the mean time I have made a  batch file so when I drag and drop files onto it, it will extract all the audio tracks. I then import those files into Hitfilm

  • Wanted: a way to apply a media asset or a comp as an animated texture on an imported mesh, (Curved screens, distorted screens, animated environment balls, other funky effects ...)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    +1 for this. Although, given the way 3D model mapping is set up it's probably nearly impossible to set up a comp shot as a texture, so perhaps being able to use a video file as a diffuse texture? I'd settle for animated GIF files as I already have a few models that were set up with animated GIF textures that I had to replace...

  • +1 for animated textures.

    And/or the ability to use the camera projector effect to project onto a 3d model

    (Although I don't know how feasible either of those requests are)

  • Wanted: 360VR camera, generating equirectangular images from the 3D scene. This is probable a separate object type, or alternatively an option for the current 3D Camera layer. (360VR cameras have position and orientation/rotation, but no "zoom" controls.)

  • It would be useful if the rectangle mask tool could create rounded rectangles in some manner. For example Vegas uses an Alt key modifier while dragging the rectangle.

    Yes the mask shape properties contain a roundness property. Two words. Neon Path

    The roundness property affects the rasterization of the mask vector path. Neon Path only uses the vector mask path so the roundness is ignored.

  •  Would love to have the ability to have multiple instances of HitFilm running like you can with the Visual Studio IDE.. Could help greatly to see techniques used in other projects without closing/reopening. And would allow for eas cutting/pasting between projects. yes, i know presets are available too... :)




  • I think having the ability to create a new Editor tab so you can have different timelines for the same project. this was you can experiment with different edits and comps in a separate timeline without polluting one version. Then you can choose to render 1 or both of them out to compare them.  Helps keep the workflow contained in 1 project so you don't have to open/close instances of HF. Keeping multiple versions on 1 timeline by hiding tracks etc gets to be a real pain to manage.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @effectstodiefor Hitfilm can't run multiple instances because of the way proxies work (versions of Hitfilm predating proxies can run multiple instances). I don't know if that can be changed, but I doubt it, or I think they'd have done it? 

    +1 on multiple Editor Timelines. OR being able to import an Editor Timeline into another project. 

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