THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



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    Audio. The audio support in HitFilm is a joke.

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    An Inject  Effect which you add to a Layer to make it use the instructions in another Layer or Composite as if you'd added all the Effects from that one to the new one, without a lot of tedious cutting and pasting.

    Say you've create a series of Composites to do something whizzy with some text or an image or some video, and rather than duplicating the entire thing multiple times when you want to reuse them, you create them using some 'default' media then use Inject to reference them with your new media instead.

    So, if you're doing something like a slideshow with half a dozen transitions you've created and want to swap between them for 100 photos fairly randomly: you'd put all the photos on the time line in the order you wanted, and add Inject Effects to them with the properties set to Source>Transition Whizzy Fade Composite and  Source>Transition Whizzy Sparkle Composite etc.

    I would also work really well with Titles and lower thirds with Text on, as  It's sort of like forcing a Reverse Parent onto something. This would get around the limitation that you can't do everything procedurally. It would also mean that changes to the Original would update all those referencing it.

    There would have to be some checks with video, as lengths could vary between original and new media, so you might want a 'Set Max Length' parameter to jiggle with, but as all it is doing is 'Replace Source A with Source B on the Fly', it shouldn't be too hard to implement.

  • Apply the forces that are available in the Particle system to Atomic Particles, so I can make something that is a shape that falls apart and can be manipulated without having to 'cheat' it with Set Matte and transparency and fades etc.

    Let the Particle System do it's fractal this, that and the other, then also have the option to apply gravity, surfaces etc. to those particles.

  • +1 for atomic particles "merging" with particle system in term of forces etc

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    The NLE timeline allows us to mute/disable both audio and video tracks. The composite timeline allows us to mute video layers only. Allow us to mute audio layers in the composite timeline. Right now the eye button is disabled for audio layers.

  • Hi, new to Hitfilm Express 3.

    Maybe a frameserving system to have more control for encoding.

    I'm used to use x264 and qaac, pointed as the best encoders for h264 and AAC.

    It allowed for end user to encode in all formats he wants.


  • Minor import function from .blend files. Like selected (not everything) objects, empties and selected camera data. Nothing fancy. If it's just populate a composite shot with the selected 3D objects/empties and camera, I'll be more than happy :) Without textures of course. It'll be a real pain to implement a cycles texture system in Hitfilm. Or in anything else :D The texture magic can be done in Hitfilm already (partially) so it's not a must have now.

    Also, export camera data to Blender somehow. For example. When I want to add a landscape I did in Blender (Cycles), now i have to solve the camera to match the movement of the 3D camera in Hitfilm. Witch is never as perfect as exporting the real data. I know the trick to render a larger matte for background and use it as a dome like in the starfield tutorial, but this way I lost a lot of data, need multiple layers for effects like a bird/cloud fly between some feature on the matte, etc.


    Better integration/workflow support for Blender

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    I've already posted that suggestion in hf 4 wishlist, but I will say again a similar idea only slightly in greater detail. There should be more keyboard shortcuts and better keyboard support. Media panel: down arrow - next media file,  up arrow - previous media file (preview in trimmer if video or without preview). Tab switches between composite and editor views, ctrl+f moves to search box in effects panel.  However I will not repeat the same ideas, that I suggested before. There's a thing that should be easier to program. Where are shortcuts of making proxies, layer properties, options window? Perhaps that is not so important, but also required. I also miss some shortcuts, especially with new tools came with hf4. For instance, rate stretch tool, speed/duration shortcut, switching between different layouts, between graph editor and default editor in comp view. 

  • I prefer using flac instead mp3, but flac is currently not supported in hf (and officially not supported in such programs like AE, but there is a flac plugin in AE). So, in such cases I use wav. By the way, ogg format could be supported in hf if aac is supported with videos. The reason is that ogg is better with low bitrates comparing with mp3, but converting to wav is required until flac is not supported with hf.

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    I would like to Second the, Better Integration,  between Blender and Hitfilm. Mainly in the camera Tracking area. it would be wonderful to be able to track in blender and bring the track and 3d aspects from Blender into Hitfilm.  Blender has a built in Add on for exporting camera and markers as a .py file.

  • Puppet warp tool, proyector for hitfilm 3 express, the way to add plugins to hitfilm 3 express.

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    @JessB Part one of a three part tutorial on camera solves in Blender, exported to Hitfilm. Although the script you mention might cover this. Note that while you can export animation, if you animate in Blender by hanging objects on nulls, you can export the nulls, import models in Hitfilm and reparent. Certainly not as good as importing .blend files. But there's always a workaround.

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    Here's a left field suggestion. I have many more uses for the depth fog in a composite shot if I could keyframe the distance and falloff. 

  • @JessB - HitFilm includes support for importing .ma tracking data. If you export from Blender to .ma, you can import the tracking into HitFilm. I'm fairly sure there is a script for Blender that accommodates this.

  • Allow us to adjust the Value Graph keyframe bezier control points independently for X,Y,Z axes in keyframes on the Position property. Right now we are shown three separate curves, each with their own bezier control points, but all three are linked and move together.

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    When I look for amazingly beautiful text intros, I find some beautiful After Effects ones, so I would like to see some beautiful text intro ability in HitFilm so people can make beautiful intros like people do in AE, and who can then save templates and others can import and replace the text with their own and use as their own.

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    I have loved hitfilm since the beginning (for me the beginning was hitfilm 2 express's limited free weekend) and hitfilm and I are suprisingly good at 2d motion graphics(if you know how to work around there being no shape layers, a.k.a complex as hell masking)

    I know that After Effects has vector shape layers and text that doesn't need a text box So here are my recommendations:

    • Vector Shape Layers strokes for shape layers as much control (if not more) as after effects has.
    • Option to switch from text box to no text box.

    Sorry if some or all of these have already been mentioned but I am an impatient reader, but these features could save sooo much time and be extremely usefull to many users. This can also be added for free in hitfilm 3 express or simply a limited version in express to allow more people this great feature. I will continue to follow hitfilm as it grows up into the biggest and baddest video editing and fx software on earth!

    also just for improving already included features here is some stuff:

    • Support for higher res 3d models.
    • a better 3d renderer (not that the current one is bad)
  • When was HitFilm released?

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    @Yeremeyah Hitfilm (Express and Ultimate) was initially released in 2010, I think. Hitfilm 2 (Express and Ultimate) was released in Nov, 2012, with the Mac version in 2013. Hitfilm 3 Pro was released in Nov, 2014, Hitfilm 3 Express in June, 2015, and Hitfilm 4 Pro was released November, 2015.

  • 1. in end credit generator, the ability to embed bitmap images (usually company logos) into the scroll.

    2. support for "deep compositing" via openexr2. right now nuke's the only comper that can handle it but it doesn't seem like layer based systems like hf and ae wouldn't be able to handle it. would be a helluva bullet point if you beat ae to it.

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    Only issue I can see with "Deep Compositing" is that is kinda requires a depth mask. This means Hitfilm has to add depth mask tools before being able to do deep compositing. 

    Incidentally, above I suggested being able to keyframe the Depth Fog parameters of a Composite Shot. Why? Because that turns Depth Fog into a generator of Depth Maps. 

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    Adding in a suggestion from user @Berty

    "I have been meaning to post this for a while (since version 3) but please can HitFilm display the name of the project on the main screen. 

    I use other tools to create content then come back to HitFilm and can't remember what project I have open. Please display the project name in the title bar like most other software does.

    Many thanks"

  • jinchoung  I like the first one. May I add some minor tweak to it? Is there a way or is it doable to add an option to parent a layer to the text so it'll move like the credit? I think it'll allow to add images and so much more to it, like adding a grade effect to a single line, etc.

  • jinchoung

    I have heard about deep compositing a lot lately and i am confused as to what it is i? Could you please explain what it is?

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    Basically, it's compositing with depth. Most modern compositing software has a 3D space, even ones that look like they don't. Some are hybrid, like Fusion and MambaFX, where you have a 3D space in some nodes, but others are  2D planes. With deep compositing you can add depth of field blur in post, add parallax, and that sort of thing. One book that describes these techniques really well is [Digital] Visual Effects and Compositing by Jon Gress. I'm pretty sure that most of what he describes you can do in HitFilm, if not all of it.

    It's worth picking up and reading; there's a LOT of good info in there and it's based on the how and why rather than on a particular compositing application.

  • @WhiteCranePhoto yeah, fantastic book that gives a lot of the hows and whys of how many of Hitfilm's (or any compositor) features work. 

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    There's lots great stuff about compositing on CMIVfx also... but that costs more. :)

    It's amazing how prevalent compositing is in feature films... and yet how rarely most audiences ever notice. :)

  • Thanks for that :-) I will look into it!

  • Being able to output a 3D timeline as an  equirectangular projection would be a huge plus for everyone IMHO: users would be able to out full 360˚ video to Facebook, youtube, etc...

  • For composite timeline organization, it would be nice to be able to take adjacent layers and group them into a folder of sorts to be able to expand and contract "folder" from view. No functionality other than hide/show. For example when having a lot of point layers on an X-wing model (4 engines, 4 lasers, etc) it could be nice to be able to collapse them into a single item I could name, like Xwing 1. When you have a few fighters, the layers add up quick. Thus forcing extra scrolling due to the amount of layers.

    Allow the Sphere effect to react to lights when it is operating in pseudo 3D mode (transform from 3D point). Yes, with Boris we have a sphere effect that reacts with lights, but it is limited in size by the plane it is on. The Hitfilm sphere effect in pseudo 3D mode can make big honking spheres(planets). The lights just makes shading easier.

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