THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • +1 for key frames for speed!


  • The ability to move the Anchor Point with the Mouse while moving the Position Arrow 'thingy' while holding down  CTRL, ALT or SHIFT.

    Currently CTRL and ALT actually stop movement when held down and SHIFT is ignored and moves Position as normal, so any of them could be repurposed.

  • heres one


    the audio/video is currently separate as a result when you import 2 videos or more at once you will get this result in the timeline: Audio,audio,video,video but i cannot work with this i work with this: Audio,video ,audio ,video (or video before audio) so can you please make a setting to join them together it is also really annoying because audio and video both have separate scrolling when i think they should have one for both now people who like the current one better make a setting so you can change it! and no you cannot drag the audio and video around to join them it dosent let you do that!

  • and make hitfilm more optimised on disk and maybe gpu because mine always lags a bit on geforce 940m gpu and the disk is the highest tho so maybe try and improove that or add more options for other stuff maybe?

  • Ram preview for the editor timeline 

  • +1 to the fire effect

  • @gaberilde You can speed up the performance of Hitfilm with these steps:

    Open the application for which you want to change the processor priority level.
    Type “task manager” and click on Task Manager on the Start screen.
    Click on More details if the window is not in expanded form.
    Navigate to processes tab, right click on the application and click on Go to details.
    In the Details tab, right click on the already highlighted name of the application for the process from step 4, click/tap on Set priority, and click/tap on the priority level you want to run this application or process in.
    Click/tap on Change Priority to apply.
    Repeat steps 4 to 6 above for any other applications or processes you wish to change the priority level of.
    Close the Task Manager window.

  • The ability to change the slope of the video fades i.e. linear, logarithmic and S-curve.  Like a volume curve for fades. (just learned about volume curves, nice feature).

  • Hi there. I would really love a rotobrush effect for HitFilm.


  • so guys can we expect so see markers and regions in Editor and compositor for updated versions of hitfilm.  they simply save a lot of time when you cut to markers and regions because mentally you get to see and maintain the big picture while still focusing on individual shots and sequences at the same time.

    if i may please suggest  an option moving forward 

    lets take a normal workflow, i import my media BUT NOW I can arrange in sequence of events already in my imported media bin = shuffle around move this clip up down etc and then select all and dump on the time line. THIS WE CAN DO BUT CANNOT SHUFFLE . I DO NOT WANT TO WAST TIME SHUFFLING ON THE TIME LINE

    so i get the footage according to the shot list but the shot list is not in sequence. I edit according to the script so the script says shot 24 then shot 6 then shot 12. so i re-arrange according to script IN THE MEDIA BIN and don't care about filmed sequence. i can't change the shot list name/number because that is how it was filmed and i need that NUMBER /NAME to follow the scripted sequence. 

    then finally markers this is so important because it puts a visual marker for audio ...we really need this

  • A simple Null, Empty, Motion, or Dummy Effect that does absolutely nothing special but have all the attributes of a Point; plus Opacity.

    That way you can make Preset animations and apply them to things without having to load in a Previous project where you saved the animations applied to a Point and Parent things to that. Just whack the Effect on and : instant Motion Graphic Bounce, or Twirl, Overshoot, Zoom, Boing! or whatever it is you want.

    Having a library of these Presets would make putting together Motion Graphic stuff a breeze and also useful for lots of other things, like general titling and Lower Thirds control etc.

    Once you have a slide in (with overshoot?) followed by a fade out 5 seconds later as a Preset you just drop it on your Lower Third Graphic and Bingo! instant professional titling! :)

  • @rorcooper
    I like this suggestion of markers as well. For sound as well as for timing action between live action and CG elements. Also, the ability to label the marker.

  • @ Todd . ABSOLUTELY. at present if the audio is setting the timing cut or transition you have to move up and down layers between keys to line up keys with audio each time ...if the marker is visible no problem all visual much quicker. so Label on marker is a must. also ability to set a few markers = right click set marker and name marker.

    often before i even start a project i have a look and feel set out for the ad or EPK with the script and audio so i simply cut to the audio as a starting point so i need to set markers with VO clips set to those markers doing it visually is quick and then fine tune audio sync last. 

  • My top two Audio wishlist items- compressor/limiter,  balance fader keyframes. After that, being able to drop effects on the master track. 

  • @Triem23 Yes, I would love to be able to drop effects on the master track. Great idea. +1

    Also, finding the peak in an audio track - like with a scene clapper sound - snapping to that. Then drag the audio track into the timeline and snapping it to the play head.

    RE markers: Being able to snap to the markers placed on timeline. I know that sounds like a given. But I wanted to mention it. 

  • Rather than post a list of features I thought I'd post a link to a video which demonstrates a few must-have tools!

    If you haven't already seen this, I think you'll get a kick out of it!

    Edit Button Touch     


  • YES!  remove prop and add prop = love it, BUT without change camera angle button is a bit useless don't you think?  What if the prop is really big like a planet? 

  • In Compositor, I think one should be able to scroll the timeline while the video is playing. The way it is now, the video stops immediately when you click somewhere.

  • @DrFnord

    That video looks more like a visual effects demo. The "Edit" button in that program is based on a mobile app interface. 

    Removing actual props would be much more elaborate than that video shows. Visual effects software can't just detect a prop and replace  the background automatically. Certainly not as simple as clicking and dragging a prop off screen. 

  • @ToddGroves I think @DrFnord is very aware that's a joke vid, and was just trying to amuse the devs. :-)

  • edited March 2017

    From my specific needs I'll like to see atomic particles with these features

    - In true 3d space

    - With emitters of various shape (also from 3d mesh vertex or components)

    - Possibility to change emission rate, size, shape (predefined), opacity

    - Setting life based on space, time, random

    - Change of speed, speed variance in 3 axis

    - Change of color based on properties (position, speed, life)

    - Basic forces (directional, turbolence, point based) both repulsive and attractive 

    - Interaction with 3d elements, bouncing, viscosity, attraction

    - Smoke and gas shader and material

    - Possibly rigid body physics among particles

    - possibility to brake/shatter any 3d object

    Another possibility is to develop a fully multithreaded or GPU based particle simulator, with a better preview so to enable easier experimenting and VFX creation


  • @davide445 I'm pretty sure some of those things are possible with the particle simulator in HitFilm pro

  • edited March 2017


    Regarding "brake/shatter a 3d object", you can find that feature in most 3d programs. I personally wouldn't expect to find that feature in a compositing/editing program. Even Nuke, the industry standard in vfx apps, does not have that feature. You're not likely going to find a one-stop-shop in any one vfx program. 

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    Also with C4D native integration you can shatter whatever you want. Of course I'm exploring alternatives, this is just my suggestion.


    I need probably to rephrase: an atomic particle system with these features, or an high performance particle system. Being GPU based atomic particles are really fast but lack the physics, IMHO current (at least in HF3P, suppose didn't change in HF2017) particle system is way too slow (at least on my system) to edit and test such effects.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator


    Atomic can be applied to a 3D model. So can shatter. Otherwise, most of what you're asking for pretty much seems to require a brand new system. Combining physics with Atomic's fractal displacement (especially in 3D space) isn't a "trivial upgrade." 

    Basically, you want Trapcode Form. :-) 

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    I'm not asking anything, I follow your suggestion to post here my suggestions :-).

    I think a more powerful particle system can ease the work in HF, but from latest two releases appear this is not the direction HFP is going to follow, focusing more on composting and video editing features.

    Good so anyway, I'm just one and many others are probably asking for different features.

  •  That might just be the current focus; FXHome has a small team, so there's a limit to how much stuff they can work on at once. They're prioritizing features based on what users are asking for, so it's reasonable to expect that the particle system will get priority again at some point, as long as there's demand for new features for it.


  • Simple one this: Showing Media as Thumbnails, lists only, or with the current details. Basically, like you can do in Vegas.

    Each entry takes up a lot of empty space in the Media Bin at the moment, so a lot of scrolling up/down is involved; even if you subdivide and sort your assets and put them in folders etc.  or separate the Media Bin tab and minimise its width to squish up that empty space.

    You could get several more thumbnails - width wise - in there and the info it shows now - name and dimensions -  could be displayed as Alt-Text in thumbnail mode. If in list  mode (maybe with a tiny 32x18 thumbnailette?) then show info on a single line and reduce scrolling considerably.

    Also sort by date, size, take, and anything else anyone thinks is useful rather than just A-Z, name, type, group and media.

    Also, also, the ability to have 2 (or more?) media tabs. When using two monitors with the Viewer floated onto the second one, where the Viewer/Layer Window was originally is basically wasted space. So being able to put more Media in there in another Tab would be very handy. :)

  • Simple one this: Showing Media as Thumbnails, lists only, or with the current details. Basically, like you can do in Vegas.

    You can already have them arranged in a list. There is no thumbnail only option though.

    Also sort by date, size, take, and anything else anyone thinks is useful rather than just A-Z, name, type, group and media.

    Good idea

    Also, also, the ability to have 2 (or more?) media tabs. When using two monitors with the Viewer floated onto the second one, where the Viewer/Layer Window was originally is basically wasted space. So being able to put more Media in there in another Tab would be very handy.

    You can move the media panel where the viewer was, not sure how having multiple media panels would help.

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