THE HITFILM WISHLIST: What Features Do You Want?



  • the power to open and work with multiple hitfilm projects at the same time... so you could work on one thing when at the same time somthing else is exporting.

  • @Triem23 just out of curiosity, how did you know I was a younger person?

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     @D1a1v1e1 'cuz I saw your school project that you're in. :-) 

  • Not sure if this is already in HF: a greyscale wipe transition that can use grayscale pictures (256 gray steps from white to black), resolution independend, which advances a custom transition. It should have additional effects to increase creativity like: the transition border being hard or soft (stepless) and the soft should be as wide as the screen. The soft version should be a standard softwipe with additional possible effectation: looking like glass or like a lightbeam, shattered pixels, soft smears...possibly like trailing. The transition should be editable in timing (fast start, slow end, equal, s curve) via spline edits on the  timeline. The original program to do this is from Pixelan and is called spicemaster pro 2.5. But sadly it isn't compatible with neither Hitfilm nor Davinci and we could so much use this transition effect for fast convinience as we have many Grayscale pictures for this left over from abandoning PremierePro.

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    @Batty take a look at the Set Matte effect. This generates opacity maps from a source image. By placing your greyscale images in a Composite Shot, animating Curves, Levels Histogram, or Gamma, you can sweep your image from pure white, to greyscale, to pure black. 

    Use this Composite Shot as a Set Matte source over a video layer in another Composite. It only takes a couple of minutes to build an effect identical to spicemaster. 

    Once you have a good one set up, save it as a Composite Shot so you can load it into other projects for reuse. You can always drag keyframes to change timing. By relinking media in the media pool you can swap out the grey map in a previously built sweep, so you can actually build presets pretty quickly once you get the initial animation right. 

    With Spicemaster, you have a great collection of maps! 

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    Wow, that was fast, and thanks for the good news, @Triem23. We'll soon buy an update to HF5 (still on 3). I'll copy your instruction to my desktop and go through it slowly afterwards :)

    Another question or request. Is it possible to nest timelines like in the following situation: I made a timeline edit with masking in the composite shots and effects in the timeline but I needed an overall new timeline with the former timeline and its comp-shots nested inside to add another effect on top of it all. This wouldn't have come out the same way as if it would have, if I had placed the final effect in the first timeline's clips. (It had to do with color reduction + colorkeying + grading on silhouettes=didn't work without nesting) I rendered it out last time which makes changing things in the first timeline afterwards cumbersome. Is there a more convinient way in HF5?

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    Alas, there is no easy way to nest editor timelines yet, or even grade layers for the editor timeline. 

    But, it's the wishlist, so, "Another vote for grade layers on the editor timeline."

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     Like I mentioned previously, it would be pretty nice to have a way of expanding only properties that have keyframes - for example if you have 10 effects but only some of them have keyframes, having an option of displaying only those properties that have them would make work easier.

    Also, I'm missing the option to re-link files - fair enough if you're reloading an image, HF will simply update it the moment you look at the preview. However, I can't reload 3D objects, I can't reload music either. Music file is locked by HF so the only option is to either quit HF, replace the file and launch HF again or import the file under a new name and manually replace it on the timeline.

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    @Triem23 Is this forum ever going to have a  like or vote  system, so the staff can easily see  what requests are the most popular?

  • Grade layers in the editor timeline would be a great enhancement. That would have made the color grade for a recent promo I edited m in HitFilm a lot simpler.

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    @Andersen01498 no clue. Mods are volunteers, not staff, so we find things out at the same time as everyone else. 

    I think someone keeps track of suggestions, and FxHome also tends to do a yearly survey. 

  • The ability to type in the time like in After Effects,  for example type in 900 to get 9 seconds

  • More shortcuts, similar to AE

  • A way to move clips in the timeline a single frame at a time with a keyboard stroke so we don't have to zoom in and mouse it over every time we need to make micro adjustments for sound syncing or precision visual timing.

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    Simple text replace effects would be useful.

    Some example of how it could work:
    * I write {framecount} and the displayed text would be replaced with the # of the frame of the composite shot.
    * I write {stopwatch#m:ss.t#} to show time since start of comp shot
    * I write {name} to display the name of the composite shot

    The latter would simplify adding new text a lot.

    Currently 7 steps are needed
    1* Ctrl+D to duplicate an existing comp shot with a text layer
    2* F2 to change name (in smaller projects I skip this)
    3* Drag to timeline
    4* Double click clip on timeline
    5* Double click text in viewer
    6* Ctrl-A to select the text
    7* Enter text

    The suggestion would simplify this to to steps 1-3 only.

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    @Jpja this is a better explanation of what you want than in your initial thread. Also less limited, and a better explanation of potential implementation. :-) 

    As I was dismissive in your original thread, I wanted to be fair and note that this is a better communication of intent, and more generally useful. :-) 

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    IMO the "Naming the text to be the same as the Composite shot" suggestion is bass ackwards. :D

    Currently you can Click on the A, drag the Box out to the size you want and enter your Text. Hitfilm auto-creates a New Layer called New Text. That should instead be named whatever you just typed in as your Text (strip out CR, LF, TAB, etc. and limit to first 'n' letters).

    Not many lines of code required for that one. ;)

    If you want to create a Text Layer in the usual way and enter your text afterwards, have an option in the Text creation page to "[ x  ] Copy Text to Layer Name", which you can set to default to your preferred method in Preferences : always or never. Always would ...always update the Layer name to the new text.

    So you duplicate a Text Layer, Edit the text, et voila: Layer is renamed.

    Not many lines of code for that one either. :)

    Lots of other 'name propagation' options after renaming anything would be nice too - especially in the Editor- but, baby steps. ;)

  • The option to edit every letter in a text separately without making separate text layers

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    @D1a1v1e1 to clarify, are you referring to motion paths? By highlighting individual letters/words one can reassign different fonts and sizes to individual letters/words. 

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    I ment makeing it its own file so that you can keyframe it and stuff like that

  • linux support - even through WINE...

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    I thought I'd reply here as I did some experimentation to get a VHS effect. It might be useful to others.

    I used only a few of the built in effects within Hitfilm; colour grading, some glow and small light flare. I did not use the TV damage presets this time but some scanlines might have improved it some more.

    What I actually did was used the Displacement layer feature on a grade layer. I told it to look at a source layer of a pre-recorded clip of some really poor VHS status set to 'Add' with a displacement of around 50-75 on the horizontal (red) and vertical (green). Pixel wrap was set to 'Reflect'.

    The more "glitchy the source VHS file, the more it affects the grade layer (and thus everything else below). I'm assuming this technique would also work using digital glitch source layer.

    The audio was manipulated separately in Audacity.

  • Let us import LUTs and store them (like presets) under LUT list in effects instead of current method of applying LUT effect and selecting a LUT every time.

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    @Mercifull Love it! It's a realistic VHS effect because you figured out a method to actually apply the real VHS distortion! Clever.

    @BadWolfKnight which version of Hitiflm are you running?

  • The ability to have the tracker only use every 'Nth' tracking point during the Transform or Stabilise 'Apply' option. So, track all points, but choose not to send all of them across.

    Sometimes when tracking imperfect footage the micro jitters become visible when used with a tracked overlay. A solution is to go through and manually remove N out of every N+1 keyframes.E.g. Leave one, Delete 4, Leave one, Delete 4 etc.

    Often the interpolated results looks better, as although there may be some movement or drift, as it's spread out over several frames, it's not as visible as it flickering by a pixel every single frame. 

    Doing this manually for long tracks is not fun, automatically dropping frames would be a lot quicker. Also, as the originally tracked points are still retained in the Tracker itself, if every 4th frame didn't look good, you'd Undo the Transform/Stabilise, adjust the value to 5th,6th,7th etc. and try again without having to retrack.

    Separate options for X, Y, Rotation and Scale would be the icing on the cake. :)

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    I'll +1 what @Palacono wrote

  • @Triedm23 Hitfilm Pro 2017 downloaded last night :)

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    @BadWolfKnight My HFP 2017 is currently in a long render... But there's a new preset system in HFP2017, and I think it does what you requested. I'll leave it to you to test, but in the LUT effect you'll now see a preset dropdown and a preset save icon. I believe this will let you save a preset with the LUT you want.

    Also, if you poke around you'll find many, but not all, effects filters already have presets built in.

  • Thanks @Triem23, I will definitely poke around a bit more. That's how I learned everything anyway. :D


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